I got the new IKEA catalog the other day and found a few new pieces to be pretty cool.

Items that don’t look like they’re going to fall apart right away.

I think that emerald swivel chair is my favorite. It comes in two more colors but the emerald just feels a bit more zexy, dare I say. Pair it with another one and they’re ready for cocktails.

The sideboard is also very clean and minimal, and I love the elevated legs.


The rug is a total steal. Great price for a great design and color. I actually just used the brown version for a budget project.

The glass cabinet can be used in a variety of ways. I’d love to use it to display shoes and purses. But the more practical me would probably use it for dishes and bowls.

I just bought these glasses too. I love the color, and I mean, talk about bargain. They were looking at me like, if you don’t buy me, you’re dumb.

Again, pretty color. For a starter sofa, don’t be basic and buy something fun. This color is so soft and soothing it can easily be paired with an array of pieces to give you one stylish pad. Did I just say pad?

Happy Thursday!