Hey! Remember me? I've got a post for you today. I can't believe it's been a month since I stopped by here. I also can't believe Felix is almost one. ONE! And my mind will really be blown when he's 30. But for now, it's one. A whole, entire year. Amazing. Feeling so many feels. I'm going off on a tangent though. The real reason I'm checking in is because Chairish asked me to participate on a white to bright chair challenge, we'll call it.

And if you don't know Chairish they're like an ebay meets craigslist minus all the junk and poorly photographed pieces. It's a space for design and furniture lovers to buy and sell cool furniture, accessories and art. Rejoice!

The goal was for bloggers to pick a favorite chair off a list provided by Chairish and create a styleboard around this chair. It's supposed to express color and steer away from an all neutral scheme.

I picked a danish teak lounge chair upholstered in a hot pink raspberry tweed fabric. How bold. The masculine lines keep it from feeling super feminine. I got a sense of energy off the color and think it'd make a really cool accent chair. A chair to lounge in, hence the name, to sit and read. But knowing me, it's say you're gonna read and end up on your phone.

While the rest of the items in this reading vignette are fairly neutral, I picked accessories to offset and contrast the statement chair, leaving the chair the star of the show.

The pink sea urchin art, complements the hot pink chair without being matchy.

The dark blue pillow adds contrast and brings in some pattern while not competing with the geometirc pattern on the nuetral rug.

The brass floor lamps warms up the bright chair.

It's all about the balance.


art :: books :: lamp :: server :: pillow :: vase :: rug :: chair

Anyone who has a hot pink chair in their home is eff yoo en FUN in my book.

Be sure to check out Chairish and load up on awesome and be sure to check out more of their accent chairs HERE. Something for everyone.

Happy Wednesday!

New Desk

Now that our guest room slash office has turned into a nursery, TH no longer has a desk and has moved his computer onto the dining room table.

The man deserves a proper work station and so I'm on the hunt for a new desk for him.

Surprise! I know you read this TH so pick one. No really, pick no. one. Or five.

I like them all but those two are my favorite.


one :: two :: three :: four :: five

A new desk means I'll have a bit of rearranging to do but should be able to create at least an area for him to sit at that doesn't involve moving his stuff when it's time to eat dinner.

And new desk means... new desk chairrrr! But that's for another post. Maybe.

Happy Tuesday!

Looking Good, IKEA

I got the new IKEA catalog the other day and found a few new pieces to be pretty cool.

Items that don't look like they're going to fall apart right away.

I think that emerald swivel chair is my favorite. It comes in two more colors but the emerald just feels a bit more zexy, dare I say. Pair it with another one and they're ready for cocktails.

The sideboard is also very clean and minimal, and I love the elevated legs.


The rug is a total steal. Great price for a great design and color. I actually just used the brown version for a budget project.

The glass cabinet can be used in a variety of ways. I'd love to use it to display shoes and purses. But the more practical me would probably use it for dishes and bowls.

I just bought these glasses too. I love the color, and I mean, talk about bargain. They were looking at me like, if you don't buy me, you're dumb.

Again, pretty color. For a starter sofa, don't be basic and buy something fun. This color is so soft and soothing it can easily be paired with an array of pieces to give you one stylish pad. Did I just say pad?

Happy Thursday!

Affordable Sofas

While I think it's important to invest in furniture pieces that get the most use, like sofas, sometimes we just need to purchase that one item that will tide us over.

For the person who just moved into their first apartment, the young couple cohabiting for the first time, or the family who just bought their first home.

Here's a round up of affordable sofas listed lowest to highest, several of which are on sale!

affordable sofas

IKEA - $599.00 // Cost Plus World Market - $599.99 // Macy's - $798.00 (sale) // Plummers - $1039.00 (sale)

West Elm - $1444.00 (sale) // Apartment2b - $1688.00

Happy Thursday!


Remember the days before the internet? Yeah, don't remind me.

Whenever I come across the Home Shopping Network site I immediately think of the television network.

I always picture lonely women at home watching cheesy ladies sell them cheesy jewelry (okay I'll admit, sometimes I kinda liked it) or sweaters. The ladies on the screen were always so cheery too. Even as a ten year old I was like, what's their problem? In retrospect, I think they were probably just drunk. I'd be cheery too. In fact, I'm cheery right now. Wait, don't read into that.

It was so weird to me that people could watch the network all day and wait for just the right item to place an order over the phone. I was like, just go to mall. But then again these stay at home women were probably still in their pjs at 3 in the afternoon.

And then the internet came along and HSN has a site and now you can search for the items yourself without watching any cheesy ladies.

And now people (older people) think it's weird that I buy stuff online.

Huh, who doesn't buy stuff online? I love coming home to packages. It's like snail mail couture.

So yeah, HSN. Dude they have some pretty cool home decor items.

No more calling for HSN stuff. By no more, I mean I never did. That one time doesn't count.

Happy Thursday!

Kitchen Stools

Hope you all had a fun Fourth of July. I mean, as much fun as you could have on a Wednesday without feeling the consequences today.

I managed to stay relatively sober. I impress myself.

I still woke up wishing it was Saturday and realized I didn't plan a post for today.

I think I've been meaning to share kitchen stool ideas, so here you go. Kitchen stools. Oh my.

And there you have it. Which do you prefer?

Happy almost Friday!

Furry Goodness

I recently used this furry stool in a nursery I just finished. It's definitely my favorite piece in the room, and now I want to use it for more projects.

A little furry stool (or two) adds a good dose of texture and just the right amount of quirk.

Furry stools for everyone!

What do you say?

Yay? Or hell yay?

images via the decorista, the everygirl, kinfolk, house of nadee

Painted Console

I bought this dresser for our living room for a hundred bucks at the thrift store. I use it as a console to hold my china and table setting accoutrements. I bought it with the intention of one day painting it. That one day has never arrived. Mostly because I can't decide on the color. Our house already looks like the 96 crayon crayola box and painting this large piece a 'fun color' might be going too far. But then I think going white will be too boring.

I think I finally found the ideal compromise.

White top and painted bottom with some gold gilding.

I'm liking this option too.

Maybe white surrounding with painted drawers and new hardware.

It's the color I can't decide on though.

We shall see.

Happy Thursday!

images via House Beautiful, Laura U

Chair Makeover and A Guest Post

I bought these chairs at the flea market two years ago. Possibly longer.

I finally decided on a fabric and now they're like new.

Hooray for decision making.

I'm really happy with them and think they're the right amount of pattern this room needed.

If only I could change out those floors soon too.

Baby steps.

Next up are drapes and new artwork. That green artwork back there is too matchy now. Or maybe it's the side table. We'll see.

I did, however, switch out the ole ceiling fan for a new (vintage) light fixture.

I love this too.

It reminds me of something you'd see in a Disneyland eatery, or something.

I'm thinking about doing a blog post on all the light fixtures I've swapped out. So far there's been nine. Only one more ceiling fan to get rid of.

Before you go, come visit me at Sara's blog, A Dose of Pretty, where I share my five must-have home accessories.

What'll they be?

Come find out!

Happy Thursday.


I'd like to get more experimental with my piping.

Other than pillows, I haven't really attempted it on furniture.

Below you'll see some neutral pieces piped with black, navy and green....

...but I want to get funky with it a la Jamie Meares. Girl knows how to pipe.

I need some hot pink piping action in my life.

Happy Wednesday!

images via style at home, emily henderson, van rozeboom, decorpad