Most of yesterday was spent Spring cleaning. Technically summer cleaning since it is now August.

Gawd, it feels good getting rid of stuff. It’s also a little embarrassing ’cause you’re reminded that every now and then you have bad taste. Like, whoa, I bought this because? So you hide the evidence and take it to Goodwill. And there are other things that you just need to toss. Like, I don’t care how in need people are, no one should want this. Trash.

And while cleaning, I feel like 50 percent of the time is spent me convincing TH that, yes, I’m positive we don’t need a pile of old papers from 2004. He likes to keep every.thing.

All this cleaning is due to project, Making Room for Baby Lovett.

We’re fixing up the garage and creating real storage in there as well as starting on the nursery. Dun Dun Dun.

For nursery, we’re creating a window seat with bookcases on either side and pull out drawers for a few different reasons.


A) we need more storage B) I’ve always wanted a window seat and C) The dogs need somewhere to lay now that Baby Lovett is taking over Bams’s hang out room, per TH’s request. The dogs, specifically Bams, loves sitting in this room and staring out the window. He lays on the floor now that the guest bed has been taken out.

Don’t feel bad for him though, TH created a makeshift bed and he looks mighty comfortable.


You just keep on relaxing, Bams. I know this is a big adjustment for you.

So yeah, this baby thing is really happening. Every day I wake up, see my reflection in the mirror, and know I’m a day closer to being a mom. A mom.

I’m less than three months away. Every day feels like it goes by faster than the last.

And the only thing I feel like I know how to plan for is decorating a nursery (and Baby Shower input. More on that another day)

Hi kid, welcome to your room. Now what?

Exciting things nonetheless.

Happy Monday!

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