I'm really loving Keira Knightley's outfit on the March cover of Elle. It's certainly something I would wear. In fact, a blazer is typically my go-to garment to cover up and I wore one just yesterday. I also happen to have a denim shirt and wear it fairly often. So really, I could've stiled her. Ha.

The stripes on the blazer allow it not to be so basic. And, of course, the necklace makes a huge statement. Because of that seam in the center, I wanna say her sparkly bottoms are either shorts or pants, which would definitely turn some heads if worn out (imagine sparkly pants walking down the street). I play things more safely so I'd love to wear this kind of sparkly as a short skirt, most likely with some black tights underneath.  The deep burgundy nail polish is the perfect hue to add to the color scheme. Love, love, love the entire look.

A Single Man

It's been over two months since Tom Ford's A Single Man was released and I just now watched it. Because it was directed by Tom Ford, I knew it would be visually pleasing but this movie goes beyond pleasing - it is visually stunning.  I won't give away any of the plot because I hate it when my reaction to a movie is even remotely skewed by someone else's response, but watch the dialogue-free suspense trailer (here) for a glimpse of the Oscar-nominated movie.  I will have to mention that the attention to detail was impeccable and I still can't get over how exquisitely tailored George's (Colin Firth) wardrobe was. Glasses have never looked so good.

Since this is an Interior Design-focused blog, I will also have to show off how striking George's house is.

George's Mid-Century home is unquestionably astonishing (his vintage Mercedes - not pictured- is drool worthy).

images via modernica

I hear it's in Glendale, so it appears I'll be doing some stalking come the weekend.

image via modernica

Charlotte's (Julianne Moore) Hollywood Regency home is a complete contrast to George's. Can I please have those lamps?

I was thrilled when I spotted the below Ikat pattern on Charlotte's headboard. I almost blurted it out loud, but quickly realized I was in a public setting.

If you haven't already seen it, please do. And let me know when you do so we can discuss. I'm itching to share more.

Baby On The Way

When there's a baby on the way, a nursery is soon to follow. No, I'm not pregnant. Even though I sometimes wish one was coming just so I can design a cute little nursery, (and stop family from hinting to have one) but my time will come.

My friend Kim was due to give birth to her first baby three days ago, but it appears that little Ella is not ready to make an appearance. Kim is the first of my close friends to have a baby and I'm extremely eager and excited to meet Ella as I am excited for Kim to be a first-time mom. Unfortunately, Kim lives out-of-state so it could be months until I meet Ella and see her cute little nursery. Kim also happens to be a former Interior Design classmate so I'm definitely looking forward to see what she's come up with. Maybe I can convince her to let me post some pics. : )

While we wait for Ella to arrive, I'll share some of my all time favorite nurseries. Maybe this will induce labor.

Picture from the beloved and discontinued Domino.

This has to be the most adorable nursery I have ever come across. Cuter than words can express.

Picture also from Domino

I would've never thought black could work this well in a baby's room. The stripes on the ceiling add visual interest and are highly creative.

image via spearmintbaby

The sheep in this nursery are too cute and I love the depth created by the walls.

image via spearmintbaby

Perfectly stILed for a photoshoot. The color choices work so well together, making the room feel warm and cozy. The polka dot chandelier shades are eye-catching.

image via atmospherehomeessentials

This room can be a perfect transition from baby room to big-girl-room. The turquoise (love that turquoise) pops perfectly against the fuchsia. And the black striped crib skirt adds a touch of sophistication.

Fall 2010

Really into these looks from Rebecca Taylor's Fall collection at New York Fashion Week.

photos via coutorture
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I Think I Need a New Sink

I've always washed my dishes by hand even though I have a dishwasher. I used to find this chore therapeutic, until recently. I blame our abnormally small kitchen sink. It fills up rather fast and dirty dishes quickly begin to invade my counter space. The overflow becomes really annoying after I've made dinner. The worst is when I've made a dinner that utilizes several pots and pans. And we don't even have kids yet! I suppose I should start using the dishwasher. But nah, I think a bigger sink will solve the problem.

Here are some pics to remind me of how much a bigger sink would be useful.

Ahhh, dish-less counter tops. The sink is so freaking deep, I bet the pots and pans are in there hiding.

Now we're talking. A cutting board too. I need you.

Uh, is this a tub or a sink?

I think I can wash my entire kitchen in this sink. No really, my entire kitchen would fit in this sink.

In all seriousness, I like that this one doesn't have that center divider.

This kitchen has two sinks. I'm jealous.

Undermount sinks are sleek, making it easier to clean up water spillage.

Hello, removable strainer.

See. Don't  you want a new sink now, too?

Not Your Average Bookcase

I was searching for a unit to store books and found this awesome site dedicated to blogging about bookcases, bookshelves and the like. You have to check them out because you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how creative some of the designs really are. I found several of them quite humorous, actually.

I sometimes forget how innovative some people can be.

I'll share some of my favorite but be sure to check out the rest here.

I bet you can't guess which video game this was inspired by.

Now you can read from the same chair that displays your books - genius or tacky?

I wonder how comfy it really is...

If Gaudi had a bookstore.

This would look so cool in a kid's room, or a school. Maybe for a kindergarten teacher. Eh, eh.

See. Humorous, I tell you.

Create a wall of art by displaying your books in these baroque inspired shelves.

Doesn't appear to hold too many books but it's a great sculptural piece regardless.

Who said bookshelves need to be flat? Who?

Simple while still managing to be interesting.

I'm really into branches lately, so I may have to consider buying this one.

It's a shame the picture was ruined with that shirt, yellow hanger and, uh, bone? hanging at the end of the branch.



Sorta resembles a run-down basketball net.

Okay. Seriously, check out the rest here.

Get To Work

I went into Room Service yesterday to scope out some furniture for a client and as soon as I stepped into the store, my eye was quickly greeted by this gorgeous Mandarin Orange colored desk.  I immediately had the urge to design an office based around this desk.

The glossy lacquer finish is immaculate and brings in some smooth texture.

To play off the coral color of the desk, I’d incorporate a coral base lamp.

No one wants a boring ole desk chair. This one would give much more of an impact.

A graphic pattern would add that much more interest to the chair above. The brown will tone down the coral, giving the room balance.

I love the movement of this wallpaper. It’s so subtle and soft. The muted tone will allow the desk to remain a focal point.

Ooh, I think I’m really digging my virtual office thus far.

This vintage pendant will add just enough glam and femininity to the space. The swirls in the fixture also play off the swirls in the wallpaper.

Store files in this white credenza. Fancy, no?

The Queen is Dead

To bid a farewell to design legend, Alexander McQueen, I created an outfit based on a few of his pieces.

A true visionary gone too soon.

The Queen is Dead


Originally, I planned on creating a space based around Valentine's Day but somehow it spun into this:


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If We Could Just Rearrange Things

As a kid, it was pretty often, if not always, that I'd want to reorganize anyone's house I'd enter.  Once home, I would mentally change things up as I'd try to fall asleep. I was constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture and only displayed items I felt represented my stile. One of my first childhood projects was a cousin's room I convinced to let me change. I stayed in her room as the rest of kids stepped out to play. Once I was done, I walked her through the space explaining why everything I did made more sense. I still remember the satisfaction and relief that all her belongings were exhibited properly. Looking back, I'm positive Interior Design was innate.

Recently, a close friend commissioned me to do the same - rearrange things without spending a dime.



Please excuse my amateur hour pictures.