Saturday evening and most of Sunday was spent putting our house back together. And although I’m still tired from reorganizing, I didn’t really mind it at all because I’m so happy with the way our floors turned out. I’d just look down and admire every time I had to walk back and forth. The house feels slighter bigger and I think all the color I have going on is toned down.

Even TH, who was so anti, couldn’t stop saying how much better this new look is.

So after emptying out every room and closet and managing to squeeze all of our junk into our family room..


                                                                                   (This must be what hoarding feels like)

livingroom now feels so fresh and so clean, clean.


Even though I didn’t end up going with gray, depending on the way the light hits these, you’ll notice some gray undertones. Or at least I do.

Now we just need to retouch our baseboards. But it were up to me, I’d have them replaced with ones with more height and detail. It never ends.

Happy Monday!