Cute Bohemian - Leighton's Big Girl Room

I'm so pumped to finally get to share this styling project I worked on with my blogger buddies turned friends in real life (FIRLs), Erika and Sabra.

A few months ago, Erika was working on transitioning her daughter's nursery to big girl room, during the same time that Sabra was working on launching her own photography business. While Sunday brunching one afternoon, we discussed collaborating on something together. We decided Leighton's room would be the perfect opportunity to teamup.

I came in to add some final touches Erika was looking for and get it photo ready for Sabra. The result was a Cute Bohemian big girl room for Erika's daughter, Leighton.

I think she liked it.










She's quite the artist too. Most of the art in her room is drawn by her.


So much cuteness and color. My kind o' room.

Check out Erika's blog for a list of all sources and see the room before as a nursery.

Happy Friday!


I wanted to share a few insta-shots from my nephew's first birthday. Mostly because he's so cute. And I really don't think I'm just saying that because he's my nephew, or because I've been told he looks like me, he really is a cute kid. They say he looks like me. Did I say that already?

As mentioned the other day, the theme was Kentucky Derby. It was just a small gathering of close relatives and few friends. And lots of food. There was some KFC in the house.



First year pictures shaped into a one. All great ideas come from Pinterest.


Max and his momma, aka my sister.



centerpieces - jockey hats and horses. My sister cut out felt and put numbers on them.


drink station



one of the most moist cakes I've ever had. I'm not even a cake person, but this was as good as it was cute.

Time to start planning birthday number two.

Happy Wednesday!


Saturday evening and most of Sunday was spent putting our house back together. And although I'm still tired from reorganizing, I didn't really mind it at all because I'm so happy with the way our floors turned out. I'd just look down and admire every time I had to walk back and forth. The house feels slighter bigger and I think all the color I have going on is toned down.

Even TH, who was so anti, couldn't stop saying how much better this new look is.

So after emptying out every room and closet and managing to squeeze all of our junk into our family room..


                                                                                   (This must be what hoarding feels like)

livingroom now feels so fresh and so clean, clean.


Even though I didn't end up going with gray, depending on the way the light hits these, you'll notice some gray undertones. Or at least I do.

Now we just need to retouch our baseboards. But it were up to me, I'd have them replaced with ones with more height and detail. It never ends.

Happy Monday!

Hardwood Floors

Hey, long time no post.

Things have been really busy, leaving me with close to no motivation to think of anything to blog about.

I mean, I get ideas, but I get even lazier to put them together into a post with pretty pictures, creative layout, cute font and few words. This stuff is time consuming.

 I am happy to announce, though, that we're having our hardwood floors refinished at the end of this month. Hallefreakinglujah. Hasta never dinky carpet.

This is great news for me and we actually have to move out of our house for about a week in order to expedite the process. We're just going to be renting a house in our area. I'm kind of looking forward to "moving"; I've always enjoyed being a house guest.

Now I just have to decide on a color. I thought I wanted something dark but have since changed my mind 23 times. I counted.

I think I now want something lighter.

Or dark.


To the inspiration board.


Now this is dark. Black would be bold, but maybe not so practical in a house with two dogs. I'd be cleaning every hour.


Gray would be so sleek. I don't think I can pull it off though. Not certain I have the right house for it.


White would be fresh. Just have to make sure it looks more contemporary and less shabby chic, or shabby shitty as one friend likes to call it.


I'm leaning towards lighter, but nothing too neutral or anything with any hint of red or orange.


Love this color. I see gray undertones, but it could be those chairs. And the herringbone pattern takes it up three notches.

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 10.57.39 AM

I came across this image and thought it was the perfect blend. They're custom aged french oak. Yeah, good luck with that.

I like the color but I also don't want it looking too french country.

Better get to deciding. I have less than two weeks.

Happy Wednesday!

PS - new guest post on Spearmint Baby today. Check out what kind of clothes I'd gift your baby, if you had one.

Blue to Gray

I had some time over the weekend to snap a quick photo of the newly painted gray walls in our family room.

I'm liking this so much better. Feels a lot more calm. Click here to compare and contrast the before.


I even switched out the pillows for my Society Social ones.

You might have also noticed that orange season is coming to an end. The last time we bought orange juice was in November!

I also came to the realization that I won't ever have nice drapes in this room. Bams thinks I don't know it's him who marks his territory. He's lucky he's cute.

I also tell Nora if she doesn't behave she's going to end up like that faux sheepskin throw. She thinks I'm kidding.

And for the rest of my weekend, I did a whole lot of not much.

Happy Monday!

Sandal Season

Now that the weather is warmer, it's time to show off those toes. I wear my sandals out. I live in sandals from Spring to Summer and stretch it out into October sometimes. There are so many affordable options out there as well. And today, I did some of the legwork for you.

Some cute Spring to Summer sandals.

Colorblock is still trending and I noticed a lot of clear straps out there. Interesting.

I bought no.1 and they're so comfortable.


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

Happy Thursday!

Bye Bye Blue


This room was painted over the weekend. Goodbye blue sunroom/family room. You had a good run. This color probably received the most compliments. I loved that it was my first bold move, but I just had enough. This room has never really felt right. It's mostly a hodge podge of stuff from our first apartment and items I've thrown in to try to make it work. It's coming along but it'll be a while until I feel it's really done. So it was painted gray and I'm loving it so much more. I need to move a few things around - spring clean if you will - and will then share its new state soon.

And while we're on the topic of Spring, come visit me on The Peak of Tres Chic where I share some items to spruce up your bedroom for the new Season.

Happy Monday!

Bargain Bin: Art

For a lot of us, Etsy is our go-to when looking for affordable, unique art. But have you visited Society6? Hundreds of prints and about three dozen different categories. If you're a Star Wars nerd, they have some pretty funny choices. Comic geeks also welcome. Something for everyone, I say.

Here are some that I liked. The Seinfeld hair one is clever.


Happy Thursday!


Somewhere between decorating my nephew's nursery and my biological clock ticking, I guess, I discovered how much I love nurseries and kids' rooms.

I thought I'd redirect my decor business and specialize on just that, rooms for kids - I'm still taking other interior spaces until I have enough baby work to keep me busy -  The idea came to me over the summer and since then TH has been helping me re-write my business and marketing plans. I've reached out to some of my favorite baby blogs and will start advertizing my services with them come April.

And the very first baby blog I ever discovered, which was actually one of the very first blogs I found, Spearmint Baby, asked me to be a contributor on their site.

I'll be guest posting for them every other week, starting today. So if you're interested in some of my favorite picks for kids' wallpaper, go check it out.

I'm excited for this new endeavor. But this here blog will continue with grown up interiors and all things I'm inspired by.


So cute. Check out the rest of my picks HERE.

Happy Chic with JCPenney

Hey guys. I know, it's been a while. Don't think I've abandoned ship.

Did you hear Jonathan Adler teamed up with JCPenney, spreading more of his Happy Chic decor? JCPenney finally becomes cool.

His collection features everything from bedding, to furniture, accessories and even dog bowls. It's all colorful and happy and chic, of course.

Here are the things that caught my eye. I think my favorite is that pouf.


Check it all out HERE.

Happy (chic) Tuesday!