Entertaining with stile: Outdoors

Now that summer is basically here, I want to get ready for some outdoor entertaining.

This is my summer wishlist of items that can be used for bbqs, parties or simply just because I want to add more color to the backyard.


pom pom umbrella // armchair // pillow // tumblers // wire stool // outdoor rug // plates

Happy Tuesday!

Patio Decorating

My friend/mentor, Ever from ES Designs, asked me to come on board an outdoor patio decorating job he was starting on. I love working with him! Even though his years of experience surpass mine, he always values my input and let's me do my thing when it comes to accessorizing and styling, my absolute favorite part of the job. We feed off each each other and simply just work well together.

This project needed to be completed in three weeks and we were on a budget.

This patio hadn't been touched in years and was mostly used as a place to store extra stuff. Stuff that needed to be taken out.

Ever is also a drapery expert and always sees an opportunity to hang some fabric. It cracks me up. So with this patio he wanted to get a little Viceroy with it and make it into some type of cabana and outdoor living area.

Can you tell which one is the before and after?

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8163/7203667970_53b76ba215.jpg  https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8163/7205813360_30f1cb2f35.jpg

This before and after are opposite views, but you get the point.




Brick columns were painted white to brighten up the space and outdoor sconces were painted black for drama and contrast.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7099/7205821710_0d2eb10a62.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7245/7205848092_75d42b18a2.jpg

This wall was painted green to bring in color and create a focal point.


This bench already belonged to the clients, but wasn't being showcased. It now fits in this nook perfectly.



There was also this area off to the other side that Ever wanted to convert into another small pool cabana.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7094/7203667758_fa080f943e.jpg  https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7092/7205835126_79d927072c.jpg


Pots were moved, pool was cleaned, things were styled and now it's all ready for summer.

Happy Tuesday!

I'm Coming for Ya

As I made my way into Lowe's the other day, a row of picnic tables out front greeted me with, BUY ME. Not as depressing as a puppy store when you feel guilty not taking all of them home, but there they were in the sweltering heat asking to be picked up. I'll be back for you, I said. You're all raw and bare in your current state, but I'm taking one of you home and giving you a fun life by painting you (haven't decided color) and hosting a bbq in your honor. Welcome to the family. Since Summer finally decided to pay us a visit (thanks, you're more than fashionably late), I'll be coming up with picnic table settings while everyone else is preparing for Fall.

I Love You.

Here are some inspirational images to get the wheels turning.


Pretty flowers and simple setting.


Move girl, you're ruining the mood. Just kidding. You can come to my picnic bbq party.



An indoor picnic table - work it. Always a fan of turquoise, and individually seat cushions are a good call.


Smooth and semi-glossy. You're an option.


Simple flowers in old glass jars/vases. I can do this and so can you.

images via country living, at first bite, beachy in the city, Elle Decor, Mary Ruffle


The day after I blogged about patio inspirations for our backyard, Jen from Made By Girl blogged about Gardenhouse (she must be reading my blog. Ha, I wish). Gardehouse brings ultra cool, vibrant furniture to the outdoors (and indoors). Their "Vintage With a Modern Twist" tagline is basically my ethos, so it was pretty natural that I automatically love their collection.



https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/247t.jpg https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/346t.jpg

https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/229t.jpg https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/248t.jpg

A glimpse at some of their indoor stuff.

https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/251t.jpg https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/137t.jpg https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/264t.jpg

https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/277t.jpg https://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/316t.jpghttps://www.gardenhousedecor.net/images/278t.jpg

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but seriously, summer will be here before we know it and I'm just trying to plan accordingly for once. Our little backyard isn't necessarily equipped to seat or serve any guests so I've pulled some images to figure out what kind of vibe I'd like to go for. But mostly, I just wanted another excuse to look for pretty pictures.


image via country living


image unknown


image via



Yup, I think a lounge setting is more my stile.


last three images via if the lamp shade fits


image via