Time Out


Hot Pink and Gold vintage alarm clock with Black text - I NEED YOU.

image from foreveristoday

Bargain Bin

Ahh yes, snagging something at bargain price is a feeling like no other. But for the record, I don't buy miscellaneous junk for the sake of saving a buck. Sale or no sale, I only really buy things I absolutely LOVE or will get lots of use out of (the splurging only happens with timeless items). I'm quite frugal and damn proud of it.

And I love helping others bargain shop as well.

Here are some stile worthy items at bargain price.


Change out your boring ole dresser/cabinet knobs with these $2.95 knobs from Anthropologie


Ooh, I love a good sunburst mirror. This one is only $39.98 at Pier One


You already know I love me some stripes. This rug is only $12.99 at Ikea. I know, I know it's from Ikea. But place it in a low traffic area and it could last you longer than a month.


A feminine shower curtain without being too girlie. Yours for the price of $19.99 at Urban Outfitters


Decorative pillows are always a way to add some punch to any room. These Nate Berkus pillows from HSN will only set you back $5. Yes, F-I-V-E dollars!!! Now I know how Subway lovers felt when the foot long promo started.

Vase from Kmart for $24.99. Such a pretty blend of colors creating lots of movement. Sort of reminds me of a peacock. This would look great mounted on a mantel,  a bookcase, in a grouping of similar vases, or on a table with some freshly cut fuchsia flowers.


Not your standard candlestick holders. These, from West Elm, are only $39.00 but their look is well above the marked price. They're also reminiscent of the mid-century ones (below) designed by Ceasar Stoffi.


image via apartmenttherapy


Wire baskets are a perfect solution for storing and displaying items on a bookcase, console or open shelves. I'll be using mine in the kitchen. You can purchase the smaller one for $12.95 or the larger one for $15.95 at Crate and Barrel.

Happy Bargain Shopping

Getting Stuff Done

Evan and I were total hermits this past weekend. A rainy Saturday resulted in a perfect time to lounge around carefree. A warmer Sunday allowed me to do some sun-worshiping and catch up on house chores I'd been putting off. After more than three months, I finally hung a piece of art I was unsure of where to place. Originally, I was almost certain it would go in the living room, but about a month ago I decided it was more appropriate for our bedroom. With more time spent leaning on a wall, this art was hung in a matter of 6 minutes (cheers to hoping it doesn't fall). Something so simple made me feel like I accomplished a lot. Obviously, I'm a procrastinator.

Check out my achievement:

The wonderful story behind this art is that I found it in Evan's parents' attic. Between one of several proudly-toured massive baseball card collection attic trips, I stumbled upon the above art. I must've been looking for a way out of the tour (ha ha) because the conversation quickly transitioned. Evan promptly informed me that it was painted by his Great Aunt Helen who passed long before I came along. The entire piece has the perfect antique, vintage vibe I was hoping I would someday find. The best things always tend to come along when one isn't looking.

It can be a steep investment purchasing real art and buying something at a retail store makes the art less special as they're mass-produced, so I definitely feel fortunate displaying something with much sentiment.

A super easy and affordable tip I give to acquiring art is to visit your local library, make copies of any photograph or image you find inspiring, enlarge it,  frame it (which will be the most expensive part) and hang it. Voilà, you have art for days.

This can also be done with fabric, pretty paper and personal photos.

Shoe Craving

Hello, beautiful shoe. You should step into my closet. I'd be well over 6' if I wore you.


Click here for more info

Tray Chic

Plain and simple - I love trays. They're a great way to create groupings of fun accessories or loose knickknacks without looking sloppy.  They can be placed on a coffee table, dining table, nightstand, dresser, bar, bathroom (you get the jist) and they come in an array of sizes, colors and patterns. Take a look below to see which one suits your stILe.

PS - I must be honest. I stole the pun from an issue of House Beautiful. The content though, is all me.

Tray Chic

Now witness some in the home:


image via guidetostyle






My nightstand with tray from Home Goods. A perfect solution for placing my jewelry once the day has concluded.

all other ID images via decorpad

Alice in Wonderland

Woo Hoo, it's Friday.

I'm sure many of you are looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland. This movie is on our list, but then again so was Avatar and we have yet to see it. I'm hoping the movie will be as visually magical (In a Tim Burton sorta way, of course) as the Alice in Wonderland editorial Grace Coddington styled for Vogue several years ago.

One thing is for sure, I doubt Tim Burton's Alice will have as many designer couture dresses to change into.











And if you haven't already seen it, watch The September Issue. You will fall in Love with Grace Coddington. No really, you will.

images via incessantrambling and fashionbox


I came up with the slogan: A modern update to classic style thinking I was sure this is what my design point of view entailed. Though the crux of my aesthetic holds true to my slogan, it seems to evolve as I mature and learn more about the industry. I came up with the tagline before interviewing for an internship at Omniarte, the design firm of Erinn Valencich. Waiting to be interviewed brought back memories of flipping through magazines trying to figure out the direction I would someday take.  Suddenly, sitting in Erinn's living room, I saw the light bright and clear. Her space was fun, quirky, witty, colorful, comfortable, all-embracing - everything I didn't know I was searching for. I quickly realized an aesthetic can't always be defined by one term or genre, or even a slogan. My internship at Omniarte was short-lived, but I will forever cherish this moment for experiencing my goal in person and not through some glossy pages of Elle Decor or House Beautiful.

I share with you, some of Erinn's work.

Her use of color, pattern and texture is always so harmonious.








This was for a spread in Better Homes and Gardens.

In typical intern form, I steamed these drapes and ironed the heck out of the pillow shams. Lucky me.

images from anh-minh, HGTV and everythingleb

Spring Is A-Comin'

9.jpg (image) eclectic patio

image from houzz

This beautiful setting reminded me that Spring needs to hurry the heck up. It's close, though. And I can feel the changes coming. The sun is setting a bit later, weather is warming up (not that us Southern Californians have much to complain about), but these are always pleasant reminders of what's in store. Spring has long been my favorite season, making me wanna bust out some girlie sundresses and plan for a fun birthday. May 12th, ya'll.

That said, I've suddenly had the urge to host a garden party. A sweet, afternoon gathering with my girls, appetizers, cocktails, sunshine, and some great table setting.

Here are some images to keep the inspiration moving.




Some items I'd incorporate into my theme.

Garden Party

pink peonies in a silver pitcher, mini tree place card holders, fun plates, turquoise goblets, bamboo silverware, cute patio chair, wood trestle table and pink ikat table runner.

What would I wear to my party, you ask?

In my imaginary world, I'd wear this Rebecca Taylor frock from her Spring 2010 collection.


other images from designmom, domesticbliss and  cocomale

Show Your Stripes

I just realized I have a strong affinity for stripes. I get all goo goo ga ga when I see a black and white striped shirt. Sometimes I even venture out and buy blue/white, navy/red, or gray/black.  I've had several in my recent life and tend to gravitate toward more as soon I see a display of them inside a store. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning behind it nor does it really matter, I suppose. Clothing wise, I prefer horizontal stripes even though they must be worn with caution (don't wanna look too wide now). But indoors, I sway toward vertical stripes as they lend a more sophisticated look.

I share with you some fashionable horizontal stripes and some vertical stripes for the home.

The ever so stylish Kate Moss in Balmain.

https://rachel-bilson.info/images/rachel-bilson_info/582/r_rachel-bilson-stripes.jpg https://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/pc/Rachel+Bilson+wearing+festively+furry+boots+VMz_1Q7Zmt2l.jpg

image via zimbio

One of my other stile icons, Rachel Bilson. I would wear either outfit in a heartbeat.


image via gemgossip

Ashley Olsen always knows what's up.

Wearing my striped tunic from Zara.


image via chinadaily

As tired as I am of the belt-around-the-waste look, Kate Moss makes it work

'cause, well, she's Kate Moss, but not cinching it bothers me less.

And now for some vertical stripes.


image via theestateofthings

A striped sofa - marvelous.


image via fromtherightbank

A striped rug. Check out those antlers again.


image via decorpad

The striped roman shades add that extra punch to this otherwise mellow room.


image via decorpad

Beautiful entry. Could those stripes be any more crisp? The zebra pattern adds a great extra element, making things more interesting.


image via materialgirls

A whole lot of dizzy going on. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes prevent one from going entirely crazy.

https://www.decorpad.com/photos/2009/11/02/05657ca08f3c.jpg https://www.lauracaseyinteriors.com/blog/wp-content/uploads2/2009/06/picture-162.jpg

image via decorpad                                                        image via lauracaseyinteriors

If you're not ready to take the plunge into striping your walls, a

headboard is a fun alternative.


image via absolutelybeautifulthings

What a lovely photograph. These stripes create a circus tent-like experience without the raucous.

Remember this vignette I created a few posts back?

Oh My Antlers


image from anywho

When I spotted the above photo of Topshop Unique's Fall 2010 runway show, it immediately took me back to the photo Kate Moss did in her spread, Kate & the Gypsies, back in '09.

Which in turn, reminded me of all the ways antlers are used in Interior Design. No longer a sign of a hunting lodge, antlers have evolved into something anew and are still very much a craze.




images via yossawat


image via decorpad


Check out that ceiling. Amazing.

If you're not ready to commit to wall mount antlers, maybe a few decorative accessories will help you ease into the trend.


via etsy

Oh My Antler

Feel free to click for item info

Just a little something I've been listening to on heavy rotation. Goes with the theme.