Headboards and Headbands

I've had what I believe to be a clever post title in my 'head' for several months now and finally deemed it worthy to publish. It's a bit of a stretch from what I said I would mainly cover on Wednesday's stILe finds but around here, I make the rules.

Oh how I love a good headboard. Too bad I didn't realize this before I chose ours and somehow "settled" on a wrought iron one. These days, headboards covered in fabric (add in some nailhead trim) get me more excited than a teenage girl who just met Justin Bieber.

bedrooms - country living yellow headboard  country living yellow headboard

These pillows express exactly how I feel about this headboard.

bedrooms - TURQUOISE nailhead trim headboard glossy red lacquer nightstand white lamp black leather shade  TURQUOISE

Hello, Gorgeous.

bedrooms - turquoise blue lamp red pillows twin beds pink houdstooth ottomans bench benches  turquoise and red

Mom says to daughter, "Go to your room, you're grounded."

Daughter replies, "I don't care, I have some amazing headboards in there."

Bad joke, sorry.

bedrooms - gray velvet headboard white porcelian almp lilac chest nightstand black pulls gray beige silk ruffled pillow  Thanks to Traditional

Okay, now I'm really jealous. Check out that detail.

bedrooms - gray white red upholstered headboard brass sconces white molding white bedding gray throw blanket gray walls paint color modern fun bedroom

This is what I'm talking about. Impact, impact. It's all about the impact.

On to some headbands.

Thank you headbands for always being there for me when my bangs go through that awkward growing out phase.  You are what I grab first when I wash my face in the a.m and p.m., and you add just enough oomph to my most ordinary of outfits.

image via

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headboard images courtesy of decorpad.

Room My Outfit

As soon as I laid eyes on this photo (via Coco + Kelley), I was in love. Don't you wish you could prance around dressed like this sometimes? No?Just me? Fine. I've had a slight infatuation with knee highs since my days of Clueless and still wear them on occasion even though I'm no longer thirteen. The styling is a mix of classic, playful with a tad girlie. And I'm madly, deeply in love with the color combo.


This room by Massucco Warner Miller immediately came to mind.


Not an exact representation, but the coral color is pretty spot-on.

image one via Fashion Gone Rogue photographed by Derek Kettela