It’s this time of the year that interior designers and design lovers are busy showcasing their style and decorating skills. The home has many rooms and spaces to play with holiday decorations.

Let’s talk about holiday decorating ideas. Let’s start with the Christmas Tree which is always the focal point. .You may get a fake or real tree but pay attention to the type and color of the tree that you choose.

  • I suggest you invest in a high-quality artificial tree. High-quality trees are more durable. It can stand up to the test of time all whilst maintaining its beautiful look. Choose a fake tree that offers easy setup and storage in order to prevent wear and tear on the Christmas tree. 
  • Fluff and shape the branches of the Christmas tree would help make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural. Separate each branch and bend individual branches to fill in gaps. 
  • Design around a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone for your materials and gives you a clear idea of how to decorate your tree.
  • Start with the lights first and continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave it upwards from the middle of the crown.Next, you may want to have a festive look on welcoming your guests to your home. Thus putting holiday decorations to your door would be a fascinating view of the yuletide season. The combination of the garland, wreath, lights, and baubles would make up a great holiday decoration. Colorful ornament wreaths are eye-catching and fun.

    Then the Christmas Stockings which makes every morning of the Christmas season even more magical for the whole family. You may hang them in the fireplace or sideboard, stockings are great for holding stocking fillers – and, of course, they’re the perfect finishing touch to holiday decorations. 

    The creation of a mini Christmas village would be a great addition to your holiday decorations. Creating a Christmas village as one of your holiday decorations is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you have to determine the size of your village. Then, choose a theme that you want for your Christmas village. There are many varieties of themes for Christmas villages e.g. Victorian Christmas Village, whimsical elf Christmas Village or Winter in the woods. It is great to have a village map so it will be easier to place the decorations.   

    Now, let’s jump to a festive table setting, Celebrating the yuletide season means many get together and parties, hence, you should set the table with the theme that goes with the occasion. 

    • A decorated Christmas dining table with champagne glasses and Christmas tree in the background
    • A good centerpiece can uplift the whole dining room, and bring the mood up along with it. 
    • Think about what kind of color palette you want to use and how it relates to your home.
    • Metallic accents add a modern twist to the ritual, and you might even consider throwing in a calming neutral shade to balance out the look.
    • Flowers and plants always give a soothing welcoming impact to any setting. A simple or well-crafted bouquet on the table is a time-tested centerpiece, You may also add a touch of greenery pieces like sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme. 

    These are just a few tips on your holiday decorations. If you plan to decorate your home and looking for professional help, contact designstiles. For a limited time, hire us by the hour, for design projects small and large! With as little as a 1-hour minimum, we can make sure you get exactly what you need for the project at hand. 

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