Neon Love

I used to think decorating with neon signs was sort of fratty and only really seen in dive bars or cheesy places, but recently I've seen them pop up, or rather, light up (ha) in some super stylish rooms. Totally making me re-think the neon sign look. When done right, they actually look really cool.



Light up art.

Taper Love

Hallie over at The Glam Lamb suggested I head to 45 Three for some really cool vintage furniture. Despite all the amazing pieces, I was mostly smitten by the the pink tapers Staci (owner) had in one of her candelabras. I tend to always use white when I create my table settings and quickly asked if hers were for sale so I could run home and display them. Nope.

This isn't some uncommon phenomenon so I shouldn't have any trouble finding them elsewhere.

And so the hunt begins.

images via design darling, flickr, oh hello

Room Love

When I spotted this room over at Coco+Kelley, I stared at it for, let's just say, a long time. So many things drew me in all at once. The jewel tone sofas, the beautiful globe pendant, stripes on the floor, the pitched roof, detailed archways. Life was brought into a space that was once a plain white box.

Is there anything you first noticed???

Lonny Love

That time has come when pretty much everyone in the Interior Design blogosphere talks about the new issue of Lonny. And now I'm doing it too. What? In case you're judging me, I typically dance to the beat of my own music. Wait, bad analogy. Now you think I'm a terrible dancer. I think you're all smart enough to get my point. I promise to be more creative tomorrow. Maybe. Here are a few things that really caught my eye and shouted my name. Happy one year, Lonny. I always look forward to seeing you.


Paul Smith Wool Wallhanging from The Rug Company. So cute for a kid's room. In fact, it was in a kids' room. On Page 100.

Something about the 60s is resonating with me as of late. Like this photo on page 104. With a motto like "Hot art, cool vibe" how could I not find this gallery appealing.

Photography by Amy Perl

Lonny Accesories

In case you fall into the small percentage of people who do their Christmas shopping early, here are a few items to consider, for me. Okay, not just for me, but for anyone who likes pretty bottles, gold, and vintage looking things that aren't really vintage.

left to right: razor/toothbrush holder, hand and body wash, camera, kate spade perfume.



Dress Love

{ring, ring}

Hi, can I speak to Rachel?

Who is this?

Irene. I have a blog.

{dial tone}

{knock, knock}

Rachel. Rachel Bilson. Rachey Rache, you answer your own door. So humble.

I came to ask if I could have your dress. And be your friend. And maybe make-out. But I completely understand if you'd just prefer to give me your dress. I knnoooow you're never going to wear it again.

Don't look so scared. I'm harmless. Really.

Uh, I don't think it'll fit you.

But you don't even know how moderately hard I'm working to lose my excess mom hips. It could fit.

Besides, aren't you beyond flattered that I would hunt down your house? Cute door, ps. It matches the dress, I want you to give me.

{door slams}

image one via messy buns, image two via pink wallpaper, image three via picapp

Kitchen Love

As much as I've tried, I haven't managed to dream of a white kitchen. Instead, I distract myself by daydreaming of one.  It's always filled with white cabinetry and marble countertops.  The one pictured took my distraction to new heights. Turquoise has been my favorite color for almost a year now, so it's no surprise this kitchen took my breath away. While trying to retrieve it, I looked for an area rug that I felt this kitchen needed. It's too big for the space and probably not meant to be used in such a high traffic, greasy location but I love this rug so much, it's been my go-to solution for most daydreaming spaces. And wouldn't some bugambilia look just as pretty on the window sill as the ones pictured? I think so too.

What are YOU daydreaming about?

-Irene Lovett

room image via decorpad

Hair Love

Smile honey, you're rockin' some amazing hair.

image via knightcat

Denim Love

I've been a little obsessed with denim since last summer and it appears that this trend is still in full swing.


images via and via

photographed by Yelena Yemchuk

styled by Samira Nasr

Nail(s) Love

image via

I want Bubble Gum Pink nails AY.ES.AY.PEE

Rug Love

Ah, I love a good area rug. A great pattern allows for a bold statement even if the rest of your decor remains subdued.

Check out the ones I have my eye on.,0,2000,2000&scl=5.434782608695652&fmt=jpeg&id=14IHfolLhKJGvsvAfwQN2F

I love this greenish/yellow one from Ballard Designs. Large print without being too hectic.,255,255&wid=167&qlt=90,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg

I can't help but think this poem rug is a little romantic.$P_Main$&$src=21569_1

This Lilly Pulitzer Wool Rug will add a beachy, cool, refreshing, fabulous color scheme to the right floor.

A cool zig zag rug can convert a traditional space into something more contemporary. The red trim makes this one a tad more fun. You can purchase this one here.$redesign-appcat$

Ooh, ahh. This one from Anthropologie has all kinds of crazy good patterns going on.$share$

How great would this hopscotch rug from CB2 look in a kid's room or playroom?

I picked up this faux zebra rug from Cost Plus a few years ago. It's one of the first things people see when they walk into our house since this office is adjacent to the entry. This room would definitely be more blah without it. And I love that Evan's 90-year-old grandma comments on it every time our house comes up for discussion. She's adorable.