Tio's: update

Remember when I mentioned working on this project? Well it's so close to opening I can practically taste the tacos.

I've been sharing updates periodically on twitter (#tioseastvale) but when it came to the blog, I just bailed on you guys. I made note of it and never opened up the discussion again.

I like instant gratification and am a huge fan of straight forward before and afters. Some people, I realize, prefer to be taken through the journey and like knowing the thought process of the project. I'm more like, just show me the pretty pictures.

Today I'm extra terrible because I don't exactly have pretty pictures for you. Just a bunch of iphone pictures depicting how far it's come. It's always a little bittersweet. At first you're excited and you think you can't wait until it's finished, you see the progress and before you know it, it's complete. And it makes you a little sad because you get attached.

But good thing it's family cause I could stop in anytime.

One the left here you see the space was an office of some sort, and to the right it was a Hawaiian fast food joint. The shared wall was opened up to create one space. The left is now the casual dining area and the right is still the ordering area, modified to Tio's specifications.


Then it was this big construction zone.


And day by day things progressed. I just noticed the before place also had a half-painted wall. Appropriately enough, ours is Sherwin Williams Jalapeño.



and progressed.


The ladies bathroom


art was hung.


And now it's almost open!


Imagine if all projects moved along as fast as my narration.

Hopefully I won't disappoint in sharing professional photos.

Happy Thursday!

Lovett Kitchen Update

We're on week two of our kitchen renovation and we're three days behind schedule. Gah. I don't mind eating Sharky's for dinner most nights but washing dishes in the tub got old quick. We try to keep the dirty dishes down to a minimum but somehow they keep finding their way in there. Total firstworldproblems, right? I mean, some people don't even have tubs. Joke.

I'm seeing the big picture though and can pretty much visualize it all in my head but TH still needs some cajoling, specifically toward the pineapple wallpaper I love. But they're pineapples, I say. And he looks at me like, that's why. I guess it's the equivalent of him showing me baseball cards.

Even though cabinets aren't yet painted and it's still dusty everywhere, I think it's coming along. My idea was to share before pictures and maybe some during pictures but by the time I get to sit down at night and write a blog post, the only thing I want to do is watch Housewives. And Ladies of London (!!!), which is basically just Housewives of London with etiquette. But that's a whole other blog post. That someone else needs to write.

So picture this, black trim windows. White cabinetry. White subway tile backsplash. Brass sconce over farm sink with polished nickel faucet. Mixing metals is still a thing. Quartzite countertops, maybe wallpaper. And black hardware to contrast the white cabinetry and coordinate with the black trim windows. I want to keep it simple and fresh because it's a small space but other times I feel like I'm mixing too much. And I'm not talking about my alcohol this time.

 I'm stuck on which pendants to purchase to hang over counter where stools will go. Oh jeez, which reminds me, I need to find stools too.

Focus. Here's a quick visual.

 .  Lovett_Kitchen2

Which pendant?


TH likes two but I'm not sold. I like four but think it might be too industrial. Then I for sure thought one but thought it'd be white overload with the cabinetry.  I like the shape of three but the half exposed bulb of one and four. And I love the brass accents of each, tying in with the brass sconce. They're also a great price.

Every time I think I know the one, I change my mind. I could just buy one of each to test and return the rest?


 They're all from restoration hardware and they have the best customer service.

Happy Thursday.

PS - There's a little designer insights interview I was featured on. So if you have time to read what I said about TH, check it here!

Anatomy of a Picnic Guide

Sweet, it's picnic season and this summer a picnic gathering is definitely on the list. Whether for an outdoor concert, or at a lake, or a  park, I've grown to think they're pretty fun, actually. Thank the cheese. But really the wine.

And since TH has been cooking up a storm and his current style is casual, simple summer, I think he'd pack a darn good meal. So he's for sure invited. You can check out his food blog here.

That leaves me to gathering the picnic basics. So when Red Envelope contacted me to participate in their Anatomy of A Picnic Guide, I thought it was the ideal fit to show my picnic style. I mean, stile.

Anatomy of a picnic

1. // 2. // 3. //  4. // 5.  // 6. //  7. //  8.

In lieu of a traditional picnic basket, I chose a woven tote which can be used for the pool or beach. Plus, it's on sale.

I wanted to add some color and pattern so pink cocktail napkins and coordinating disposable cups show the cute side of my stile.

For color contrast, I went for yellow plates to coordinate with the wooden forks. Also disposable.

For an evening picnic, an insect repellent candle will keep you from having to share your food with bugs and add some glow if you're on a romantic one. Don't forget the matches to light it up.

Tying it all together is the beautiful honeycomb throw, a great backdrop for all the delicious food.

Happy Thursday!

Splurge vs Save

Our kitchen remodel starts on Monday. I've never been more excited to see something get torn down.

As much as you try to save where you can, there just isn't any escaping how pricey kitchens are to renovate. Labor, materials and appliances, it adds up and it adds up fast. Which is why we've waited so long to take the plunge.

And like I mentioned before, this isn't our forever home so we are trying to make some budget-conscience decisions because we're financially responsible like that.

So as much as TH fell for the Aga stove, it would be a stupid decision to put something that pricey into a home we would eventually move from. Doubtful any home buyer would appreciate its beauty as much as TH.

As part of the Splurge vs. Save campaign Credit Card Insider asked me to be a part of, I thought I'd share another kitchen item we're saving on.

I love the look of farmer/apron sinks but those too can get pricey. So I came across one that looks like a long lost twin that married rich. It's three times as much. You'd think it'd wash the dishes for you. And we already have an actual dishwasher, so save it is.


splurge // save

Um, I'll take three saves please.

Happy savings!

DIY with Glidden Paint

Dip dyed anything is still going strong and decided I'd join the party and try it myself.

Today I'm sharing a super easy DIY brought to you by Glidden® paint.


By partially painting, it's a great way to give an existing vase or vessel an extra layer of depth and more interest. I wanted to go bold and went with Glidden paint - onyx black, a perfect contrast against the antique brass color of the vase.

Glidden_paint _edited-1

things you need: any existing vase or vessel, Glidden paint, pencil, paint brush, ruler, tape.

Step one: with pencil and ruler, mark how high you'd like your paint line to go. Make mark with pencil and repeat all around.


Step two: use tape to connect each pencil mark.

Step three: with paint brush, paint entire portion below the tape line.

Step four: wait at least an hour to dry before applying another coat of Glidden paint.

Step five: peel tape and fill with pretty flowers.


I'm not much of a DIY-er but Glidden paint made it super easy to take some inspiration and create something on trend, a quick dramatic difference for something I already had.

Plus, with their simplified palette, I wasn't overwhelmed by the plethora of color options which made my decision less time consuming.

disclosure: this post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR select.

While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.

Happy Monday!

Swim Date

The other day we had an impromptu day in a little kiddy pool with Felix after going to Target and buying a swim diaper and bucket hat I couldn't resist.

Sometimes clothes and hats are just so-so then you see them on your kid and you go nuts with the pictures. And you swear your kid is just the cutest. Ever.

Parenthood. I get it now.

Felix just recently started to really get a kick out of water and bath time and we're looking into swim lessons. It's great to get him prepared because the furthest I came to swimming was laying out. So maybe I'll just be on the sidelines cheering him on taking video and pictures, shedding a few proud tears. Thinking, he's obviously going to the Olympics one day.

Until he's signed up though, a few more swim dates in the kiddy pool will do.


mom : swimsuit  //  hat  // sunglasses   //  towel  // sandals

son: hat  // towel  // sandals  // radio  // swim diaper

Happy Thursday!

Lovett Kitchen Reno

We're getting close to a kitchen renovation. Haaaallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I've been patiently waiting for this since we moved in.

I'm not trying to do anything groundbreaking here. I just want some classic updates that will make the kitchen feel brighter and less dated. Less sad, basically. We lack serious counter space, so they'll be some tweaks with the layout that will hopefully not be too costly. This isn't our forever house so we don't want to install too many high-end materials but just want something fresh and new.

And with the amount of cooking TH does, this is sure to be a great investment.

Here are some kitchens I'm inspired by.

. counter

I love the look of an open floor plan. I was thinking of partially knocking down the wall that adjoins the dining room to allow for that open, brighter feel.


I like the idea of a shelf designated just for cookbooks.


I thought the painted glass cabinet trim was a creative way to add just a small amount of color and depth.


butcher block countertops add durability and organic feel.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 12.28.00 PM

subway tile is a bit of a no-brainer. I'm leaning towards dark grout to coordinate with our existing slate floor tile.

And just because I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on this, I've already rounded up some items.

Kitchen_renovation _edited-2

light fixture // subway tile // faucet // sink  // hardware // butcher block // runner

I'm ready to demo!

Lovett Family Photos

Get ready for family picture overload. Say cheese(y). No, no corny cheesy here. But for the sake of metaphors, I'd say it's more like a Burrata or even an aged Parmigiano-Reggiano as opposed to Velveeta.

Today I'm sharing pictures from the family photo session I mentioned wanting to do in this post.

I searched for photographers that felt could catch the spirit of us and the mood I was aiming for.

Something natural feeling without the one two three pose. Just some overall casualness in own habitat.

Cue in LK Griffin.

These guys are magical. They're a husband and wife team who we were so ready to befriend after, actually, bonding over cheese! This stuff writes itself almost.

They're really talented and just super cool, friendly and so easy to work with. Highly-hugely recommend them.



Check out Nora in the back. When she's not looking for her balls, she's looking for attention. And Bams went camera shy.




Felix's onesie used to belong to TH.




Look how into pretend reading they both are.




Happy boy.


The life of Bams and Nora. They just chill here all the time. Wait for us to come home, wait for people to walk by. They own this window.



wallet sizes for everyone.

Email me if you want to see all 70 something of them. I know some of you get bored at work. ha!

Happy Tuesday.

credit: LK Griffin

Thirty Two

Hey, I'm still here. I'm alive. And thirty two. Gaahhh. But the way I see it, 32 is really just 23 backwards. Like my thinking. Sometimes.

Yesterday was my birthday and the day before that was Mother's Day, leaving me feeling stranded today because I was starting to get used to the attention.

Today is just another Tuesday. You may have noticed some blog changes though and a real site. Feel free to look around. But don't get too comfortable because I'm already planning on making changes. Except for the new logo. That stays and I love it thanks to Sara.

During yesterday's birthday dinner, I hauled it to the ladies room after a few cocktails and got a kick out of taking selfies in the bathroom while TH waited patiently at the table like he was experiencing an awkward first date.

While I deleted the abundance of selfies today, I couldn't help but notice how much I coordinated with the bathroom's palette and how much I actually liked the color scheme.

Inspiration is everywhere I tell ya.


art :: earrings :: pillow :: decorative box

Happy Tuesday to me!


Plum Pretty Sugar just launched a new collection called Pompon and their director of brand relations emailed me to give me a peek.

It's full of pretty Spring colors in classic geometric prints and feminine silhouettes.


these boyfriend-inspired shirt/dresses are ideal for getting ready, a casual brunch or using as a coverup out by the pool.


 geometric patterned skirts either belted or offset with a statement necklace feel casual or slightly dressier.




ooh, a greek key robe with tassel detail looks soft and zexy.



Plum Pretty Sugar is also a great source for  bridal and maternity wear and pretty gifts and stationary.

I've rounded up some of their cutest cards and gifts, some of which could totally be part of a greater Mother Day's gift.

 Plum Pretty Sugar

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight

Happy Tuesday!