Inspired by Art

I'm totally in love with this In the Deep art piece sold by Eclectica Kiddo.

It's such a great example of fun art for kids with some grown up flair. It's a piece that can easily transition from nursery to toddler room to teenage room. And if it's been kept for that long, might as well take it to the dorm too .

I was inspired by this piece to create a room vignette for a child with mature taste.


art // sconce // blocks // dresser // rug // glider // stools

And to find out more about eclectica kiddo, I'm over on Spearmint Baby today sharing more of their fun, contemporary art.

Head over here.

Instagram: Skies and Such

Came across some pretty gorgeous sunset pictures on instagram this week. The ubiquitous sunset picture, what else is new. But really these aren't as cliche as you would imagine.


First one comes from Anne of citysage. It's hot pink! When I think of the word rad this is what I'll now think of. And I don't know where you live but I've never seen a hot pink sky. But that could also be because I need to get out more often.


A purple-ly orange sky taken by Melissafindley here in Los Angeles.


Now I'm showing you Italy. Traveling without the jetlag. This pictures makes me feel relaxed. I'm so zen.

source: _hotfrog_


Does this image look like a watercolor version of the previous picture? I'm an artist now. For $2.99 you can buy the waterlogue app and pretend you're talented. That's two dollars more than I would pay for an app but if you're trying to pass your art class it could totally be worth it. danterose is the instagrammer who tweaked the original image.


And kind of out of left field is an action shot of the ocean. What a striking picture. I think it'll look so cool blown up to make oversize art. Follow photographer Melissa Findley (from the los angeles shot above) and you'll feel like you're on this continuous vacation.

Happy weekend!

Neon Love

I used to think decorating with neon signs was sort of fratty and only really seen in dive bars or cheesy places, but recently I've seen them pop up, or rather, light up (ha) in some super stylish rooms. Totally making me re-think the neon sign look. When done right, they actually look really cool.



Light up art.

Bargain Bin: Art

For a lot of us, Etsy is our go-to when looking for affordable, unique art. But have you visited Society6? Hundreds of prints and about three dozen different categories. If you're a Star Wars nerd, they have some pretty funny choices. Comic geeks also welcome. Something for everyone, I say.

Here are some that I liked. The Seinfeld hair one is clever.


Happy Thursday!

Little World Design

Last Thursday, my friend E invited me to the grand opening of Little World Design, an art gallery emerged by E's friend, Manuel Acosta and Manuel's business partner, Heather Pando. The duo focuses on creating custom contemporary pieces that are edgy and thought provoking. They aim to "blend the surreal with the natural," Pando once said in an interview. Their one of a kind sculptures can be seen in beautiful high-end weddings, to commercial spaces, each incorporating natural elements and synthetic materials.

They're even more gorgeous in person. I loved the hand dipped white linen rose mirror with painted branches and leaves (clockwise photo 5). The oyster mushroom wall sculpture I thought would look cool in any space (photo 4).

Photo 8 is a window installation in their gallery, made of paper flowers. Breathtaking.

The stunning neckpiece on Heather is also a Manuel creation, made of feathers, preserved leaves and a synthetic bird dipped with black paint and a velvet wrap for the neck. Wow.

Happy Tuesday!

images via LWD's facebook page


I bought this frame at the thrift store and rather than use it for a picture, I decided to find my inner Van Gogh and create some 'art'. I even chopped my ear off. Joking. If you have like 8 minutes to kill, I suggest you try this at home, even if you don't have a frame. It was just fun doodling around with some paint and brushes. This was actually my second attempt at creating something that could pass as abstract. My first piece was a full-on Monet.

So this weekend, I say do something creative. You mind end up liking what you produce.

Happy Friday!

Five String Serenade

I suggested my friend and her husband hang their guitars to display their love of music and add a personal touch to their family room wall. It's like 3D art.

For something more casual, the guitar looks good even just leaning in a room.

See, even the dog loves it.

Happy Tuesday!

images via elle decor, little green notebook, designsponge, 6th street design school, anthology, coastal living

Your Child's Art

If you're a parent and are looking for a solution to all the scribbles your child(ren) give you, do what Erika from Small Shop did and incorporate them with other art to create a gallery wall.

Here Erika framed one of her daughter's pieces and hung up two more canvases for a color cohesive look.

I honestly thought her daughter's two far right pieces were created by the same artist who painted the center one. No offense, fancy artist.

If your child is really going to town with the drawings, use them all up to make one large wall of art. Same size and frames for total harmony.

Incorporating your child’s art makes their room feel more personal and frees you from any art searching stress. This is also a sure bet your child feels extra special seeing their art hung up and framed.

A clean and crisp look in a hallway.

Framed children's art in neon frames make for a way more interesting backsplash.

This method also allows for easily changeable art to showcase a whole new collection.

No more stashing your kid's art in a drawer. Or feeling guilty for wanting to toss it.

Happy Wednesday!

images via small shop, indulgy, lonny, blueprintbliss, world of aerin

Etsy Art

Sometimes I meet people who say they've never heard of Etsy.

Whhhhaaa? Get yourself to a computer, I want to say.

Without Etsy, most of the projects I've worked on would be artless.

The latest Etsy art I'm hardcore crushing on comes from Third Floor Design Studio.

World maps in cool colors for a modern take on the standard world map. Plus, I like this six piece setup for some depth action.

Can you dig it?

Happy short work week!

Judy Kaufmann

The other day I received an email from illustrator Judy Kaufmann sharing with me her Etsy Shop. I feel like I've seen some of her prints before, but the fact that she personally emailed me will definitely ensure I don't forget them.

I think they're adorable.

This circus one quickly became my favorite.

It would look great in a kid's room.

Sometimes I feel like a kid so it might even look good in my room.

Make sure to visit her shop for more cuteness.

Happy Wednesday!