It's officially summer. And there's nothing I look forward to more than hot summer nights in the valley.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

swimsuit // straw tote // sandals // sunglasses

Happy Wednesday!

 image via Harper Smith


Ahhhh, The Little White Dress. No better time to wear one than summer.

I love a good LWD. Way more than an LBD.

Refreshing, cute, versatile.

Just be careful about any spillage. Because then it becomes the little white dress with the noticeably huge stain.

one // two // three // four

Happy Wednesday!


Sunglasses hate me. The good ones at least. The cheap ones love me. They like to stick around for a while. The good ones, however, like to hide so good I can't find them. Or they just run away.

I'm infatuated with these Louis Vuitton "Anthea" sunglasses for their 70s vibe. The coral ones are my favorite.

There's no way I would ever justify spending that much on these, but they're real pretty to look at. For the rate of these I could buy 60 cheap ones and be set for life.

I think this is the first time I've ever used the word sunnies. Any Rachel Zoe lingo usually makes me cringe. "I die." Fine, you're dead. Rest in Peace.

In this case, sunglasses really was too long to use.

Any sunnies sunglasses you're crushing on?


April Showers have arrived in LA.

No complaints here.

I'm already in my rain boots even though I haven't stepped outside.

Bring it on, puddles.

I saw these rain jackets on Bailey's blog and was immediately smitten. And the best part is they don't totally look like rain jackets so you can wear it even when it's not raining and trick people into thinking you're just wearing a stylish coat.

I'll take one in each color, please.

I've probably also been using the same umbrella since 2002. I think it might actually be made of steel.

I may have to fake lose it and buy the floral one. That, I would not recommend sporting when it's not raining.

The polka dot one is pretty cute too.

My rain boots are pretty new so I'm not in need of any, but might I suggest these and these.

Oh yes, and the winner of my chicken dinner is....

Again, I had to start with 2 because TH thinks he could try to win.

TH, if you win I could be accused of nepotism.

Hannah, you're the winner!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Crushing On: Esther

Esther is an Australian-based company bringing stylish, elegant apparel at affordable prices.

These are just a few of my favorite items. I would be more than happy to have every single Esther piece make their way into my closet.

You must check out more on their site. You have to be quick though, as their stuff sells out fast!

Ready, set, GO!

Oh, and don't forget, if you haven't entered the Shabby Apple giveaway do so now. Today's the last day.

Winner announced mañana!

Easter: What I'd Wear

As a kid, I remember being more excited about sporting a "fancy" new dress for Easter than looking for eggs filled with candy.

I can still recall walking up to church, checking out all the other little girls in their "fancy" new dresses. Some with gloves, others with hats. Oh, the hats. The one year I convinced my mom to buy me a hat was the year my sister told me I looked dumb wearing it. So I didn't. I didn't wear the hat. I'm still not over it.

It's been a long time since I really dressed up for Easter. Probably because I no longer go to church (evil stares). I don't know, I'm thinking something floral this year. Maybe I'll dress up and just go to brunch instead. I can confess to my eggs benedict.

Modcloth dress // Pamela Love necklace // Club Monaco clutch // J.Crew snakeskin belt // Zara heels

Bunny ears optional. I'll show you who looks dumb.

Enjoy your weekend, ya'lls!

Skinny Jean Wearer

I need to give my boots a rest and do more of this skinny jeans with heels look.

An easy-to-put-together outfit sure to make you look stylish.

If you haven't already done this look, here's me giving you a headstart

yellow skinnies, navy suede heels // mint cheetah skinnies, black heels // gray skinnies, color block heels

Happy Wednesday!

image via tuula, unknown

Bootie Call

I wear boots almost every day. They're my everyday shoe of choice. Until summer, that is.

They give me some height and they still allow me to walk at my fast pace.

For a long time I wore the knee and calf length, but for the past two years or so I prefer the ankle boot.

Cue in Rachel Bilson. She always does it right.

I love your boots, Rachel.

Then there's this chick.

Where are your boots from, girl? I have yet to find the perfect black ankle boots. You can't really go wrong with black, but somehow I find tans to be more versatile.

I wear my boots so often, they're needing replacement.

If you've been looking for some ankle boots, you came to the right place.

Hope my round-up makes your search a bit easier.

one / two / three / four / five

Oh, and let's take a leap (ha, get it) over to The Eagle's Nest where I share a chic mom (I know, I'm not a mom) outfit that includes, you guessed it, boots!

Meet you there!

Eternal Sunshine

After seeing these images of the Eternal Sunshine Spring lookbook, I'm thinking Navajo-inspired dresses and a trip to Palm Springs are in order. I may even dye my hair blond. No, no. That would be worse than the time I thought going purple would make me look cool. That was my wannabe punk phase at 16. Going blond would be my stupid phase at 29.

This is what I look like when I lie by the pool.

I also jump really gracefully.

I wanna wear this dress every day until people start asking me if I ever change my clothes. I should probably buy two.

Happy Thursday!

Guest Posting: The Lonely Wife Project

Today I'm over at The Lonely Wife Project sharing some Canadian street style.

Hope you'll pay Sabra a visit. She's one of my favorite bloggers in all of the blogosphere.

Feliz Tuesday!