Statement Chair and Resource Guide

One Kings Lane reached out to me to let me know they love a good statement chair and asked if I could share one of mine to help introduce their new home decor resource guide.

Aside from being a great source for designer deals, now you can search One Kings Lane for info and history on some of your favorite furniture styles and pieces, broken down by period and type. A quick way to educate yourself, if you ask me. Way faster than having to go back and reference my design textbooks.

statement chair

When I first reupholstered my vintage french provincial wingback chairs with a bold ikat fabric, I was worried I would get tired of them fairly soon thereafter. I tend to get over decor items and want to change things up more often than I could afford. But surprisingly, a few years later I still really dig them. A classic pattern on a traditional chair in a fun color makes for one, actually two since they come in a pair, big statement.


They're certainly the main focal point in the room. Even though there is color and pattern throughout the space, these two pieces really flank the room and help make the overall layout feel balanced.

The good thing about a great statement chair is it doesn't necessarily have to have a bold color or print, use the One Kings Lane home decor resource guide to find a statement chair that suits your style.

Happy searching.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


It's almost show time, guys.

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant which, for you non preg lingo types, that means baby is cooked up and healthy enough to make his appearance any time from now until my due date (Nov 9th). I doubt I'll be late, but again, I'm no Doctor. Just slightly psychic. According to my due date though, I still have three weeks to go but if baby is ready that means I have no choice but to be ready too. But I'm seriously hoping he's not ready so I don't have to cancel my plans for this coming weekend.

Other than getting my hospital bag ready, I think we're pretty good to go. And as of Friday, you can consider the nursery done. It's done!

Here's a short montage of some of the room's major changes alongside the growth of my baby bump.


Yesterday Sabra Lattos came by to photograph the room and will hopefully get to share those soon.

Happy Monday!


Love Life

I do love life but sometimes seeing those two words laid out on my coffee table stop me in my tracks, like on my way to the kitchen when I'm going to snack on more cheese and crackers, and fill up on wine. I'm glad TH and I invest in good cheeses. Love Life, that reminder makes those bites a little more enjoyable as I'm probably making plans for a good time ahead. This book was well worth the one dollar I spent.

 As we head into the weekend, I send you off with two words that aren't always broken down for us so simply.

Happy Weekend!

Holiday Shrub

Meet our holiday shrub. One day I will buy a proper topper. I haven't found one I like. Until then, Nora's birthday hat will have to do. It's actually kind of festive. And indicative of our party personalities.

Have a great weekend!


There's lots to be thankful for and today I want to give a special thanks to those of you who continue to check this little blog of mine.

Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours.

Have a great weekend!

Home is Where The Wife Is

TH was in New York all week and now I can share that info on the interwebs in case some creeper reader wanted to find out where I lived and come stab me silly. This was the least scared I've been home alone, in like, ever. I managed not to freak myself out with imaginary noises and shadows. But I guess you don't see too many shadows when you keep allll the lights on. My good friend vino kept me company and calmed my nerves.

Now that TH is back he says he wants to make dinner tonight and who I am to say no. So that's what we'll be doing tonight. Saturday and Sunday we'll be celebrating birthdays, a friend's and brother and sister-in-law's.

What's going on in your lives?

Happy Friday!