We had a quick trip to Philly over the weekend for business. TH’s business. I suggested he start doing business in Fiji. But anyway, we’d always sort of considered checking Philly out and when the trip is expensed you’re way quicker to check it off the list.

I was super stressing the 5 plus hour flight because my back has been killing me these days and having to pee every 22 mins is getting out of control. Thank you Tetris for getting me through the flight. And to the kind man who let me have his aisle seat. The karma gods will get you back soon.

I’m pretty terrible at taking trip photos and I’ve been too intimated to use my new-to-me camera since March so these pics are the best I got. Don’t go judging this city based on my few pictures.


Luckily the Libetry Bell can be viewed from this glass because it saved us from waiting in line for two hours.

Like most trips should be, ours consisted of mostly eating. And every dining experience was filled with quality food.

TH being a food fanatic and Iron Chef enthusiast, made reservations at Morimoto and Amada before our flights were even booked.


Our second day in town, we supported the Dodgers and watched them play the Phillies. Unfortunately our team lost but I actually enjoyed the game and it didn’t seem to draaaag like most games do. It was also nice watching them play in a different stadium, one of which is really nice.

I also wore heels, not to the game, but to dinner, for the first time since getting knocked up and I think my feet are still swollen because of it.


Our last day in town, which was also the hottest, we cabbed it to the rocky steps right before our flight home.

I know the theme song but I don’t think I know the actual movie scene. This must’ve been the same way TH felt while on my Clueless tour.

Before I forget, I also got to meet up with Naomi from Design Manifest for a quick lunch. And sadly I didn’t get to capture our moment. But yay, she’s like one of the few blogging buddies I’d never had a chance to meet. So I guess you can say I was in Philly for business too.

That’s a wrap.