Love Life

I do love life but sometimes seeing those two words laid out on my coffee table stop me in my tracks, like on my way to the kitchen when I'm going to snack on more cheese and crackers, and fill up on wine. I'm glad TH and I invest in good cheeses. Love Life, that reminder makes those bites a little more enjoyable as I'm probably making plans for a good time ahead. This book was well worth the one dollar I spent.

 As we head into the weekend, I send you off with two words that aren't always broken down for us so simply.

Happy Weekend!

A Secret Garden. Kind Of.

I took this photo with TH's phone one day while we were walking the dogs. We've walked past this house no less than a million times, okay, maybe less, but a lot and I probably would've kept walking had TH not pointed out how pretty it looked on this dewy evening. It's secret garden caliber. What is behind that door? So we jumped the gate. Kidding. But now when we walk past it, I like to picture unicorns and fairies being all secrety, although I'm pretty sure it's boring backyard stuff like normal grass and maybe a pool. I could be wrong though.

After taking the picture I tried convincing TH, again, he needs to join instagram so he could post it. He's so socially media awkward though and again said no. Whenever he asks me for good reasons as to why he should join I could only really come up with two. A - so you could follow me and B - so you could like all my pictures. I think I'm going to have to do what Sabra did and kidnap his phone and join for him. I mean, who doesn't need to waste more time?

Have a great weekend!


We made it to Friday. All is good in the world. For most of us at least. Tonight TH and I are staying in and making pot roast. Tomorrow we'll be tailgating and going to a football game (um, go Bruins). Sunday I'm meeting with a potential new client and will probably just come back home and veg out. You know, just typical weekend kind of stuff. We've got our house, water, power, health. Not a whole lot to complain about, if you ask me. Sure I've complained that our toilet's been making a funny noise and we need to get a new one, but at least it's our toilet, in our secure house.

I think you know what I'm getting at. Mother nature can be a raging bitch and has left people and their young children turning to shelters for a little security.

Monday night I texted Tamra to make sure she was okay during the hurricane. This morning she finally texted me back. She's fine but she's been without water and power for the last three days. I think it's a huge inconvenience if we have to shut off our water for an hour because god forbid I can't brush my teeth after every meal or wash my hands because I'm semi-ocd about them being clean. Don't even get me started on power. No internet? My life is incomplete. Tamra updated her friends via facebook thanking everyone who's reached out and apologizing for not responding sooner. When she wrote, "Electricity and water is minor, as others are dealing with much more serious matters" I thought, amen girlfraaan.

TH and I are donating to Feed The Children but if you'd like to donate to another foundation, click here for a list of others you can donate to.

Happy Friday!

Halloween Weekend

This weekend will be full of Halloween festivities. Tomorrow my sister is hosting a pumpkin carving party. Remember last years? Later that night TH and I will be joining our friends for a costume party. What will I dress up as? Don't know yet. For someone who claims Halloween is her favorite holiday, I'm always rushing to pull something together last minute. I have a little over 24 hours to make something up. I could just wake up and decide to stay in my pjs all day and go as a morning person. Glasses and bedhead. How's that for scary? Or do morning people actually get dressed?

What are your spoo-ooky plans?

I Did It

I joined facebook. Well, I mean, I personally have been on facebook since the time it was only for college kids. And I was in college for a looong time. I should've probably missed the facebook college boat because I was supposed to be out of college but that's a whole other story. So designstiles. I started a like page for designstiles. TH has been trying to get me to start one since starting my blog almost three years ago. And I've been all, I hate facebook. It's so lame. I only log on 232 times a day to prove how much I hate it. It's like the Jersey Shore of websites. But it's part of the job, the job of making a social media presence for my business. I get all shy girl when it comes to promoting anything I do and when I do, I get all critical of myself and nearly hide under the covers for the rest of the day.

But finally the light bulb went on, and I'm all like, Irene just do it. Like Nike. So I did. And as lame as it sounds, I felt pretty proud. Like I'm moving forward. Making strides and feeling confident about the business and brand I'm trying to establish. I need to just own it.

My goal is to make design feel more attainable. I work with people who are on a budget. Sometimes that budget is tiiight. And I don't mean that in the slang sense. People don't have a shit-ton of money to spend and I like saving people money because I can find nice stuff at affordable prices. I get joy out of that. Everyone wants to come home to a space they love but many times they just don't know how to go about it. I am their guide. I'm here to make that design process feel less intimidating because often times I work with what people already own. I come in and fill in the blanks. Sometimes all it takes is moving some furniture around to feel like you have a brand new space. I love that. I've been doing it since I was a kid back when I'd never even heard of interior decorating. Live beautifully, it's not that difficult to achieve.

Okay, off the tangent. Facebook. If you like me come and prove it here. I like totally like likes.

Happy Friday!

image via techcrunch


Tonight is a stay in night. I'm actually excited. I'm hoping to win the battle I've been having with this cold. I think I've more than made up for the green tea intake I haven't had all year.

Tomorrow we're going to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. A day of acting classy. Acting being the operative word. There's a large group of us going so that should make things interesting.

Then Sunday we're celebrating my momma's birthday. She'll be 46, only backwards. No, I'm off. She's not even 60 yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

images via from me to you, bella illusione


This weekend is going to be pretty low pro. Tonight TH and I are babysitting my nephew and ordering takeout. It could get wild. You haven't seen me get down with the chow mein.

Tomorrow we might actually paint our front gate. I don't know. You know how those house to-dos trickle down the list when better plans come up. Sometimes that plan is to take a nap. And who am I to resist a nap.

Sunday I might make it down to the Long Beach flea market, and will definitely picnic it up with a bunch of bloggers at Griffith Park. Network. It's important.

What are your hot plans?

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Lingering Summer

This photograph illustrates the lingering summer, with fall colors trying to segue their way in and take the torch as the new season. I'm finding myself getting ready for sweaters and boots, while still trying to maintain my tan. I'm hoping that too lingers until, maybe, winter.

I said last weekend was our last hurrah, but I think the summer concert we're attending at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday is what's really going to confirm Summer is indeed over. I'm having that back to school feeling. Maybe the dancing, jumping around and trying to sing along to lyrics will shake it off. At least through the end of the night.

Have a great weekend!

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Let Loose

We made it to another Friday!

Let your hair down and let that wind blow through.

Too bad the weather here has been McNasty for the last two days and the only thing happening to my hair is frizz.

Cheers to the weekend despite the humidity.

Happy Friday!

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If You Want It

I surely want it. Sometimes almost too often. But the last thing I want is to look back and say I didn't fully enjoy it.

Life is also short. Live accordingly.

Have a great weekend!

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