I Think I Need a New Sink

I've always washed my dishes by hand even though I have a dishwasher. I used to find this chore therapeutic, until recently. I blame our abnormally small kitchen sink. It fills up rather fast and dirty dishes quickly begin to invade my counter space. The overflow becomes really annoying after I've made dinner. The worst is when I've made a dinner that utilizes several pots and pans. And we don't even have kids yet! I suppose I should start using the dishwasher. But nah, I think a bigger sink will solve the problem.

Here are some pics to remind me of how much a bigger sink would be useful.


Ahhh, dish-less counter tops. The sink is so freaking deep, I bet the pots and pans are in there hiding.


Now we're talking. A cutting board too. I need you.


Uh, is this a tub or a sink?

I think I can wash my entire kitchen in this sink. No really, my entire kitchen would fit in this sink.

In all seriousness, I like that this one doesn't have that center divider.


This kitchen has two sinks. I'm jealous.


Undermount sinks are sleek, making it easier to clean up water spillage.


Hello, removable strainer.

See. Don't  you want a new sink now, too?

Not Your Average Bookcase

I was searching for a unit to store books and found this awesome site dedicated to blogging about bookcases, bookshelves and the like. You have to check them out because you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how creative some of the designs really are. I found several of them quite humorous, actually.

I sometimes forget how innovative some people can be.

I'll share some of my favorite but be sure to check out the rest here.

I bet you can't guess which video game this was inspired by.

Now you can read from the same chair that displays your books - genius or tacky?

I wonder how comfy it really is...


If Gaudi had a bookstore.

This would look so cool in a kid's room, or a school. Maybe for a kindergarten teacher. Eh, eh.


See. Humorous, I tell you.

Create a wall of art by displaying your books in these baroque inspired shelves.


Doesn't appear to hold too many books but it's a great sculptural piece regardless.

Who said bookshelves need to be flat? Who?


Simple while still managing to be interesting.

I'm really into branches lately, so I may have to consider buying this one.

It's a shame the picture was ruined with that shirt, yellow hanger and, uh, bone? hanging at the end of the branch.



Sorta resembles a run-down basketball net.

Okay. Seriously, check out the rest here.

Get To Work

I went into Room Service yesterday to scope out some furniture for a client and as soon as I stepped into the store, my eye was quickly greeted by this gorgeous Mandarin Orange colored desk.  I immediately had the urge to design an office based around this desk.

The glossy lacquer finish is immaculate and brings in some smooth texture.


To play off the coral color of the desk, I’d incorporate a coral base lamp.

No one wants a boring ole desk chair. This one would give much more of an impact.


A graphic pattern would add that much more interest to the chair above. The brown will tone down the coral, giving the room balance.


I love the movement of this wallpaper. It’s so subtle and soft. The muted tone will allow the desk to remain a focal point.

Ooh, I think I’m really digging my virtual office thus far.

This vintage pendant will add just enough glam and femininity to the space. The swirls in the fixture also play off the swirls in the wallpaper.


Store files in this white credenza. Fancy, no?

The Queen is Dead

To bid a farewell to design legend, Alexander McQueen, I created an outfit based on a few of his pieces.

A true visionary gone too soon.

The Queen is Dead


Originally, I planned on creating a space based around Valentine's Day but somehow it spun into this:


Click here for item info

If We Could Just Rearrange Things

As a kid, it was pretty often, if not always, that I'd want to reorganize anyone's house I'd enter.  Once home, I would mentally change things up as I'd try to fall asleep. I was constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture and only displayed items I felt represented my stile. One of my first childhood projects was a cousin's room I convinced to let me change. I stayed in her room as the rest of kids stepped out to play. Once I was done, I walked her through the space explaining why everything I did made more sense. I still remember the satisfaction and relief that all her belongings were exhibited properly. Looking back, I'm positive Interior Design was innate.

Recently, a close friend commissioned me to do the same - rearrange things without spending a dime.



Please excuse my amateur hour pictures.

Suddenly Seeking Sales

Driving past the Convention Center on my way home yesterday, I almost missed the huge Barney's New York Warehouse Sale on the facade. Since I typically tend to miss out on these sorta things, I was eager to know the chances of attending this one were in my favor. I didn't want to be one of those crazies who arrived extra early so I managed to stroll in around 10:30.

Once I was in, I remembered why I miss out on this sorta thing. I'm terrible at rummaging through racks of somewhat disorganized clothes and shoes. It baffles me watching people go crazy snatching up designer duds for the sake of snatching up duds at a "reasonable price." People stack up on items they don't necessarily need only to accrue credit debt, I'm sure.  As I humbly walked out with my one item, I saw a man depart with three bags I was positive would rip just before arriving to his car. Okay, so maybe I'm just jealous.

Anytime I shop, I always have a plan and remain focused. I either wanted a handbag or some designer shoes. The handbag selection was so bad I didn't even notice it the first time I made my rounds.  That, or the crazies got to them early.

The shoe section was madness, as expected. I tried on some super cute YSL booties even though they were a half size too small and some 5 inch Marni pumps sure to break my walk. The YSL's were closer to a six than a cough, cough my true size, making me feel like one of Cinderella's step sisters. The shoe experience was way too hectic and gave up after 15 mins. I then attempted to maneuver my way through racks of clothes and finally scored a Stella McCartney black skirt. I hate trying on clothes - in this case, trying on clothes in hoards of desperate women- and so I played it safe by only purchasing something I knew would fit and remain a timeless and classic staple in my wardrobe. I 'll be sure to post an outfit pic soon.

For those who have more patience than me, this sale goes through Feb 15th.

Check out here for more info.

"If you're tired you take a Napa, you don't move to Napa."

Ev and I have tried going wine tasting in Napa for the past four years or so but something always interferes. Alas, we finally took the drive up the California coast to commemorate our four year wedding anniversary. While the Napa Valley thrives in the wine industry, our main objective was to try Thomas Keller's French Laundry, a renown Three Michelin Star restaurant.


image from nosaladasameal

Our first attempt at making a reservation did not fall in our favor due to calling an hour after opening. Tables book within 20 mins - two months in advance. Please have credit card handy. Oh yeah, and if you choose to cancel a reservation please do so in advance so you won't have to pay the $100 per person penalty. With such requirements, we knew, or thought, we were in for an exceptional treat.

I'm by no means a food critic nor do I consider myself a foodie, but I am a food fan and I was a bit disappointed. The 30 minute wait might have put a damper on the experience but nonetheless, I wasn't  blown away by either of the nine courses.  The Island Creek Oysters were a bit fishy, the froie gras was cliche and everything seemed heavily salted. I'll most likely go to culinary hell for remotely criticizing a legendary establishment and chef, but this critique comes from the experience and service I've received from Two Michelin Star restaurants.  I do applaud the Maitre d' who asked the kitchen staff to come up with a soup-type concoction to clear up Evan's stuffy nose and the pastry chef who surprised us with this:

Pictured is Evan's dessert. My dessert had mango-chile relish which was really good, actually. But I didn't enjoy it as much because I was focused about not receiving the coffee and doughnuts that everyone else benefited from. By the time our turn came to try the aforementioned delicacies, the kitchen had run out of dough. And yes, we called ahead of time and asked to make note of saving some for us. Grrrr.

To compensate for not having this additional course, we were given a tour of the kitchen. It was indeed a great kitchen but it didn't come close to sinking our mouths into some cinnamon-sugar doughnuts and frozen mousse cappuccino.

Said reasons detracted from the greatness that is The French Laundry.  I'll have to try Bouchon in order to give Thomas Keller the credit he deserves.

I Love Me A Good Bargain

I'm currently in the process of furnishing our new home.  "Our" meaning, Evan and I. Evan is my husband of almost four years. I'll be mentioning him quite often so I'd like you to know his name because from time to time I'll only refer to him as Evan.

As mentioned, I've been searching for furniture and the most exciting part of this task is that I only buy furniture I deem to be a good deal. This allows me to search creatively and helps me apply my design skills because most of these pieces need some revamping.

And along came the cute pink wing back chair.

I trekked all the way to Pasadena. Actually, the drive there wasn't so bad. The trekking came after the Salvation Army employee managed to force this wing back into the passenger seat of my compact car in the 90 degree heat. Sure, my rear view was completely obstructed and I'm not always the safest driver but I had a good deal in my hands and I couldn't bear coming back for it later. It was my lucky day because unbeknownst to me, everything was 40% off and I managed to "trek" off with a $29 chair.

The overall price of the chair will increase once I buy the fabric to re-upholster it in and the cost of labor for the re-upholstery will also be accounted for, but it's still a lot less expensive than other wing backs I've seen. The nail head detail makes this one special and adding my own flair will make it unique ( I'll post the after pictures once it's completed). Plus, this chair has a history.  And not knowing the history lets us create the story.

If I had a daughter, I'd probably keep it as is but the fabric color doesn't quite work with my design scheme and so I'll be making changes accordingly. Hope you'll check back to let me know what you think of the end result.