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Sometimes I find two images I equally love and want to share them with you, but can't seem to find a connection to join them in holy matrimony. If you look closely, though, the girl's lipstick is a very similar shade to the color on the Zebra print. I now pronounce you, Stylish and Cute.

Happy Tuesday!


I've been known to make The Husband pull over to the side of the road (one time even a freeway, but I won't get into that. Makes me laugh now, but at the time I would've dumped me) when I see something that has potential. This is a fairly normal trait for design junkies, I guess.

A few months before we moved into our house, we were pulling up to our old apartment's parking when I saw this Andy Warhol print. Despite a minor crack in the glass, it was in pretty good condition and figured I'd rescue it from leaning on the telephone poll for who knows how long. Walking back up to our apt, our neighbors were exiting. Turns out they were the ones who had just left it out. Their new place didn't have much wall space, so bye-bye they said to the Flowers. Lucky me.

Once I reframed it and changed out the glass, it wasn't exactly free but it still tells for a somewhat good story.

I like it when I start seeing an uninfluenced choice show up in fancy places.

I'm sure Mr. Valentino's is the real deal.

Speaking of Andy, any of you watch Factory Girl?

I love that movie.


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Illustrations by Nate

If you're a Ray LaMontagne or She & Him fan, then these illustrations by Nate Wragg are sure to get you excited.

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eItGuOY7Jn8/TLiTYIxaqaI/AAAAAAAAA14/-LWtTwLr1EI/s320/Wragg_RaLamontage_Poster.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/_eItGuOY7Jn8/TEoZRhwcDJI/AAAAAAAAAxQ/9Eo1B2uJT0E/s320/NateWragg_She%26Him_Poster.jpg

Nate is a super talented illustrator who has worked on major projects like Toy Story 3. Hello? Huge deal!  And these two concert posters were inspired after attending both artist shows with his wife. Romantic or what? Yup, he's a keeper. His plan is to create a mock concert poster of every show he attends to help him remember the show the way he experienced it. Great idea, Nate.

Check out what else Nate creates:



This one is a favorite.



Here's something he created for Toy Story 3



To see more of Nate's work, check out his blog here.

Music to My Eyes - Special Edition

For those who have been reading designstILes for some time now, you know that some Mondays I have this feature called Music to My Eyes where I take an album cover and match it to an Interior space (as seen here), but today I'm doing something a little different. Join me in a DIY, won't you? I promise this one is easy.

I can guarantee at some point in your life you bought a CD, and if you're like The Husband who refuses to get rid of any of them, then you most likely have them stored away in some closet. But what about that awesome cover art? How about we display it? In a frame. Like this one:


This frame (from Ikea) plus

album cover art of your choice equals

Instant art. Voila! Told you it would be easy.

Happy Monday.

On the Agenda


Today I say we make pumpkin soup.

Pack up our car


and people watch in a pretty park


Perhaps look at some art


Bring a coat, it might get nippy.


Sound like a plan?



Getting Stuff Done

Evan and I were total hermits this past weekend. A rainy Saturday resulted in a perfect time to lounge around carefree. A warmer Sunday allowed me to do some sun-worshiping and catch up on house chores I'd been putting off. After more than three months, I finally hung a piece of art I was unsure of where to place. Originally, I was almost certain it would go in the living room, but about a month ago I decided it was more appropriate for our bedroom. With more time spent leaning on a wall, this art was hung in a matter of 6 minutes (cheers to hoping it doesn't fall). Something so simple made me feel like I accomplished a lot. Obviously, I'm a procrastinator.

Check out my achievement:

The wonderful story behind this art is that I found it in Evan's parents' attic. Between one of several proudly-toured massive baseball card collection attic trips, I stumbled upon the above art. I must've been looking for a way out of the tour (ha ha) because the conversation quickly transitioned. Evan promptly informed me that it was painted by his Great Aunt Helen who passed long before I came along. The entire piece has the perfect antique, vintage vibe I was hoping I would someday find. The best things always tend to come along when one isn't looking.

It can be a steep investment purchasing real art and buying something at a retail store makes the art less special as they're mass-produced, so I definitely feel fortunate displaying something with much sentiment.

A super easy and affordable tip I give to acquiring art is to visit your local library, make copies of any photograph or image you find inspiring, enlarge it,  frame it (which will be the most expensive part) and hang it. Voilà, you have art for days.

This can also be done with fabric, pretty paper and personal photos.

Affordable Art


Oh my sweet goodness, my heart almost melted as soon I spotted this piece of art. And then I nearly jumped for joy when I saw that it was only $50. Expressing feelings in a non-cheesy statement is so me.

Scope out more affordable pieces at 20x200.

Preview some below.








Not Your Average Bookcase

I was searching for a unit to store books and found this awesome site dedicated to blogging about bookcases, bookshelves and the like. You have to check them out because you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how creative some of the designs really are. I found several of them quite humorous, actually.

I sometimes forget how innovative some people can be.

I'll share some of my favorite but be sure to check out the rest here.

I bet you can't guess which video game this was inspired by.

Now you can read from the same chair that displays your books - genius or tacky?

I wonder how comfy it really is...


If Gaudi had a bookstore.

This would look so cool in a kid's room, or a school. Maybe for a kindergarten teacher. Eh, eh.


See. Humorous, I tell you.

Create a wall of art by displaying your books in these baroque inspired shelves.


Doesn't appear to hold too many books but it's a great sculptural piece regardless.

Who said bookshelves need to be flat? Who?


Simple while still managing to be interesting.

I'm really into branches lately, so I may have to consider buying this one.

It's a shame the picture was ruined with that shirt, yellow hanger and, uh, bone? hanging at the end of the branch.



Sorta resembles a run-down basketball net.

Okay. Seriously, check out the rest here.