Spring Is A-Comin'

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This beautiful setting reminded me that Spring needs to hurry the heck up. It's close, though. And I can feel the changes coming. The sun is setting a bit later, weather is warming up (not that us Southern Californians have much to complain about), but these are always pleasant reminders of what's in store. Spring has long been my favorite season, making me wanna bust out some girlie sundresses and plan for a fun birthday. May 12th, ya'll.

That said, I've suddenly had the urge to host a garden party. A sweet, afternoon gathering with my girls, appetizers, cocktails, sunshine, and some great table setting.

Here are some images to keep the inspiration moving.




Some items I'd incorporate into my theme.

Garden Party

pink peonies in a silver pitcher, mini tree place card holders, fun plates, turquoise goblets, bamboo silverware, cute patio chair, wood trestle table and pink ikat table runner.

What would I wear to my party, you ask?

In my imaginary world, I'd wear this Rebecca Taylor frock from her Spring 2010 collection.


other images from designmom, domesticbliss and  cocomale

Show Your Stripes

I just realized I have a strong affinity for stripes. I get all goo goo ga ga when I see a black and white striped shirt. Sometimes I even venture out and buy blue/white, navy/red, or gray/black.  I've had several in my recent life and tend to gravitate toward more as soon I see a display of them inside a store. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning behind it nor does it really matter, I suppose. Clothing wise, I prefer horizontal stripes even though they must be worn with caution (don't wanna look too wide now). But indoors, I sway toward vertical stripes as they lend a more sophisticated look.

I share with you some fashionable horizontal stripes and some vertical stripes for the home.

The ever so stylish Kate Moss in Balmain.

https://rachel-bilson.info/images/rachel-bilson_info/582/r_rachel-bilson-stripes.jpg https://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/pc/Rachel+Bilson+wearing+festively+furry+boots+VMz_1Q7Zmt2l.jpg

image via zimbio

One of my other stile icons, Rachel Bilson. I would wear either outfit in a heartbeat.


image via gemgossip

Ashley Olsen always knows what's up.

Wearing my striped tunic from Zara.


image via chinadaily

As tired as I am of the belt-around-the-waste look, Kate Moss makes it work

'cause, well, she's Kate Moss, but not cinching it bothers me less.

And now for some vertical stripes.


image via theestateofthings

A striped sofa - marvelous.


image via fromtherightbank

A striped rug. Check out those antlers again.


image via decorpad

The striped roman shades add that extra punch to this otherwise mellow room.


image via decorpad

Beautiful entry. Could those stripes be any more crisp? The zebra pattern adds a great extra element, making things more interesting.


image via materialgirls

A whole lot of dizzy going on. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes prevent one from going entirely crazy.

https://www.decorpad.com/photos/2009/11/02/05657ca08f3c.jpg https://www.lauracaseyinteriors.com/blog/wp-content/uploads2/2009/06/picture-162.jpg

image via decorpad                                                        image via lauracaseyinteriors

If you're not ready to take the plunge into striping your walls, a

headboard is a fun alternative.


image via absolutelybeautifulthings

What a lovely photograph. These stripes create a circus tent-like experience without the raucous.

Remember this vignette I created a few posts back?

Oh My Antlers


image from anywho

When I spotted the above photo of Topshop Unique's Fall 2010 runway show, it immediately took me back to the photo Kate Moss did in her spread, Kate & the Gypsies, back in '09.

Which in turn, reminded me of all the ways antlers are used in Interior Design. No longer a sign of a hunting lodge, antlers have evolved into something anew and are still very much a craze.




images via yossawat


image via decorpad


Check out that ceiling. Amazing.

If you're not ready to commit to wall mount antlers, maybe a few decorative accessories will help you ease into the trend.


via etsy

Oh My Antler

Feel free to click for item info

Just a little something I've been listening to on heavy rotation. Goes with the theme.


Liberty of London

Liberty of London for Target

The UK-based company Liberty of London will debut an exclusive collection for Target come March 14th. Best known for their iconic floral prints, the company will feature homegoods at bargain price.  While most items range from $10-$20, a $200 beach cruiser is still a pretty great deal if you ask me. The line will also feature apparel and accessories for women, men and children.

I'm not too much of a flowery type but I will most definitely be purchasing the peacock feather bowl and the blue flowered bowl. And maybe if I had a cute pair of gloves, I'd be more helpful in our garden. Oh, and that piggy bank is just darling.

Don't forget to mark your calendar.
images via casasugar

Affordable Art


Oh my sweet goodness, my heart almost melted as soon I spotted this piece of art. And then I nearly jumped for joy when I saw that it was only $50. Expressing feelings in a non-cheesy statement is so me.

Scope out more affordable pieces at 20x200.

Preview some below.








Going to the Chapel


image via coco+kelley

The first two bouquet catchers definitely have the best shoes.

Hooray! Evan and I booked our flight to Savannah for one of four weddings we have coming up. Weddings get me all emotional and I tear up even if I hardly know the couple. I always wish it was me walking down the aisle even though I already had my turn. Walking down the aisle is one of those moments in life I wish I could re-enact several times a year.  And I'd surely like to wear my wedding dress around the house if it weren't such a hassle getting it out of the box. Trust me, I've tried.

But enough about me. Since weddings bring such joy, I'd like to share some photos to inspire a mood of wedded bliss.


https://www.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/gallery/whitney-allen/carla%20ten%20eyck%20photography%20-%20waveny%20wedding-18.jpg https://www.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/gallery/whitney-allen/carla%20ten%20eyck%20photography%20-%20waveny%20wedding-59.jpg


https://www.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/gallery/distinct-occasions-samantha-jeff/5078.jpg https://www.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/submissions/uploads/jillthomasphotography@gmail.com/321/0006046-r01-024.jpg

photos via stylemepretty


Don't forget to rsvp.


I'm really loving Keira Knightley's outfit on the March cover of Elle. It's certainly something I would wear. In fact, a blazer is typically my go-to garment to cover up and I wore one just yesterday. I also happen to have a denim shirt and wear it fairly often. So really, I could've stiled her. Ha.

The stripes on the blazer allow it not to be so basic. And, of course, the necklace makes a huge statement. Because of that seam in the center, I wanna say her sparkly bottoms are either shorts or pants, which would definitely turn some heads if worn out (imagine sparkly pants walking down the street). I play things more safely so I'd love to wear this kind of sparkly as a short skirt, most likely with some black tights underneath.  The deep burgundy nail polish is the perfect hue to add to the color scheme. Love, love, love the entire look.


A Single Man

It's been over two months since Tom Ford's A Single Man was released and I just now watched it. Because it was directed by Tom Ford, I knew it would be visually pleasing but this movie goes beyond pleasing - it is visually stunning.  I won't give away any of the plot because I hate it when my reaction to a movie is even remotely skewed by someone else's response, but watch the dialogue-free suspense trailer (here) for a glimpse of the Oscar-nominated movie.  I will have to mention that the attention to detail was impeccable and I still can't get over how exquisitely tailored George's (Colin Firth) wardrobe was. Glasses have never looked so good.

Since this is an Interior Design-focused blog, I will also have to show off how striking George's house is.

George's Mid-Century home is unquestionably astonishing (his vintage Mercedes - not pictured- is drool worthy).




images via modernica

I hear it's in Glendale, so it appears I'll be doing some stalking come the weekend.


image via modernica

Charlotte's (Julianne Moore) Hollywood Regency home is a complete contrast to George's. Can I please have those lamps?

I was thrilled when I spotted the below Ikat pattern on Charlotte's headboard. I almost blurted it out loud, but quickly realized I was in a public setting.


If you haven't already seen it, please do. And let me know when you do so we can discuss. I'm itching to share more.

Baby On The Way

When there's a baby on the way, a nursery is soon to follow. No, I'm not pregnant. Even though I sometimes wish one was coming just so I can design a cute little nursery, (and stop family from hinting to have one) but my time will come.

My friend Kim was due to give birth to her first baby three days ago, but it appears that little Ella is not ready to make an appearance. Kim is the first of my close friends to have a baby and I'm extremely eager and excited to meet Ella as I am excited for Kim to be a first-time mom. Unfortunately, Kim lives out-of-state so it could be months until I meet Ella and see her cute little nursery. Kim also happens to be a former Interior Design classmate so I'm definitely looking forward to see what she's come up with. Maybe I can convince her to let me post some pics. : )

While we wait for Ella to arrive, I'll share some of my all time favorite nurseries. Maybe this will induce labor.


Picture from the beloved and discontinued Domino.

This has to be the most adorable nursery I have ever come across. Cuter than words can express.


Picture also from Domino

I would've never thought black could work this well in a baby's room. The stripes on the ceiling add visual interest and are highly creative.


image via spearmintbaby

The sheep in this nursery are too cute and I love the depth created by the walls.


image via spearmintbaby

Perfectly stILed for a photoshoot. The color choices work so well together, making the room feel warm and cozy. The polka dot chandelier shades are eye-catching.


image via atmospherehomeessentials

This room can be a perfect transition from baby room to big-girl-room. The turquoise (love that turquoise) pops perfectly against the fuchsia. And the black striped crib skirt adds a touch of sophistication.

Fall 2010

Really into these looks from Rebecca Taylor's Fall collection at New York Fashion Week.



photos via coutorture
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