A Friend's Place

When my friend Dee moved into her place a few years ago, she asked me for help. I pretend I'm a good friend so I said yes.

We had her dad's old furniture to work with, an IKEA budget and an afternoon to get as much done as we could. One budget decorista coming right up.

Fast forward two years later and now she's moving. We never really finished and now I'm bummed I wasn't a better friend and pushed her to do so.

Before any packing started, I suggested we take some photos so we'll never forget that one summer afternoon we jam-packed her compact car with apartment purchases. But mostly I want evidence shall I ever need her to return the favor. I'm teasing.

Lots o' color.

Happy Tuesday!

Designer Flea Market: What I Came Home With. And Some Pretty.

A couple of you asked me if I purchased anything from The Designer Flea Market I went to over the weekend.

I'm happy to report I did. And I'm flattered that you're interested in the sorts of things I buy.

I bought a stool and some books.


A stool that goes perfectly with my Idontknowwhattodowithyou collection and some books I totally judged by their cover color.

The stool was purchased from Brittany Stiles. Remember this post when I blogged about how she stole my Twitter name?

I knew she'd be there and wanted to meet her, but had no clue where her stand would be.

As I handed over my money to pay for the stool, I looked down to see Brittany's business cards on the table. Oh, It's YOUUUUUU!

designstiles and I'm Idesignstiles. Let's battle.

No, I'm joking. She's way nice and I love her work.

Check out this baby shower she recently hosted for her sister, posted on her blog.

Absolutely gorgeous, rich Fall colors.


https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6039/6328801133_79f6b87c4a.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6119/6329552354_a1fc775bc5.jpg


And in other great news. I got some PRESS today!!!

In Standard magazine, an online publication.

Click >>>HERE<<<

to read the article featuring me and a few other designers who worked on The Good Shepard Charity Project. There were 30 designers and five of us were featured in this spread. It's a great feeling being that I came in as a total newbie.

I was said to have joined the "classic with adorable".  All this time I've been saying cute. I think adorable is the better adjective.

I probably won't post until Friday. I'm still in New York and our free internet runs out in a few hours.

Happy Wednesday!

Designer Flea Market

If you don't already have plans, love a good deal and live in the LA/OC area, you should come to this:

I decided I'm going because... I don't have plans, love a good deal and live in the LA area.

If you're planning on going and know what I look like, you should say hi. Although I may or may not be looking like hell tomorrow morning.

 Brittany Stiles, Vanessa De Vargas, and Julie Thigpen are just a few of the designers selling their goods.

It's gonna be great.

Happy Weekend!

Friday You're So Thrifty

I bought that thrift store light fixture I mentioned in my post from yesterday. You know, the one I said looked similar to the one I actually posted.

Let's refresh our memories.




As soon I got back into my car after making my purchase, I got on my phone to check out their similarities.

I don't know you tell me, but I think I got myself a twin separated at whereverthiswasmade.

And whoever bought the one from Shades of Light thinks they got themselves a one of a kind fixture.

Guess it's two of a kind.

Not to mention I bought mine for about 900 dollars LESS.

This makes up for those times I feel I've been ripped off.

Let me know if you'd like to buy mine for 998 dollars.

I've been sworn to secrecy about this thrift store I speak of, but just to rib it in, I always find something interesting. And they're beyond reasonably priced. Clearly.

Here are other recent purchases from secret thrift store.


gold flatware for twenty bucks.


a cute little stool/side table that needs some color. 30 bucks.


a ceramic zebra like the one I mentioned in this post, and I didn't need to go all the way to Long Beach to buy it.

Ten dollahs!

I also want to thank Erika from Small Shop Studio for writing some great things about me and this little blog of mine.

Read it here.

Thank You!

Happy Weekend, everyone.


Music to My Eyes - Special Edition

For those who have been reading designstILes for some time now, you know that some Mondays I have this feature called Music to My Eyes where I take an album cover and match it to an Interior space (as seen here), but today I'm doing something a little different. Join me in a DIY, won't you? I promise this one is easy.

I can guarantee at some point in your life you bought a CD, and if you're like The Husband who refuses to get rid of any of them, then you most likely have them stored away in some closet. But what about that awesome cover art? How about we display it? In a frame. Like this one:


This frame (from Ikea) plus

album cover art of your choice equals

Instant art. Voila! Told you it would be easy.

Happy Monday.

Sunday's to Relax

Sunday was dedicated to sanding a faux bamboo nightstand I bought at the Goodwill several months ago. The Sistah (brought an accent table) and BCF (sanded a chair) came over to get the (sanding) party started. I'll admit, I didn't know what the heck I was doing, nor did I bother researching what kind of sandpaper I would need to remove the gloss from my nightstand. Luckily, the BCF came fully prepared now that she's a pro. She can add a stool, frame and chair to her resume and the fact that she can knock out pieces faster than I can find 'em, makes me wanna make her my business partner.

Take a look at what a mess we made we produced.


https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5241/5286910123_dfafd17b6e.jpg https://www.clockguy.com/SiteRelated/SiteGraphics/RefGraphics/Boulle/BoulleOrnateTable.jpg

My sister does amazing work.

I sanded, primed and spray painted mine in a high-gloss black to try to achieve the look of most high-end bamboo pieces. The greek key-esque hardware allow it to appear more expensive than the $19 I paid.

https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5003/5287523572_0e7b0943fe.jpg https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5210/5287526338_01447bbef8.jpg

Other faux bamboo pieces:


image via casasugar


image via isuwannee


image via theregencyfurniture


image via decorpad


image via cococozy


image via decorpad

More amazing bamboo chandeliers set in a bright and cheery workspace.

Bargain Bin

Ahh yes, snagging something at bargain price is a feeling like no other. But for the record, I don't buy miscellaneous junk for the sake of saving a buck. Sale or no sale, I only really buy things I absolutely LOVE or will get lots of use out of (the splurging only happens with timeless items). I'm quite frugal and damn proud of it.

And I love helping others bargain shop as well.

Here are some stile worthy items at bargain price.


Change out your boring ole dresser/cabinet knobs with these $2.95 knobs from Anthropologie


Ooh, I love a good sunburst mirror. This one is only $39.98 at Pier One


You already know I love me some stripes. This rug is only $12.99 at Ikea. I know, I know it's from Ikea. But place it in a low traffic area and it could last you longer than a month.


A feminine shower curtain without being too girlie. Yours for the price of $19.99 at Urban Outfitters


Decorative pillows are always a way to add some punch to any room. These Nate Berkus pillows from HSN will only set you back $5. Yes, F-I-V-E dollars!!! Now I know how Subway lovers felt when the foot long promo started.

Vase from Kmart for $24.99. Such a pretty blend of colors creating lots of movement. Sort of reminds me of a peacock. This would look great mounted on a mantel,  a bookcase, in a grouping of similar vases, or on a table with some freshly cut fuchsia flowers.


Not your standard candlestick holders. These, from West Elm, are only $39.00 but their look is well above the marked price. They're also reminiscent of the mid-century ones (below) designed by Ceasar Stoffi.


image via apartmenttherapy


Wire baskets are a perfect solution for storing and displaying items on a bookcase, console or open shelves. I'll be using mine in the kitchen. You can purchase the smaller one for $12.95 or the larger one for $15.95 at Crate and Barrel.

Happy Bargain Shopping

Liberty of London

Liberty of London for Target

The UK-based company Liberty of London will debut an exclusive collection for Target come March 14th. Best known for their iconic floral prints, the company will feature homegoods at bargain price.  While most items range from $10-$20, a $200 beach cruiser is still a pretty great deal if you ask me. The line will also feature apparel and accessories for women, men and children.

I'm not too much of a flowery type but I will most definitely be purchasing the peacock feather bowl and the blue flowered bowl. And maybe if I had a cute pair of gloves, I'd be more helpful in our garden. Oh, and that piggy bank is just darling.

Don't forget to mark your calendar.
images via casasugar

If We Could Just Rearrange Things

As a kid, it was pretty often, if not always, that I'd want to reorganize anyone's house I'd enter.  Once home, I would mentally change things up as I'd try to fall asleep. I was constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture and only displayed items I felt represented my stile. One of my first childhood projects was a cousin's room I convinced to let me change. I stayed in her room as the rest of kids stepped out to play. Once I was done, I walked her through the space explaining why everything I did made more sense. I still remember the satisfaction and relief that all her belongings were exhibited properly. Looking back, I'm positive Interior Design was innate.

Recently, a close friend commissioned me to do the same - rearrange things without spending a dime.



Please excuse my amateur hour pictures.

Suddenly Seeking Sales

Driving past the Convention Center on my way home yesterday, I almost missed the huge Barney's New York Warehouse Sale on the facade. Since I typically tend to miss out on these sorta things, I was eager to know the chances of attending this one were in my favor. I didn't want to be one of those crazies who arrived extra early so I managed to stroll in around 10:30.

Once I was in, I remembered why I miss out on this sorta thing. I'm terrible at rummaging through racks of somewhat disorganized clothes and shoes. It baffles me watching people go crazy snatching up designer duds for the sake of snatching up duds at a "reasonable price." People stack up on items they don't necessarily need only to accrue credit debt, I'm sure.  As I humbly walked out with my one item, I saw a man depart with three bags I was positive would rip just before arriving to his car. Okay, so maybe I'm just jealous.

Anytime I shop, I always have a plan and remain focused. I either wanted a handbag or some designer shoes. The handbag selection was so bad I didn't even notice it the first time I made my rounds.  That, or the crazies got to them early.

The shoe section was madness, as expected. I tried on some super cute YSL booties even though they were a half size too small and some 5 inch Marni pumps sure to break my walk. The YSL's were closer to a six than a cough, cough my true size, making me feel like one of Cinderella's step sisters. The shoe experience was way too hectic and gave up after 15 mins. I then attempted to maneuver my way through racks of clothes and finally scored a Stella McCartney black skirt. I hate trying on clothes - in this case, trying on clothes in hoards of desperate women- and so I played it safe by only purchasing something I knew would fit and remain a timeless and classic staple in my wardrobe. I 'll be sure to post an outfit pic soon.

For those who have more patience than me, this sale goes through Feb 15th.

Check out here for more info.