A few weeks ago, the Fab girls from A Fab Life came over and toured my house for an episode of their show, House Trip.


I’ve shared many a pictures of my house but now you get to see a virtual tour. And I’m sort of the guide. And I was nervous and after watching it, I couldn’t help but think, gawd, do I really sound like that? And when did I get into enunciating my esssssses?

If you come tour my house without any cameras, I’m pretty certain I’ll be much more relaxed. Bring wine.

Nora has great camera presence. Mostly just presence. Bams was being lazy as usual and only made a quick cameo. Probably because he smelled food.

Leah and Mary are such great hosts and I’m way flattered they asked me to be on one of their episodes.

So please click on the image above and watch!