I can’t express enough how much I love accessorizing and styling. It’s the final touch that really pulls the room and makes it look complete.

Without these final touches, a room is just pretty fabric or furniture without any real life.

And I especially love it when my designer friend, Ever, calls me to help him out on installation day. And actually on accessories shopping day. We make a fine team.

You may remember last year when I helped him stile and accessorize this project. This year the client decided to work on the downstairs portion of the house.

Again working with a limited budget, Ever decided to work with existing furniture, mostly rearranging items and painting to give the living room, sunroom and family room a fresh, updated look, while keeping the client’s traditional style in mind.

Here’s the living room before.


Kept the existing sofas and rearranged them so they faced each other, moved wingbacks to sunroom, added chandelier, painted, purchased new rug, installed drapes and restiled the heck out of it.


Client already owned lamps and coffee table was brought in from family room.

I only snapped this one angle because the left side of the room wasn’t complete yet. I think (hope) you get the idea.

Same with family room. I only snapped one angle.

Kept sectional and just painted, rearranged some things, added drapes, new ottoman and accessories.



My favorite was the sunroom. I mean, what a difference. Amazing what some paint and rearranging will do to a room. Client pretty much already had all the furniture pieces. It was really just a matter of decorating it.

Before sunroombefore



These were the wingbacks that were in living room





Room already had the wall to wall sisal as well. It adds such great texture and feels perfect for a sunroom.


Room now feels like a sunroom; bright and, well, sunny. Great little room to sit and chat. And drink.

Happy Tuesday!