Tio's: update

Remember when I mentioned working on this project? Well it's so close to opening I can practically taste the tacos.

I've been sharing updates periodically on twitter (#tioseastvale) but when it came to the blog, I just bailed on you guys. I made note of it and never opened up the discussion again.

I like instant gratification and am a huge fan of straight forward before and afters. Some people, I realize, prefer to be taken through the journey and like knowing the thought process of the project. I'm more like, just show me the pretty pictures.

Today I'm extra terrible because I don't exactly have pretty pictures for you. Just a bunch of iphone pictures depicting how far it's come. It's always a little bittersweet. At first you're excited and you think you can't wait until it's finished, you see the progress and before you know it, it's complete. And it makes you a little sad because you get attached.

But good thing it's family cause I could stop in anytime.

One the left here you see the space was an office of some sort, and to the right it was a Hawaiian fast food joint. The shared wall was opened up to create one space. The left is now the casual dining area and the right is still the ordering area, modified to Tio's specifications.


Then it was this big construction zone.


And day by day things progressed. I just noticed the before place also had a half-painted wall. Appropriately enough, ours is Sherwin Williams Jalapeño.



and progressed.


The ladies bathroom


art was hung.


And now it's almost open!


Imagine if all projects moved along as fast as my narration.

Hopefully I won't disappoint in sharing professional photos.

Happy Thursday!