Are You a Wildfox?

I came across Wildfox while making my usual rounds of the blogoshpere several months ago. Before realizing it was a knitwear line, my attention was grasped at the first sight of the below pink sweatpants. I have a major crush on bright pink and something about the logo had me at hello. I checked out the Wildfox blog and quickly fell for all of the images shared of their photoshoot collections. Their carefree antics and free-spirited nature make me wanna gather with my girls and enjoy a boisterous slumber party. Check out some of my favorite pics below:

A Wildfox take on the movie Dazed and Confused - brilliant

Ever since Evan told me I looked like a Flamingo, I've had a strong affinity for them. I wanna be tacky and display a whole lot of them in our yard.

images via stardustandsequins, 80spurple, thefashionspot, facebook wildfox fan page and everythingisnonsense

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Alice in Wonderland

Woo Hoo, it's Friday.

I'm sure many of you are looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland. This movie is on our list, but then again so was Avatar and we have yet to see it. I'm hoping the movie will be as visually magical (In a Tim Burton sorta way, of course) as the Alice in Wonderland editorial Grace Coddington styled for Vogue several years ago.

One thing is for sure, I doubt Tim Burton's Alice will have as many designer couture dresses to change into.

And if you haven't already seen it, watch The September Issue. You will fall in Love with Grace Coddington. No really, you will.

images via incessantrambling and fashionbox

Show Your Stripes

I just realized I have a strong affinity for stripes. I get all goo goo ga ga when I see a black and white striped shirt. Sometimes I even venture out and buy blue/white, navy/red, or gray/black.  I've had several in my recent life and tend to gravitate toward more as soon I see a display of them inside a store. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning behind it nor does it really matter, I suppose. Clothing wise, I prefer horizontal stripes even though they must be worn with caution (don't wanna look too wide now). But indoors, I sway toward vertical stripes as they lend a more sophisticated look.

I share with you some fashionable horizontal stripes and some vertical stripes for the home.

The ever so stylish Kate Moss in Balmain.

image via zimbio

One of my other stile icons, Rachel Bilson. I would wear either outfit in a heartbeat.

image via gemgossip

Ashley Olsen always knows what's up.

Wearing my striped tunic from Zara.

image via chinadaily

As tired as I am of the belt-around-the-waste look, Kate Moss makes it work

'cause, well, she's Kate Moss, but not cinching it bothers me less.

And now for some vertical stripes.,,,white,interior,design,pink,stripes,aqua,decor-c90136995e62d6ae64a9076737b30669_h.jpg

image via theestateofthings

A striped sofa - marvelous.

image via fromtherightbank

A striped rug. Check out those antlers again.

image via decorpad

The striped roman shades add that extra punch to this otherwise mellow room.

image via decorpad

Beautiful entry. Could those stripes be any more crisp? The zebra pattern adds a great extra element, making things more interesting.

image via materialgirls

A whole lot of dizzy going on. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes prevent one from going entirely crazy.

image via decorpad                                                        image via lauracaseyinteriors

If you're not ready to take the plunge into striping your walls, a

headboard is a fun alternative.

image via absolutelybeautifulthings

What a lovely photograph. These stripes create a circus tent-like experience without the raucous.

Remember this vignette I created a few posts back?


I'm really loving Keira Knightley's outfit on the March cover of Elle. It's certainly something I would wear. In fact, a blazer is typically my go-to garment to cover up and I wore one just yesterday. I also happen to have a denim shirt and wear it fairly often. So really, I could've stiled her. Ha.

The stripes on the blazer allow it not to be so basic. And, of course, the necklace makes a huge statement. Because of that seam in the center, I wanna say her sparkly bottoms are either shorts or pants, which would definitely turn some heads if worn out (imagine sparkly pants walking down the street). I play things more safely so I'd love to wear this kind of sparkly as a short skirt, most likely with some black tights underneath.  The deep burgundy nail polish is the perfect hue to add to the color scheme. Love, love, love the entire look.

Fall 2010

Really into these looks from Rebecca Taylor's Fall collection at New York Fashion Week.

photos via coutorture
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The Queen is Dead

To bid a farewell to design legend, Alexander McQueen, I created an outfit based on a few of his pieces.

A true visionary gone too soon.

The Queen is Dead