Sweet and Sassy

Last night was TH's holiday party. He's still in bed recovering. I, however, was a responsible young lady and only drank (I stopped counting) 5 (?) Sweet and Sassies. Not sure what's in a Sweet and Sassy, but I ordered it because it might as well have been named Irene. I'm sweet until I start drinking, in which case I become, wait for it, sassy. And I drank just enough Sweet and Sassies to keep me from becoming sweet and ridiculous.

I was really excited about breaking in my purple clogs new shoes.

In order to save our marriage, I stopped outfit picture taking. TH and I just end up frustrated with each other. He's like, Are you done? And I'm like, You've only taken one picture. You can't stop until you make me look like this:

Fine, we're done. And now we're late.

Plus, now that it gets dark at like 2 p.m. and TH doesn't get home until 6:00, any pictures I'll have him take will make me look like a black hole.

But just to share my new holiday appropriate shoes, I put together what I wore instead of posing, and TH and I will continue to live happily ever after. Until I change my mind.

The dress looked a little frumpy, so I belted it and wore it with opaque tights. And mine is actually navy, not black.

Ring / Heels / Nail Polish / Purse

Happy Almost Friday!

model image via Small Shop

Camel Coated

Some magazine informed me that camel is like so in. So now.

Of course it is. It's Fall.

I'm no trend reporter but I have a feeling florals and pastels will be in for Spring. You heard it here first. Or second.

Personally I think we'd have more fun telling people that actual camels are in.

The crowd would go wild.

Remember when Paris Hilton carried her dog everywhere? A dog became an it accessory.

Yeah people, try putting a camel in your purse.

Shits and giggles.

What are you waiting for? Go get a camel.

https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6231/6358826147_3f1e582d0a.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6227/6358764797_9c302973f8.jpg

https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6220/6358862291_0ec8612c8c.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6117/6358758401_e3a4459bff.jpg

Girl on the left is camel stressing. She's like, Everyone has a camel but me.

I'm like, Honey, some people ain't got no other choice but to have a camel cause their life depends on it.

Your model friends will still pretend to like you, even without a camel.

Happy (I woke up a little out of it) Friday. I think I might actually still be sleeping.

Ten Year

My BCF and I were messaging back and forth, trying to figure out a good time to hang out. In one of her messages she mentioned she was going to her ten year HS reunion. Aside from feeling old, I joked around and asked her what she was planning on wearing.

I didn't go to mine, but if I did, I'd want to wear something that shows off how much I got my shit together. Mature but fun, professional but not serious, and happy. Nothing irks people you never really liked more than letting them know how happy your life is. Even if you fake your happiness. And fake how much you got your shit together.

 Welcome class of 2001. I hate these people. Smiley Face.

Time for some inspo-ration. Ooooh yeah.

Fun, happy. Girl's got her shit together.

Oh my god so and so, is that you? You look so good.

I know, I really have my shit together. Oh, sorry I stole your boyfriend ps. Let's keep in touch, just like we never did when you wrote that in my year book.

Swap out those flats for some heels and you'll make those football players wish they would've dated you.

When in doubt, just keep it simple. Simple dress and simple hair. Remember, this isn't prom.

Pair your simple dress with statement shoes and you'll show how much your stile has evolved from your Doc Marten wearing days in the quad.

Happy Wednesday!

images via the glamourai, cheap chicas, sincerely jules, the girls of lincoln park

Missoni.....For Target

I thought about being one of those crazies who woke up extra early to make a mad dash for Target to try to snatch up some Missoni, but I enjoy my sleep and don't like fighting with strangers.

My plan was to head to a Target in a more rural area. Generally speaking, the further you are from the city the less fashiony people tend to be. I was hoping people were like, Missoni whaaa?

Plus, I was guilted into driving totally looking forward to driving 6o miles East to visit my mom and bid farewell to my grandparents who were visiting from Mexico. Perfect, I could stop at every Target on the way. I didn't.

I stopped at one and I was right, Missoni was present.

Two XL skirts - I'll take 'em.

I better get a cart for this.

Ooh, a blouse. In enough sizes for me to take one of each.

I look across the aisle and see hats, bags and scarves. Clearly I need these too.

I spot panties, bras and nighties. Only D cup bras left but surely my small B cups will grow.

Socks, tights. Who doesn't need to stock up on these essentials. Of course I'll wear blue tights.

Oh my god, they have little girls' stuff. I mean, the odds of me having a girl are 50-50; this is just me planning ahead. For now, I could probably try to squeeze into this dress. You know, wear it with my XL skirt. And blue tights, and hat and scarf and bag. Zig Zag City. Population - Crazy.

Headbands too? I love headbands!

I'll take a few candles.

A wine box. Fancy.

Notecards. I'll write notes to all my friends. As soon as I get home. Hey guys, I got Missoni and you didn't.

Gift tags. Christmas is right around the corner.

This is awesome. I'm having so much fun. Look at all this stuff in my cart. I'm so greedy. Baaa haa haa. Wow, that's a lot of zig zag. I'm getting dizzy.

Wait, how does this make me any less crazy than than the crazies who woke up at five am? I don't need all this stuff. It's not like real, real Missoni. At the end of the day it's still only Missoni....for Target. That tag will always remind me that I can't afford the quality made stuff.

I don't even really like some of these color combos. This is when my frugal self stepped in and began putting stuff back.

Here's what I did end up buying. Stuff I'm actually going to use.

A candle. Easy choice.

A wine box, which I guess I'll end up giving away at some point.

A floppy hat. Might not wear this 'til next summer. But I will wear it. I will.

Bobby pins. I'm cutting my bangs soon and I'll need these for that awful growing out phase.

How 'bout you? Did any of you get any Missoni...for Target?


Before we get this party started I'd like to say Thanks to Victoria for featuring me on her blog today.

She has a fun feature called, Behind the Scenes, and she asked me juicy questions like where'd I like to travel to and what some of my goals are. Visit her and get to know my dirty secrets.

And come back here to finish this party off...

Welcome back.

How was your trip into my life?

Sorry, I already have a Best Friend.

Party time.

I want to be 5'10 like Cindy Crawford*. I'm more like 5'8 and shrinking. Sometimes I'd like to wear 4 inch heels/wedges/et al. to places like the grocery store and carwash. Yes, carwash. We all have our fantasies. I like feeling tall but I don't like people thinking I'm too dressed up. My heels complete the outfit, my shirt should read.  I used to wear heels to work and was told I was dressed like I was going to da club. Club of young professionals was my guess. I quit the heel game because I never knew when designerlady was going to send me to Home Depot, and that's one of the few places not on my heel wearing wish list.


See. Simple casual outfit and heels. You're just buying milk and eggs, right girl?


Party? I'm not going to a party. I'm going to lunch.


Someone asked Andy why she wore heels if she was so tall. She replied, Why not?

Good answer.

T-shirt and heels. Don't bother me.

Do you wear heels casually? I'm jealous.

*Clueless quote
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Ramona West

Have you guys heard of Ramona Wild Wild West? No? Probably because she only goes by Ramona West. No one's middle name is Wild Wild. Let's hope.

Actually, I'm not even certain Ramona West is a real person.

https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6207/6031206431_81a58ce12c.jpg   https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6132/6031109513_60f5f361b1.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6088/6031727962_67f47af51d.jpg

Ramona West is a collection of vintage clothing and accessories from here in Sunny Southern California. Each piece is carefully selected, while keeping in mind current trends. My favorite part, it's affordable!

https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6084/6031182011_8bf80a0c26.jpg  https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6122/6031756392_ffbca9086b.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6083/6031122781_da9dd12951.jpg

The black sequin dress has Happy New Year written all over it. I also highly enjoy the selection of high-waisted shorts. Despite TH telling me I look like I soccer mom when I tuck my shirt into my high-waisters, I still prefer it. Whatever, I drive a Jeep.

The online shop restocks every week. And now that this post is done go on and clicky clicky.

Let's get wild!


Are denim jackets ever not in?

Mine has been a perennial staple in my wardrobe since I was, like, 16. Don't wanna give my age away, but that was a long time ago.

I remember I scored it on sale for about 19 dollars at most likely Contempo Casuals. And although I've had several different washes throughout the years, the perfectly worn-in wash is the one I can't ever part with.


Happy Tuesday!


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Today my could-be-sister/doppelganger Arianna Belle and I are going to House of Windsor.

Last night I had a dream the both of us wore a different version of the same outfit - cropped tops with an a-line skirt. That's about one of the only ways one could wear a cropped top and not look like a total slut.

The key to wearing a cropped top is to hide the belly button.

ladylike examples

Make sure to check out Arianna's blog. It's so pretty and always makes me feel at ease. Maybe because it focuses on organization.

Happy Thursday!

images via Karla's Closet, Emmersonmade

It's Here!

Summer is uh-here.

Throughout most of last summer, I wore the same basic outfit - vintage Levi's shorts and striped t-shirt.

This year, I'm trying to incorporate florals and funkier shorts.

The FedEx guy has yet to deliver my hot pink shorts.  While I wait, I've been thinking I need to add some color block espadrilles, replace my misplaced aviators, buy a new leopard belt, sport a crochet summer dress, and soak up those sun rays in a floral swimsuit.

What's on your summer wardrobe list?

I'm No Cranky Pants. Today I'm Army Shorts.

I bought these army shorts a few summers ago but didn't finally wear them until last summer. Sporting them self consciously, thinking army was like sooo 8th grade.

Then this photo from the Zara lookbook made me feel like maybe I was ahead for once.

So then I looked to see if other cool chicks were sporting the look too.

Here's proof they are.

Now we can all be part of the militia.

Happy Thursday.


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