It's Almost New Year's Eve. Time to Pick an Outfit.

I have yet to make concrete plans to celebrate the coming of The New Year, but even if I end up sitting at home eating pizza and drinking champagne, I will dress for the occasion.

The chick in the glasses has me motivated the most. I rarely step out in my prescribed eyewear, but with a new year comes new tryings.


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Music to My Eyes: Land of Talk

A friend recently put me on to Land of Talk and I've been listening to them incessantly (check out this song). The album is perfectly depressing for a rainy day like today.

As for the kitchen, what a clever way to store some wood. This stile is far from my colorful, whimsical self, but I can appreciate the open-airy, modern/rustic look.

And just because I like to whore out my dogs, you get to look at extra pictures today.

Scared to step out into some rain:

Not scared to step into a torrential downpour:

Seeing Red

If I could recommend one thing to do this weekend, it would be to watch Black Swan. And if you already saw it, then high fives to you.

Here's to one of the sexiest, most romantic colors in the Crayola box, red.

Happy Weekend!

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Check Me Out

Like my outfit?

I think you'll like my room too.

I knew you would.

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Dreaming of a White Christmas (Tree)

Maybe it's because I wasn't around last year, but it seems like this year a whole lot of bloggers are coveting a white Christmas tree. Take a look at some pictures that may be setting the trend.

What do you think? Can you dig it? Might be nice to change things up, yes?

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Gift Guide: For the Boy in Your Life

I don't know about you, but my guy is super easy to shop for. Every year he asks for the man basics - clothes, shoes, panties (he gets so irked when I call his mangear panties), socks, et al. Here's some items I pulled in case your guy is just as easily pleased, and are still searching for a gift.

1. Hoodie 2. Beanie 3. Alanna Cavanagh Illustration 4. Watch 5. Socks 6. Jack Spade Toiletry Bag 7. Penguin Shoes 8. Paul Smith (panties) Boxers.

A His and Hers Christmas Kinda Tree

After the people at the Christmas tree lot assured Evan that our tree would indeed not catch on fire, we finally came home with a tree. And as predicted, Bams, our oldest dog, freaked the fuck out. They've now settled their differences and Bams has proved he's no longer scared by eating one of the ornaments. In all fairness, the polar bear ornament with present in hand did resemble a cookie and if I didn't know any better may have confused even me. But personally, I would've gone for the gingerbread guy.

This year, I've done things a little different. I was hellbent on decorating with pink, turquoise and some extra sparkle, and I would've decked out the entire tree if some personal ornaments didn't clash with my new decor. To solve the issue, I did a his and her side. The Husband's ornaments face the window, or what I like to think of, the Barneys holiday window display of Christmas ornaments.


The Moose represents an old nickname, just in case you were like, huh?

My turn. The Hers:

Even Noralini Zucchini enjoyed watching us decorate.

Beautiful Skies

Gorgeous pendant

Take me away.

Happy Weekend!

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Hanukkah is Over and I Did Not Get Eight Presents

As an honorary Jew, you'd think I'd get eight presents. Nope. But that's okay 'cause I kinda have a no gift policy when it comes to the holidays, lead by me for The Husband. I'm really picky and I have a hard time deciding between what I want and what I want-want. We all want tons of things but choosing what I reeeeeaaally want for things like my birthday and Christmas/Hanukkah puts a lot of pressure on me. I usually ask for a giftcard (cash or check will do too) but The Husband thinks that's unromantic, uncreative and impersonal. I think it's as practical as it gets. But alas, I must decide and sent him links of the things I want-want. And just for fun, I mixed in some things I want.

1. navajo sweater 2. flowers book 3. kate spade iphone case 4. zumba video 5. fragrance 6. thank you cards 7. miu miu pumps 8. sofia coppola x louis vuitton clutch.

PS - Today marks my official one year blog anniversary. ONE WHOLE YEAR! I will not be celebrating today because I didn't actually start to get more serious about it until February. Drinks for all come Feb. Thanks for visiting. And if you wanna see how much more amateur I was, read my first post here.