DIY with Glidden Paint

Dip dyed anything is still going strong and decided I'd join the party and try it myself.

Today I'm sharing a super easy DIY brought to you by Glidden® paint.


By partially painting, it's a great way to give an existing vase or vessel an extra layer of depth and more interest. I wanted to go bold and went with Glidden paint - onyx black, a perfect contrast against the antique brass color of the vase.

Glidden_paint _edited-1

things you need: any existing vase or vessel, Glidden paint, pencil, paint brush, ruler, tape.

Step one: with pencil and ruler, mark how high you'd like your paint line to go. Make mark with pencil and repeat all around.


Step two: use tape to connect each pencil mark.

Step three: with paint brush, paint entire portion below the tape line.

Step four: wait at least an hour to dry before applying another coat of Glidden paint.

Step five: peel tape and fill with pretty flowers.


I'm not much of a DIY-er but Glidden paint made it super easy to take some inspiration and create something on trend, a quick dramatic difference for something I already had.

Plus, with their simplified palette, I wasn't overwhelmed by the plethora of color options which made my decision less time consuming.

disclosure: this post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR select.

While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.

Happy Monday!

Puppy Love

My BCF's doggie has cancer. Heart break. Her poor dog Maggie was found on the streets after living on them for several months. My BCF rescued her and now she has a happy home, but unfortunately Maggie has tumors. Tears. Just as my cousin was warming up to her and Maggie was in a happier state and safe home, the bad news from the vet came.

The cost of tests just to figure out the stages of cancer are ridiculous. If you're not a pet owner or dog lover, you're probably like it's just a dog. Yeah, I know your type. I used to be in your camp. But this cousin is the same cousin who rescued Bams for us and practically overnight I flipped the switch. I got it. I love dogs! Well, my dogs, but I get it now. The thought of anyone losing their dog makes me sad because I know how I'd feel if I lost mine. Even Nora.

So in an effort to raise funds for the removal of visible tumors and the tests required to determine the stage of Maggie's cancer, my cousin has found the time between grad school and work to make jewelry available for purchase for $10 (+shipping & handling). Each piece comes with a hand-stamped doggy paw on a shining copper or brass tag. Just a little reminder of the cause you are generously contributing to. Pictures of different styles and colors will be uploaded as she makes them. Special requests are welcomed. All pieces can be made with a match bracelet, necklace and/or earrings.

It's time to do up those good deeds. Stop by her Etsy shop and make your purchase.

Maggie thanks you.

I thank you.

My cousin thanks you.

Happy Tuesday!

Spray Painting

Hey Everyone, welcome to DIY Wednesday, a feature I'm sure won't last longer than today.

This past Sunday I spray painted this little wicker stool I blogged about here.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the green color I chose.

Let's call it "interesting"

Happy (DIY) Wednesday!


I bought this bamboo etegere a few weeks ago from Vanessa De Vargas for 50 bucks.

With proceeds going toward her latest charity project - Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children - I not only scored a good deal, but I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because my money was helping those in need.

I skipped the whole sanding thing because that's just way too laborious for my liking.

I briefly dusted all the cobwebs off of it, wasted no more time and spray painted away.

One can of primer, two days, a trip back to the hardware store, a bit of a high, five and a half spray cans and one blister later, I was done with this bamboo.

Some close-ups


Sunday's to Relax

Sunday was dedicated to sanding a faux bamboo nightstand I bought at the Goodwill several months ago. The Sistah (brought an accent table) and BCF (sanded a chair) came over to get the (sanding) party started. I'll admit, I didn't know what the heck I was doing, nor did I bother researching what kind of sandpaper I would need to remove the gloss from my nightstand. Luckily, the BCF came fully prepared now that she's a pro. She can add a stool, frame and chair to her resume and the fact that she can knock out pieces faster than I can find 'em, makes me wanna make her my business partner.

Take a look at what a mess we made we produced.

My sister does amazing work.

I sanded, primed and spray painted mine in a high-gloss black to try to achieve the look of most high-end bamboo pieces. The greek key-esque hardware allow it to appear more expensive than the $19 I paid.

Other faux bamboo pieces:

image via casasugar

image via isuwannee

image via theregencyfurniture

image via decorpad

image via cococozy

image via decorpad

More amazing bamboo chandeliers set in a bright and cheery workspace.

Do It Yourself

I was looking through old magazine cutouts and came across this DIY project I'd surely attempt to recreate. I always appreciate a good gallery wall, but rather than display art or photographs, opting for jewelry displays is even more of a nifty idea. This solution would work best in a bedroom or closet.

I cut out the How To portion of the page thinking I knew exactly how to achieve this look. It appears fairly self-explanatory so I'd probably do as follows:

1) Pick out different sized frames at either a craft or vintage shop. You can do as many or as few as you'd like.

2) Select either fabric or paper to serve as a backdrop. An array of either would look more compelling.

3) I would use cork board as a back supporter of the chosen fabric or paper. Cork board would work well for earrings and brooches - assuming the selected material isn't too thick.

4)  After measuring the cork board to make sure it fits in frame, wrap the cork board with selection of material and cut off any excess. If you're using paper, an exacto knife works really well if blade is sharp. If using fabric, use fabric scissors. Fold and glue back any loose edges for a clean, smooth look. I know it's only the back of the frame but trust me, it won't appear sloppy to anyone who may decide they want to take a peek at the back of your DIY.

5) Once the above step has been completed, you're ready to mount to the back of the frame using a heavy-duty adhesive.

6) Choose varying knobs to hang jewelry and mount to front of material covered cork board, also with heavy-duty adhesive.

7) You'll also need to use some sort of mounting bracket to stick to the back of the frame in order to mount to the wall. Some frames already come with a mounting unit but if not, any hardware store will have them.

Hope my info was helpful and happy DIYing.