Adore Home

Earlier last week I was contacted by the founder and creator of Adore Home Magazine asking if I would like to participate in the magazine's blog loving feature.

I would've responded with a, hell yeah but that didn't seem very professional. So instead I quickly emailed her back and said I'd love to.

I was asked to gather ten things I'm currently loving and give a brief description as to why I love them.

The issue went live last night (Australia time) and was happy to see that it was actually their special California edition I was participating in.

I put all my ten picks together for you, although if you read the magazine, only five were selected for the feature.


painting // chandelier // purse (the one I picked is now sold out) // brass crab // nail lacquer

cheetah stools // boots // pillow // headboard // chest

And here is how it looks in the mag.


Go check it out. It's full of color and inspiration, and if you're from California or LA specifically, I think you'll really enjoy each write up.

And shout out to my blog bud Erika whose house got and 18 page spread, photographed by my other girl Sabra.

Read it all here.

Happy Tuesday!

Baby Lovett is A...

This weekend I revealed the gender of our baby to family and friends at my baby shower. Other than immediate family, no one really knew the sex and it turned out to be a fun way to keep my friends and cousins on their toes.

Of course everyone has their theories. Like, you've been craving sweets so it's a boy. Or, you conceived on a full moon so it's a girl. I just made that one up.

But yeah, people take one look at your stomach and suddenly they think they have x-ray vision. They knnooow.

Me? I just go on instincts. I was right about my nephew so I was one-for-one and thought I was on a roll. I was so certain TH and I were having a girl I was ready to tell the ultrasound technician, I know, when gender was revealed. Instead I couldn't help but utter, really? When he told us...


I was totally surprised, which was actually nice because that's rare.

But what about my motherly instincts, I couldn't help but think? Is there such a thing as fatherly instincts because TH was right. He called it and any time he'd say it was a boy, I'd roll my eyes.

I was already starting to scheme out a nursery for a girl. I was clueless as to what to do with a boy's room.

But slowly the wheels starting turning and now I can't even picture us starting with a girl. And if we have a girl next, well then she better like blue because they'll most likely be sharing a room.

He's an idea of the route I'm taking.

I wanted something kid appropriate but nothing too babyish. Something to grow into, if you will.

I first saw this wallpaper in our hotel room at the Soho Grand in New York a few years ago and when I was reunited with it, I knew it was the right choice. It's a bunch of birds and serves as sort of a nod to the fact that my mother-in-law still calls TH baby bird.


Wallpaper, blinds and built-in are up but for the most part, room is still pretty much full of things that need to be organized and furniture-less, most of which should be coming in this week.

I'm hoping to have it complete by mid October. It'll be nice bringing baby home to a finished room.


There's Nora being dramatic.

It's getting there though.

Happy Tuesday!

Fashion for Fall

I'm in dire need of updating my basics for Fall. I need long sleeved ts, sweaters (preferably cardigans) a new coat and denim.

I'm hesitant to make any purchases as my stomach continues to expand and who knows how long it'll take to go back to what it was formerly, but I know I need some updates before I have zero time to buy myself anything new.

Once I'm a mom, my approach to keeping things simple and classic will have to do to ensure I look and feel somewhat pulled together.

As a bonus, I think a pretty new nail color, a statement ring and a cool clutch - shall we have some time to go out to a nice dinner - might make me even feel hip.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget the boots. Quintessentially fall. I live in them.

Fashion for Fall

classic jersey top // cardigan // quilted parka // black denim // clutch // nail lacquer // ring // booties

What's New What's Next

WNWN large logo

I was recently asked to participate as a Blogger Ambassador in the fifth annual, "What's New What's Next" event hosted by The New York Design Center on September 19th. The focus of the event is on new products from the New York Design Center showrooms.

This year's blogger participation is a bit different from years past. The target this year is to have a strong product presence on Pinterest.

 I was asked to create a collage, inspired by one new product to be introduced at this year's event and on the day of the event, my board will be on display amongst the other participants. But until then, boards will be pinned and repinned for promotion.

With some big name media sponsors like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and discussions with some of my favorite designers like Thom Filicia, Vicente Wolf and Bunny Williams, I was eager to jump at the opportunity to participate. And although I physically won't be able to attend the event, knowing that a board that represents my stile will be in attendance (and hopefully viewed by many) feels like a bit of an honor.

The board I created is titled, California Luxe, inspired by the new Charlotte Batik Wool Rug.

I then selected the rest of my products available through the New York Design Center site here and on Dering Hall's storefront here.

It felt great putting a board together without a budget to worry about. I was like a kid in a fancy candy store.


I wanted my board to have that California beachy feel balanced with the glamour felt within LA, mixed in with color and pattern of the designstiles aesthetic.

Let the Pinterest promotion begin.

Ready, set, pin!

Tube Top

A big thanks to for sending me one of their new Tube Top table lamps, designed by Peter Stathis.

Available in an array of transparent acrylic colors, it was tough for me to decide which color I wanted them to send.


I finally decided on the blue because I envisioned it fitting perfectly in TH's office.

The shape and color of the base is fun and mixed with a rectangular shade, the overall look feels cool and modern.


It was a neat surprise to find that it's also fully dimmable. And the white mesh fabric shade gives it a high quality feel.


Measuring only 14" h and 9" w, the lamp looks really cute and is totally lightweight. I think they would also work really well in kids rooms.

acryliclamp is such a great source for lamps of different varieties.

Check out these beauties.


A site you'll want to bookmark for sure.

Thanks so much, Now this is the kind of tube top I can get behind.

Happy Friday!

The Streets of Philly

We had a quick trip to Philly over the weekend for business. TH's business. I suggested he start doing business in Fiji. But anyway, we'd always sort of considered checking Philly out and when the trip is expensed you're way quicker to check it off the list.

I was super stressing the 5 plus hour flight because my back has been killing me these days and having to pee every 22 mins is getting out of control. Thank you Tetris for getting me through the flight. And to the kind man who let me have his aisle seat. The karma gods will get you back soon.

I'm pretty terrible at taking trip photos and I've been too intimated to use my new-to-me camera since March so these pics are the best I got. Don't go judging this city based on my few pictures.


Luckily the Libetry Bell can be viewed from this glass because it saved us from waiting in line for two hours.

Like most trips should be, ours consisted of mostly eating. And every dining experience was filled with quality food.

TH being a food fanatic and Iron Chef enthusiast, made reservations at Morimoto and Amada before our flights were even booked.


Our second day in town, we supported the Dodgers and watched them play the Phillies. Unfortunately our team lost but I actually enjoyed the game and it didn't seem to draaaag like most games do. It was also nice watching them play in a different stadium, one of which is really nice.

I also wore heels, not to the game, but to dinner, for the first time since getting knocked up and I think my feet are still swollen because of it.


Our last day in town, which was also the hottest, we cabbed it to the rocky steps right before our flight home.

I know the theme song but I don't think I know the actual movie scene. This must've been the same way TH felt while on my Clueless tour.

Before I forget, I also got to meet up with Naomi from Design Manifest for a quick lunch. And sadly I didn't get to capture our moment. But yay, she's like one of the few blogging buddies I'd never had a chance to meet. So I guess you can say I was in Philly for business too.

That's a wrap.

Neon Love

I used to think decorating with neon signs was sort of fratty and only really seen in dive bars or cheesy places, but recently I've seen them pop up, or rather, light up (ha) in some super stylish rooms. Totally making me re-think the neon sign look. When done right, they actually look really cool.



Light up art.

Prepping for Baby


Most of yesterday was spent Spring cleaning. Technically summer cleaning since it is now August.

Gawd, it feels good getting rid of stuff. It's also a little embarrassing 'cause you're reminded that every now and then you have bad taste. Like, whoa, I bought this because? So you hide the evidence and take it to Goodwill. And there are other things that you just need to toss. Like, I don't care how in need people are, no one should want this. Trash.

And while cleaning, I feel like 50 percent of the time is spent me convincing TH that, yes, I'm positive we don't need a pile of old papers from 2004. He likes to keep every.thing.

All this cleaning is due to project, Making Room for Baby Lovett.

We're fixing up the garage and creating real storage in there as well as starting on the nursery. Dun Dun Dun.

For nursery, we're creating a window seat with bookcases on either side and pull out drawers for a few different reasons.


A) we need more storage B) I've always wanted a window seat and C) The dogs need somewhere to lay now that Baby Lovett is taking over Bams's hang out room, per TH's request. The dogs, specifically Bams, loves sitting in this room and staring out the window. He lays on the floor now that the guest bed has been taken out.

Don't feel bad for him though, TH created a makeshift bed and he looks mighty comfortable.


You just keep on relaxing, Bams. I know this is a big adjustment for you.

So yeah, this baby thing is really happening. Every day I wake up, see my reflection in the mirror, and know I'm a day closer to being a mom. A mom.

I'm less than three months away. Every day feels like it goes by faster than the last.

And the only thing I feel like I know how to plan for is decorating a nursery (and Baby Shower input. More on that another day)

Hi kid, welcome to your room. Now what?

Exciting things nonetheless.

Happy Monday!

Looking Good, IKEA

I got the new IKEA catalog the other day and found a few new pieces to be pretty cool.

Items that don't look like they're going to fall apart right away.

I think that emerald swivel chair is my favorite. It comes in two more colors but the emerald just feels a bit more zexy, dare I say. Pair it with another one and they're ready for cocktails.

The sideboard is also very clean and minimal, and I love the elevated legs.


The rug is a total steal. Great price for a great design and color. I actually just used the brown version for a budget project.

The glass cabinet can be used in a variety of ways. I'd love to use it to display shoes and purses. But the more practical me would probably use it for dishes and bowls.

I just bought these glasses too. I love the color, and I mean, talk about bargain. They were looking at me like, if you don't buy me, you're dumb.

Again, pretty color. For a starter sofa, don't be basic and buy something fun. This color is so soft and soothing it can easily be paired with an array of pieces to give you one stylish pad. Did I just say pad?

Happy Thursday!

Celebrating Clueless

Earlier this month, Clueless turned 18. Say whaaaa? So I did what any normal crazy fan would do. I threw a party. As if. Although that just gave me an idea for when Clueless turns 21.

But really, I celebrated by doing a Clueless tour around LA and, wait for it, The Valley.


And the best part is, this was totally TH's idea. He even wanted to prepare for it and watch the movie the night before. And I was like, no it's cool. We can watch Boyz N The Hood. Errr.

Because Curbed LA tweeted The Ultimate Clueless Map of LA and, yes, The Valley, off we went.

We started it off at Occidental College in Eagle Rock aka Bronson Alcott High School where, "you guys talk like grown-ups."


Obama went to Occidental so when Cher says, "Oh, well this is really good school." Let's take her word for it.


School's out for summer so no loadies hanging out on the grassy knoll.

Also at Occidental was Heather's dorm.


"Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn't say that. That Polonius guy did."


Then we jumped on the fwy and headed to the Westsiiiide Pavilion.


a place to gather thoughts and regain strength.


The Contempo Casuals she's seen inside of though is actually at The Beverly Center, which was pointless to go to since Contempo is no more. Plus who wants to go to the mall. Extra negative points if it's on a weekend.

TH kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want to go. I think he was really getting into it.

Then we headed over to the fountain where Cher proclaims...


"I love Josh"


Only a few miles away was Di's house.


"This is where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us."


Guess these people wanted more privacy.


"Hello, that was a stop sign."


"I totally paused."

After this we went home for a little break before "making a cameo at The Val party."

We went deep into the Valley for this. Granada Hills.


"Where, in Kuwait?"


Almost didn't recognize it without the Christmas lights.

Next stop, Cher's house.

And get this, is actually in The Valley. In Encino.


I was the most excited about seeing her "classic" house with columns dating back to 1972.

But nice try trying to be able to see it.

It's gated.

This was the best shot we (TH) was able to get.


I was totally buggin'.

Just as TH was walking back to the car, another car full of girls was approaching the gates, giggling and laughing.


Good thing he doesn't get embarrassed.

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.36.09 AM

The mall where Tai has her near-death experience is the mall I do frequent somewhat often because Zara. It's only like 3 minutes away.

That Williams Sonoma is still there and Zara is like the next store over from where that Java place was.

And last is my favorite liquor store, although I've never purchased any liquor from here, or actually set foot inside.


But every time I drive past it I can't help but say, - all together now - "this is an Alaia."


Since then, the sign has been freshened up and the payphones have been removed.

So we had one more stop but only because it was on our way home.

The school interiors were shot at Grant High School, again in The Valley.

clueless 6

"He gave me a C, which drags down my entire average."


"Everywhere in LA takes 20 mins."

If Cher really did live in Encino and picked up Di at her house in Beverly Hills to go to school in Eagle Rock, she'd for sure be late for Mr. Hall's class.

And that's what our Sunday looked like.