Hey, I’m still here. I’m alive. And thirty two. Gaahhh. But the way I see it, 32 is really just 23 backwards. Like my thinking. Sometimes.

Yesterday was my birthday and the day before that was Mother’s Day, leaving me feeling stranded today because I was starting to get used to the attention.

Today is just another Tuesday. You may have noticed some blog changes though and a real site. Feel free to look around. But don’t get too comfortable because I’m already planning on making changes. Except for the new logo. That stays and I love it thanks to Sara.

During yesterday’s birthday dinner, I hauled it to the ladies room after a few cocktails and got a kick out of taking selfies in the bathroom while TH waited patiently at the table like he was experiencing an awkward first date.

While I deleted the abundance of selfies today, I couldn’t help but notice how much I coordinated with the bathroom’s palette and how much I actually liked the color scheme.

Inspiration is everywhere I tell ya.


art :: earrings :: pillow :: decorative box

Happy Tuesday to me!