Today is a special kind of Tuesday. It’s anniversary Tuesday. My anniversary. I mean, our anniversary. As in, mine and TH’s.

Eight years, you guys. And when I looked up the wedding anniversary gift list, linens and lace are the gift of today. Aka modern. Pottery/bronze if you want to be traditional. We don’t really go off this list but it’s fun to check out and look ahead. It gave me some motivation to make it to at least ten years because diamond jewelry. Ha!

But really, more than looking ahead, today I’m just sort of looking back at the last eight years and thinking I’m so glad I said yes.

We’ve done a lot of growing together and learning from each other and now we get to mix that all up and raise Felix and hope that he turns out to be a good balance of each of us. With TH’s smarts and my sense of humor Felix is sure to find his mate. Vice versa and he might have some trouble.

Joking aside, I can only hope we’re a positive marriage example to Felix the same way our parents were to us.

And now here are some linens because they’re pretty and lace because they’re zexier than nursing bras.


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