Plum Pretty Sugar just launched a new collection called Pompon and their director of brand relations emailed me to give me a peek.

It's full of pretty Spring colors in classic geometric prints and feminine silhouettes.


these boyfriend-inspired shirt/dresses are ideal for getting ready, a casual brunch or using as a coverup out by the pool.


 geometric patterned skirts either belted or offset with a statement necklace feel casual or slightly dressier.




ooh, a greek key robe with tassel detail looks soft and zexy.



Plum Pretty Sugar is also a great source for  bridal and maternity wear and pretty gifts and stationary.

I've rounded up some of their cutest cards and gifts, some of which could totally be part of a greater Mother Day's gift.

 Plum Pretty Sugar

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight

Happy Tuesday!

Spring Wishlist

One thing I wasn't counting on postpartum was how different my regular clothes would fit. Nothing fits the same. And now everything in my closet makes me mad. This blouse is a bitch. And sad. Why don't you like me anymore, dress? Even my accessories and shoes are off. I don't even know my size anymore. I went from big to bigger. I swear even my cellphone case doesn't fit. I'm dying for updates. But now not knowing whether stuff is going to fit or not takes the fun out of ordering clothes online. Confirming that order always made the next 7-10 days worth living, especially when my two favorite words on the internet were involved, free shipping.

So I did the next best thing and just filled up my cart. Here are some of my pending purchases. And while fedex won't be making any deliveries to my house soon, at least I won't need to return anything either.


1. dress - this color is so pretty and looks comfortable enough to sleep in. But the plunging neckline scares me. I can no longer wear something like this without revealing how much support I need.

2. shorts - I need a new pair of destroyed denim cutoffs to replace my old pair of destroyed denim cutoffs.

3. rings - simple and shiny and brass. should be easy but I'm not even certain of my ring size anymore.

4. iphone case - I neeed this. The kind of need you don't really need.

5. elephant shirt - this has to fit. And if it doesn't at least it was cheap.

6. sandals - these will just stay in my cart forever.

7. belt - even though my hips expanded, my pants still want to drop it like it's (not) hot. Love the three contrast bands on this one.

Happy Wednesday!

Wanting: Winter Coat

We've been experiencing some summer weather here yet I'm thinking about coats. Nice big, warm, cozy coats. We're due for some cold weather so I should probably be prepared.

 Vmac tweeted about this coat the other day and I was like, ohmygawd, you're so perfect. Wear me.

Being the frugal girl that I am, I searched for more affordable options so if you're in need of a coat too, here you go.


one - faux fur hooded parka. Pretty color and great price.

two - I like the way the buttons are up at the top and flares out at the bottom, giving the illusion of a waist.

three - there's a memo going around that pink coats are like so in, so I'm just fwding the message. Plus, I really like the contrasting collar.

four - camel-colored coat; classic. If you treat it well, you'll have it forever.

five - another great price. Nice big collar to keep you extra warm and I love the belt, again accentuating the waist.

six - back to little Mrs. Perfect. Edgy and classic. You're like what I wish I was. Leather sleeves, zipper detail and great silhouette. I seriously love you.

Happy Thursday!

Fashion for Fall

I'm in dire need of updating my basics for Fall. I need long sleeved ts, sweaters (preferably cardigans) a new coat and denim.

I'm hesitant to make any purchases as my stomach continues to expand and who knows how long it'll take to go back to what it was formerly, but I know I need some updates before I have zero time to buy myself anything new.

Once I'm a mom, my approach to keeping things simple and classic will have to do to ensure I look and feel somewhat pulled together.

As a bonus, I think a pretty new nail color, a statement ring and a cool clutch - shall we have some time to go out to a nice dinner - might make me even feel hip.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget the boots. Quintessentially fall. I live in them.

Fashion for Fall

classic jersey top // cardigan // quilted parka // black denim // clutch // nail lacquer // ring // booties

Fourth of July Fashion

With Fourth of July only one day away, I found it appropriate to share some blue items I recently found.

Cool enough to sport all summer.


one // two // three // four // five // six

Have a safe one!

Shopping List

Some Fashion Friday in case you're like me and haven't purchased any wardrobe items in what seems like forever. I need new versions of what I already own. I'm so exciting.

1. Burke Pump  2. Embellished Neckline Blouse  3. Asymmetric T-shirt  4. Wallet   5. Poppy Tassel Earrings

6. Aviator Sunglasses   7. Skinny Erika Jeans  8. Polka Dot Ballerina Flats

Have a great weekend!

Prop Styling

My friend Jenny, founder of Geronimo, recently let me do some prop styling for her new lookbook, a Gidget-esque, vintage-inspired day at the beach. A beach day in November; I love LA.

The idea was to tell a story of a girl who arrives at the beach and spends a day exploring different areas of this sandy land. I even had some creative say on picking the backdrops and coordinating the outfits/swimsuits with the props.

I went for props that were noticeable but didn't overshadow the clothes yet still made the story believable.

Pink flamingos, totally.

Great first experience tapping into this sort of thing.

Happy Thursday!

photography - Aaron Feaver :: styling - Amy Pigliacampo :: makeup - regina de lemos

Fall Wishing

Now that I’ve accepted Fall is well on its way, I’m going to have to dress accordingly. I hardly spent any money on a summer wardrobe. One could get away with wearing less clothes in the Summer, but come Fall, if I don’t stock up on some sweaters and jeans, I will freeze my ass, arms and legs off.

I'm keeping it simple. Sweaters, skinny jeans and ankle boots.

And maybe some chunky heels for a night(s) out on the town. And a cute makeup bag to store my tricks.

sweater // denim // boots // heels // striped sweater // bag of tricks

Happy Tuesday!

outfit image via pinkwallpaper

Free Fallin'

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda sorta looking forward to Fall. Spring and Summer girl all the way, but this heat is making my skin breakout and the flies are getting on my nerves. One quick door open and they come in and try stealing some air conditioning.

The latest Free People catalog is making me crave layers, sweaters, and maybe a baby lion.

All aboard.

At what age should one stop wearing thigh highs? Please don't say 12. Carole from NY Housewives wore some and she didn't look one bit silly. I may also be biased.

Happy Thursday!

PS - Geronimo giveaway ends tonight! Enter if you haven't.

Be My Guest: Recently

So happy to have Emily of Recently sharing her See It Wear It series with you.

I adore her blog for her unique finds and stylish taste and having her here today is such a treat.

Hope you enjoy her cheat sheet way to recreating an outfit. In this case, my most recent favorite outfit.

Hello stILe lovers!  I'm Emily, joining you today from Recently while Irene is taking a well deserved break.  I must say, although I'm more than pumped to be here, I secretly wish I was hanging with Irene, because we all know that girl knows how to have a good time!  Between our mutual love for a good drink and her ability to make even the mundane seem hysterical, I have no doubt I would return with some wonderful (and foggy) memories.
Although I won't claim to be as hilarious as our favorite Irene, I'm hoping you'll be entertained as I recreate an outfit that I recently pinned, and loved...
The lovely Hedvig of The Northern Light is the wearer of this simple chic ensemble, and she pulls it off without a hitch.  Before you recoil in terror from the obvious jean vest you see above, keep in mind that denim vests are back, but definitely reinvented.  Use one to take an everyday outfit up a notch, minus any fuss.  Layer it over your favorite feminine piece, add some wedges and a statement bag, and you're there - with no eighties teen angst movies in sight!
Irene, thanks for letting me crash your party today.  I hope you loved it!



Thanks so much Emily! Her blog is definitely a blog to bookmark. Bookmark it!

Happy Wednesday!