Arianna Belle

A quick and easy way to give your home a little update is by switching out your accent pillows. By bringing in some color and pattern, they're a simple solution for a fresher look.

For many of you, this probably isn't news but there is still a perctange of you who may not yet know about my friend Arianna's pillow site, Arianna Belle the shop.

I still remember the day she mentioned this new endeavour and now her pillow business has been featured on countless blogs and online magazines. Her pillows have taken off, to say the least.

Made to order with high quality to-the-trade fabrics, her site is a great source for those wanting a designer look.

She's one of my go-tos when looking for throw pillows and I always get a kick out of playing with the endless pillow combinations.

Here's a snippet of what you'll find and some combos I've been having fun with.

Accent Pillows _edited-1

row one : 1 // 2 // 3

row two: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

row three: 1 // 2 // 3

row four: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

If you haven't already checked out her site, it's a must. Pin away and bookmark. But most importantly, buy!

What Do Pregnant Girls Do For Fun?

As of yesterday I'm 22. If only I was referring to my age. This time around, 22 came in the form of weeks.

I'm pregnant.


22 weeks pregnant. Aka four months sober. Really I'm 5 and half months pregnant but I didn't find out until I was 5 weeks and you knooow I was drinking up until the very second I took the test. Literally. I chugged my glass of wine right before peeing on that stick and the second it turned blue I was like 90% certain the test was wrong because I thought the wine skewed the results. Then I thought the wine was never going to leave my system because it turned the other four tests into positives as well.

And that was it, that was my last glass of wine and I sort of wish I would've opted for the margarita I was craving. And have been craving ever since.

It took me two weeks for the news to really sink in. And according to this picture, taken yesterday, I'd say I'm still a little perplexed by the news.


Irene, you're pregnant.


I'm going to be someone's mom? This person is going to depend on me? Like a lot. For a long time.

Sometimes I forget to feed Bams and Nora and I'm thankful they can't tell on me.

I don't know who should be more scared. Me or this baby. If this kid turns out anything like me when I was a kid, I'm calling a priest. And if this kid turns out anything like TH, I'm registering for a Xanax prescription. I'm hoping crazy plus crazy somehow equals semi-normal. Complete normal is boring.

So this goes back to my original question, What do pregnant girls do for fun?

You take away a girl's option to drink and suddenly everything seems mundane. You want me to hang out with you, sober? Yeah, I think I'll just take another nap.

 Before I'd be like, free drinks, open bar? Hell yeah, I'll go to your cat's birthday party. My allergies will love it.

Nowadays if I mix sour gummy worms and chocolate milkshakes I'd say I had myself a Friday night rager. The sugar hangover is real.

If you're pregnant or have been pregnant, tell me your fun secrets. I can't keep turning to food. I've tried mocktails and those are the biggest tease ever. I mean it's in the name. MOCKtails. I'm drinking you and you're totally mocking me.

Ah ah, I have no alcohol.

A margarita without alcohol is just salty juice.

Look at me, I'm so mockdrunk.

So I can't drink like I used to but you know what IS awesome?


BOOBS! I have them. I was always part of the ittie bittie tittie committee until about 25 when puberty finally decided to help a sistah out. But now, NOW I really know what's it's like to have real boobs. Where were you in high school?  My knockers are a knocking.

Oh and the attention is also nice too. Not talking about the boob attention but the being pregnant in general attention. People always ask you how you're doing and they genuinely seem to care. They let you take it easy, make sure you don't lift anything heavy and they request you rest even when you don't mention you're tired. I don't milk it as much as I should but TH totally does. Because according to him "we're" pregnant.

I catch him telling people we're pregnant and I say he better put that drink down before he harms his baby. I'll probably buy him some paternity clothes for his birthday come September because by that time we'll be seven months.

Which brings us to a due date of November 9th.

We found out the sex a few weeks ago but I think I'm going to keep it a secret on the blog and reveal the gender along with the nursery design. I think we may also have a name picked out, definitely a contender, but I was stressing for a while thinking every name was going to be the same name shared by ten other kids in their class or something verging on, what were your parents thinking?

And there you have it, after seven plus years of marriage, the Lovetts are having a baby.

Send help.

Fourth of July Fashion

With Fourth of July only one day away, I found it appropriate to share some blue items I recently found.

Cool enough to sport all summer.


one // two // three // four // five // six

Have a safe one!

House Trip

A few weeks ago, the Fab girls from A Fab Life came over and toured my house for an episode of their show, House Trip.


I've shared many a pictures of my house but now you get to see a virtual tour. And I'm sort of the guide. And I was nervous and after watching it, I couldn't help but think, gawd, do I really sound like that? And when did I get into enunciating my esssssses?

If you come tour my house without any cameras, I'm pretty certain I'll be much more relaxed. Bring wine.

Nora has great camera presence. Mostly just presence. Bams was being lazy as usual and only made a quick cameo. Probably because he smelled food.

Leah and Mary are such great hosts and I'm way flattered they asked me to be on one of their episodes.

So please click on the image above and watch!

Entertaining with stile: Picnic Essentials

I often tell TH we should go on a picnic, but somehow we usually just end up at some lunch spot. No complaints here as I love eating out, but something is telling me I should actually come through on this thought soon. Picnics are so summer appropriate and LA has some really great locations. From the Hollywood Bowl to Malibu Family Wines, we should at least go on a few.

Here is my list of picnic essentials. I think that cheese board is a must.


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Hopefully this inspired you to picnic it up soon too.

The Bowl




At the Hollywood Bowl.


I'm ready to get weird.

And just because, I made a playlist of some of my favorite Bjork songs here. I shared some of her dancier stuff because no one wants to fall asleep at their desk.

But Possibly Maybe is a slow ballad that still gives me chills.


Entertaining with stile: Outdoors

Now that summer is basically here, I want to get ready for some outdoor entertaining.

This is my summer wishlist of items that can be used for bbqs, parties or simply just because I want to add more color to the backyard.


pom pom umbrella // armchair // pillow // tumblers // wire stool // outdoor rug // plates

Happy Tuesday!

Crane & Canopy

Several months ago I pinned these sheets because they're obviously so pretty.

The company behind said pretty sheets is Crane & Canopy. I knew I wanted to share them at some point on this blog but never really found the right time, I guess. Fast forward and rewind to a few weeks ago when their editorial and marketing assistant emailed me because she wanted to feature me on their blog; the right time found me.

So without further ado, Crane & Canopy's embroidered sheets, paired with other items to create a soft and soothing bedroom concept.

Crane and Canopy

headboard // mirror // lamp // chest // rug // sheets

And if you're in search of other bedding, they have lots more options. Check Crane & Canopy out here. And if you want to read a little Q and A with me, go here. Aaaaand if you really have some time to kill, today I'm also over on Spearmint Baby sharing some baby girl nursery picks.

Happy Wednesday!

Kitchen Makeover

I just finished up this kitchen makeover. We wanted to update the look of these builder-grade cabinets while not completely replacing them to keep costs down. By replacing cabinet doors, countertops, adding hardware, staining, painting, purchasing some new appliances, accessories, table and chairs, we were able to achieve a look that feels freshly updated while still remaining slightly conservative to represent the clients' needs.




I'd been wanting to try this new look of different color lower and upper cabinets and was happy when client was on board. I think it adds the right amount of contrast.  We also built-in the microwave above the stovestop to clear up more counterspace. I decided to take the new subway tile up to the bottom of the upper cabinets rather than leaving the backsplash at about 1/4 of the way up the way it was before. I think it feels more complete this way.



New table chairs, refrigerator, a roman shade to bring in color and pattern and opted for two glass doors to flank the window to add some dimension. Some crown moulding was also added.


Much more fresh looking.

Happy Tuesday!


I can't express enough how much I love accessorizing and styling. It's the final touch that really pulls the room and makes it look complete.

Without these final touches, a room is just pretty fabric or furniture without any real life.

And I especially love it when my designer friend, Ever, calls me to help him out on installation day. And actually on accessories shopping day. We make a fine team.

You may remember last year when I helped him stile and accessorize this project. This year the client decided to work on the downstairs portion of the house.

Again working with a limited budget, Ever decided to work with existing furniture, mostly rearranging items and painting to give the living room, sunroom and family room a fresh, updated look, while keeping the client's traditional style in mind.

Here's the living room before.


Kept the existing sofas and rearranged them so they faced each other, moved wingbacks to sunroom, added chandelier, painted, purchased new rug, installed drapes and restiled the heck out of it.


Client already owned lamps and coffee table was brought in from family room.

I only snapped this one angle because the left side of the room wasn't complete yet. I think (hope) you get the idea.

Same with family room. I only snapped one angle.

Kept sectional and just painted, rearranged some things, added drapes, new ottoman and accessories.



My favorite was the sunroom. I mean, what a difference. Amazing what some paint and rearranging will do to a room. Client pretty much already had all the furniture pieces. It was really just a matter of decorating it.

Before sunroombefore



These were the wingbacks that were in living room





Room already had the wall to wall sisal as well. It adds such great texture and feels perfect for a sunroom.


Room now feels like a sunroom; bright and, well, sunny. Great little room to sit and chat. And drink.

Happy Tuesday!