Instagram: Skies and Such

Came across some pretty gorgeous sunset pictures on instagram this week. The ubiquitous sunset picture, what else is new. But really these aren't as cliche as you would imagine.


First one comes from Anne of citysage. It's hot pink! When I think of the word rad this is what I'll now think of. And I don't know where you live but I've never seen a hot pink sky. But that could also be because I need to get out more often.


A purple-ly orange sky taken by Melissafindley here in Los Angeles.


Now I'm showing you Italy. Traveling without the jetlag. This pictures makes me feel relaxed. I'm so zen.

source: _hotfrog_


Does this image look like a watercolor version of the previous picture? I'm an artist now. For $2.99 you can buy the waterlogue app and pretend you're talented. That's two dollars more than I would pay for an app but if you're trying to pass your art class it could totally be worth it. danterose is the instagrammer who tweaked the original image.


And kind of out of left field is an action shot of the ocean. What a striking picture. I think it'll look so cool blown up to make oversize art. Follow photographer Melissa Findley (from the los angeles shot above) and you'll feel like you're on this continuous vacation.

Happy weekend!

Kimberly Lewis Home

I often get emails from vendors asking if I'd like to review their products. I can't always say yes because it only feels right to post about products I genuinely like or would purchase myself. But every once in a while I get that email with the product that totally speaks to my aesthetic.

Cue in Kimberley Lewis Home and her boutique wallpaper and decor site. A) I love wallpaper and B) I love wallpaper. Her selection is super cute and it was really sweet of her to send me a sample of my choice. I chose the Beverley in the Perry colorway because I was inspired by the preppy colors and thought it would be great to pair with some boho elements.

Once I received it, the colors are exactly the way they appear on a computer screen. I hate it when there's variation and you can't pick up on it until you see it in person, but this was spot-on.

I was then eager to put it together with items to complement it with in a room board that feels feminine, colorful, a little bohemian and slightly traditional. Polished Boho, maybe?


wallpaper :: headboard :: nightstand :: euro :: sham :: art :: lamp :: dresser :: chair :: rug

Thanks so much, Kimberly!

Be sure to check out the rest of her wallpapers here.

Happy Thursday.

Linens and Lace

Today is a special kind of Tuesday. It's anniversary Tuesday. My anniversary. I mean, our anniversary. As in, mine and TH's.

Eight years, you guys. And when I looked up the wedding anniversary gift list, linens and lace are the gift of today. Aka modern. Pottery/bronze if you want to be traditional. We don't really go off this list but it's fun to check out and look ahead. It gave me some motivation to make it to at least ten years because diamond jewelry. Ha!

But really, more than looking ahead, today I'm just sort of looking back at the last eight years and thinking I'm so glad I said yes.

We've done a lot of growing together and learning from each other and now we get to mix that all up and raise Felix and hope that he turns out to be a good balance of each of us. With TH's smarts and my sense of humor Felix is sure to find his mate. Vice versa and he might have some trouble.

Joking aside, I can only hope we're a positive marriage example to Felix the same way our parents were to us.

And now here are some linens because they're pretty and lace because they're zexier than nursing bras.


linens // lace

Instagram: A Color Story

This time around, the instagram shots I liked seemed share a similar color. Can you guess the one?


This image is so cute and feels a little Wes Anderson, no?

image credit: joannagoddard


That's cauliflower, you guys. And it's growing in my backyard. Or front yard. I forget. This is TH's doing and I usually tease him about his photo skills, or lack thereof, but I liked this picture so much I actually liked it.

image credit: ev34ev


I wish my desk looked this pretty and neat. I'm always a sucker for turquoise, coral-pink and some sparkle. And coffee.

image credit: theglitterguide


This trunk may have been scored for only $60 but it was that painting that stopped me in my feed. Instagram feed

image credit: emilyhenderson


A turquoise sink?!? Whhaaa? I love the way it mixes with the splash of orange, yellow striped dish towel, soap dish and brass.

image credit: designlovefest


Instagram is pretty much the best thing to happen since Pinterest. And forget facebook. I somehow get less annoyed seeing what you're doing than reading about it.

Bravo to pretty pictures. So many great feeds out there. I think I do my best instagram creeping while breastfeeding and find myself inspired a lot.

I've been thinking it would be fun to share some of my favorites of the week and hope to inspire some of you as well. Maybe do like a different theme each time. I don't know, that might be too ambitious. But anyway this time around I seemed to be drawn to landscapes, which would make great art in the home when blown up bigger than iphone screen proportions.

Filter or no filter, these grammers know when to snap a good shot when they see one.


a glorious California desert by anelisesalvo


"this is why people can give up everything to become hippies" said ilovemartine about the image she took.


Orange County beach in January snapped by SmallShopStudio


 Easy for me to say freezing looks so beautiful because it was 72 degrees in LA when sabralattos took this picture while in Toronto.


I guess I like pictures of beaches more than going to the actual beach. This one taken by thisisglamorous lures you in.


photographer GrayMalin takes his followers on #thegreatexpedition through Antarctica. It was tough picking my favorite shot but loved the humor of a beach umbrella by a glacier.

And you can always follow me along here.

Happy Weekend!


Our last day of 2013. Oh what a year. The year of the baby.

From working with pregnant clients to close friends announcing their pregnancy to delivering my own little guy, I was surrounded by baby fever. This year brought the biggest change in my entire life. And unlike other years, my goals and resolutions, if you will, will now forever include the person I brought into this world.

It's been one emotional, hormonal, exciting, challenging, scary year both personally and business-wise, my busiest year yet, but most of all it's been rewarding. designstiles experienced some unexpected (top 25 home decor blog from The Vivant), fun mentions and features (remember this House Trip and this house tour) and despite the one mention that would've had me feeling way proud did not come to fruition - Good Housekeeping wanted to feature our house - it was still a reminder of how far I've come. I realized that when I'm only in competition with myself, I focus on improving me. And my biggest motivation was my baby. I literally worked up until the second my water broke. And sure I have the luxury of working from home but that never stopped me from playing the I'm pregnant card. I managed to balance freelance work while continuing to grow my business to investing time on this blog, though sporadic, and contributing on Spearmint Baby. I tried to never slow down because Felix and being his role model kept me going strong.

I've always lived for myself and took my time with things because I was more of an easy-going-things-will-get-done-type. But this year changed me. Growing a person will do that to you.


See you in 2014.

Statement Chair and Resource Guide

One Kings Lane reached out to me to let me know they love a good statement chair and asked if I could share one of mine to help introduce their new home decor resource guide.

Aside from being a great source for designer deals, now you can search One Kings Lane for info and history on some of your favorite furniture styles and pieces, broken down by period and type. A quick way to educate yourself, if you ask me. Way faster than having to go back and reference my design textbooks.

statement chair

When I first reupholstered my vintage french provincial wingback chairs with a bold ikat fabric, I was worried I would get tired of them fairly soon thereafter. I tend to get over decor items and want to change things up more often than I could afford. But surprisingly, a few years later I still really dig them. A classic pattern on a traditional chair in a fun color makes for one, actually two since they come in a pair, big statement.


They're certainly the main focal point in the room. Even though there is color and pattern throughout the space, these two pieces really flank the room and help make the overall layout feel balanced.

The good thing about a great statement chair is it doesn't necessarily have to have a bold color or print, use the One Kings Lane home decor resource guide to find a statement chair that suits your style.

Happy searching.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!



Merry almost Christmas from sunny southern California.

Wishing you all a happy holiday in whatever temperature you may be in.

Enjoy your weekend and the last few days of 2013!

image via wildfox

Color Inspired Tablesetting

I liked the combination of colors this J Crew model is wearing so much I thought it would make a great example of how to translate it into a tablesetting. This approach works any time I need color inspiration actually. I see a pretty image, vibrant artwork or colorful fabric and I use it to pull a color story from.

Here a winter fresh look can easily transform into a tablescape for Spring. I think I found my new favorite plates.

winter tablesetting_edited-1

one // two // three // four

Happy Tuesday!

Light Up

I have a thing for candles. Even more than their scent, I think I mostly just like the variety of designs they come in. They're great for styling on a coffee table, bookcase, vanity and are extra useful in the bathroom.

They're the perfect gift for someone you don't know that well but still want to show you put in some effort.

This holiday season, if you're unsure of what to gift that colleague, secret santa, neighbor, hostess, babysitter, drug dealer (just kidding), below are some statement candles that they may even want to keep long after it's burnt out. No.5 is ideal for stashing whatever it is you need to stash. Two and four work for holding makeup brushes, pencils, even simple flowers.


one :: two :: three :: four :: five