Kitchen Remodel

We've been in our house for over a year now and there's still so much work to be done until I feel it really captures our style (okay, mostly mine but The Husband's totally okay with all my cutesy decor as long as I make sure to include some baseball stuff. And I have, voluntarily.) and feels more updated.

The biggest eyesore is our 1950s kitchen enveloped in knotty pine. It couldn't be more outdated than if I were taking a horse and carriage to work.

Check out Interior Designer, Erinn Valencich's Kitchen. (I also discussed Erinn here).

We both live in the same area and her kitchen layout was identical to mine until she made some changes.

Sometimes people have a difficult time envisioning what our kitchen would look like sanding away the knotty pine, but these images should help a ton.

So much brighter and cheerier. If you look closer you can see the before picture up on the top right.

And to find out how Erinn approached this remodel, visit her blog here.



Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Likes Cute Stuff

Looking to get a friend, a sister, (me), your mom something cute? Maybe a gift for yourself? You came to the right place.

1. to-do list (actually, I need this. hint hint) 2. earrings 3. business card holder 4. teacup and saucer 5. journal 6. mixer


Looking for some stocking stuffers or a hostess gift? MOR products are so pretty and they smell divine.

For the person with a candle obsession.

A candle in a teacup - so cute!

Lip Balm anyone? I never leave home without it. I'll take the turquoise one, please.

Mmm.... perfume.

Wash your hands constantly and need them moistened? Travel size lotion would fit perfectly in your purse. I have the pink one!

Maybe you just like pretty packaging, these soaps are no exception.

Happy Monday,


What I'm Baggin'

Ever wonder what kinda junk I stash in my purse? No? Hello? Anybody home?

Well just in case you do, Tamara is featuring the stuff I'm not embarrassed to show (step away old banana) over on her blog. Check it!

Sorry for the weaksauce post.

Happy Friday!


I Have Not Yet Decked My Halls

When it comes to Christmas time, I think people fall into one of two categories:

a) Those who finish their Christmas shopping early, giftwrap the heck of their presents, buy and decorate their tree the day after Thanksgiving, and are now just sitting back eating their home-baked cookies waiting for Santa to arrive. Well let me just tell you, Santa does not exist.... so keep on waiting honey.

I'm just bitter because I fall into this category:

b) the category of people who still have pumpkins sitting on their front porch.

Plus, Evan says we can't buy our tree until mid-December. He's paranoid it's going to dry-out and catch on fire. Neurotic? A little.

And, our oldest dog (seen here) is terrified of everything. Not-so-loud noises, boxes, my purse, our kitchen (sure, the knotty pine kinda scares me too, but c'mon) I'm a little worried about his reaction to a six-foot tree entering our house. He's been known to be in freak mode for days on end.

Then, there's the three pounds of mischief with teeth of a piranha who thinks she needs to eat everything and thus perpetually has diarrhea.

Meet Nora (yes, we gave her a human name. What? ) aka My Little Shit Machine.

Look! She even wants to eat our oldest dog. I'm worried she's going to think the Christmas tree will be her next meal.

Happy Thursday,


images via pinterest

Wake Up, Wake Up. It's The First of the Month.

Don't these images just scream Hanukkah? Of course they don't.

Happy first day of Hanukkah to any Jewish readers I may have. And to my Jew Husband.

images via Full House, Rue, Me and Pinterest.

Esquire House 2010. And Then Some

I've been meaning to discuss Interior Designer Annette English for some time now.  She was the first Interior Designer I interned for and though this was several years ago, I still like to check back and see what new projects she's completed. Unlike the excess of snobs I've encountered in this industry, Annette was always super sweet and delightful to work for. I was always a nervous wreck coming into the office and her friendly smile made me feel a tad more at ease.

Just last night, The Husband handed me his most recent issue of Esquire. Without a specific page open, my first thought was, "What am I looking at?" Ahhh, it's the Esquire House issue. I said, "Oh, I think Annette was a part of this one year." And bam, I turned the page and there was her friendly smile looking back at me once again.

Annette English and Associates designed the master bedroom of the ultimate bachelor pad for the Esquire House 2010, inspired by the fashion house, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Annette traveled all the way to Florence to visit the Ferragamo Museum to grasp the true essence of the brand's history.

The result is a space full of rich textures, unexpected materials and handmade pieces, each representing the craftsmanship of Ferragamo products. A sense of luxury and quality is also evident in this room, a traditional/modern hybrid.

Not too shabby, huh?

Here's a look at some of her other projects.



Thanksgiving is Over, But I'm Still Talking About It. Mainly Because I Set A Beautiful Table. Eddie Ross Said So.

Remember when I said I wasn't going to host Thanksgiving? Yeah well, The Husband had some recipes up his sleeve and begged for us to host so he could prove his skills in chefery. And I don't mean opening up a can of cranberry sauce or making Stove Top. The Husband made the turkey (for the second time), gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, creamed corn, and left the mashed potatoes to me. I'm not one to be out-shined, so I also set the table. Beautifully. What? I didn't say it, Eddie Ross did. And he was Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living. And well, we all know Martha is the Jesus Christ of craftiness and all things turned pretty, making Eddie like a disciple or something. I don't know, I'm not religious.

But anyway, here's what Eddie said. About my table. He's like big man status so he surely did not need to say anything. But he did and it could not have been said by a more qualified person than if it were Martha herself. Thank you, Eddie.

Meet the kale.

If you notice, all of the dinnerware, stemware and silverware is from my garden party. (Seen here) The vintage books, vases, dry leaves and ikat bowls I already had. I went out and bought the fabric for the tablecloth from Calico Corners. FYI, if you buy fabric from Calico Corners, it's a two week lead time. Luckily, they have a sale section in the back you can buy bolts of. I was extra lucky they had just enough yardage for my table.  The mini pumpkins, corn and kale are all from the grocery store. I filled the clear vases with paper to bring in some extra pattern. This could only last for so long until the kale starts to wilt.

There you have it, a table setting by designstILes.



Ready, Set....


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

Aside from all the good in my life, I'm forever thankful for not being kidnapped that one time I took a ride from a total stranger after locking my keys and phone in my car. True Story.

This year, I'm thankful The Husband is making Thanksgiving dinner. Like all of it. He didn't lose a bet or anything.

And to you, I'm thankful that you continue to come back and visit my little blog.

Thank you and have a very Happy Thanksgiving,


image via weheartit

Tis the Season, Yo Yo Yo

Garland / Cake / Wreath

Don't mean to get all retail store on you and start talking Christmas before Thanksgiving is even over.  At least I'm not doing it before Halloween, right? But let's face it, as much as "I can't believe the holidays are here, "  they are here and this year I'm not going to be a Scrooge about it. I haven't been enthusiastically into the holidays since starting college, and my college years were multiplied by two (don't ask) which meant an extra four years long time getting ready for finals and less time for Jingle Bell Rock. No one has tried harder to get me into the spirit of ugly sweaters and Baby Jesus more than The (Jewish) Husband. I'm not one to spin dreidels so Christmas it is.

You'd be proud, I already gulped down my first peppermint mocha from Starbucks. Well, maybe not gulp. That would burn.

Here's what my Christmas would look like:$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$

Gift wrap/Ribbon

Teal and pink, duh. And maybe some mustard yellow for good measure.