Not Your Grandma's Sofa

Sometimes the thought of a floral sofa makes one think, holy grandma. Or, hellow early 90s.

And it's a sure turn off for your man.

But I say pair it with some ultra modern art and you'll be thinking, I'm so cool.

A contrasting zebra print rug makes it look more edgy. The solid throw pillows detract from the floral pattern and bring in some extra color.

Modern, clean lines on a floral sofa. This is like your grandma who drinks hard liquor and curses.

Grandma who lives in palm beach, smokes and still tans. She's your favorite grandma.

Adding a little black goes a long way.

Here's what I would do with my floral sofa

art // side table // lamp // coffee table // rug // black and white pillow // blue pillow

Happy Wednesday!

images via kelly green interiors, desire to inspire, apartment therapy, arianna belle

Going Platner

The Platner Chair is one of those pieces of furniture that will remain a classic and no matter how old, looks utterly modern. Genius. It somehow manages to ooze glamour and elegance and appeals to both masculine or feminine seekers.

(sigh) if only they weren't several thousand dollars.

Happy Thursday!

images via apollinas, elle decor and pinterest

Spray Painting

Hey Everyone, welcome to DIY Wednesday, a feature I'm sure won't last longer than today.

This past Sunday I spray painted this little wicker stool I blogged about here.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the green color I chose.

Let's call it "interesting"

Happy (DIY) Wednesday!

Double Up

I quite like this idea of using a completely different fabric for the back of chairs. It'll save you some money when you fall in love with an expensive fabric and can't justify buying multiple yards of it.

I'm off to find me the one chair I need to complete my dining room set. And maybe splurge on some 'spensive fabric.

Happy Tuesday!


images via Sarah Richardson, delight by design, Rai Designs

Four-Poster Bed

I'm working on a master bedroom, and I think what this master room needs is a four-poster bed.


Maison Jansen

Currently infatuated with these 1950s Maison Jansen Chairs. So sleek and glamorous. Let me sit on you, please.

The Paris-based Interior Decoration firm, House of Jansen, also created this gorgeous 1940s black lacquer desk. How's that for fancy pants?

images via Elle Decor, Apt 34, Luxe, New York Social Diary


My Pink Wingback Chair Finally Gets Reupholstered

My very first blog post was about this pink wingback I bought at the Salvation Army.

And now, finally, a year later I decided on the fabric and had it reupholstered

in houndstooth

I even stiled it for you.

I Found You Cheaper

I was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog the other day when their Torrey Armchair caught my attention because it looks EXACTLY like my Kooboo Wicker Chair from Cost Plus. Knowing how overpriced Pottery Barn is, I knew I got the better deal. Sure enough, I paid like 200 bucks less. If you're looking to score yourself a deal like this too, the Kooboo chair is now on sale for $129. Pottery Barn only offers a delivery discount. Joke's on them.

Pottery Barn Torrey Armchair

Kooboo Wicker Chair


The day after I blogged about patio inspirations for our backyard, Jen from Made By Girl blogged about Gardenhouse (she must be reading my blog. Ha, I wish). Gardehouse brings ultra cool, vibrant furniture to the outdoors (and indoors). Their "Vintage With a Modern Twist" tagline is basically my ethos, so it was pretty natural that I automatically love their collection.

A glimpse at some of their indoor stuff.

Sunday's to Relax

Sunday was dedicated to sanding a faux bamboo nightstand I bought at the Goodwill several months ago. The Sistah (brought an accent table) and BCF (sanded a chair) came over to get the (sanding) party started. I'll admit, I didn't know what the heck I was doing, nor did I bother researching what kind of sandpaper I would need to remove the gloss from my nightstand. Luckily, the BCF came fully prepared now that she's a pro. She can add a stool, frame and chair to her resume and the fact that she can knock out pieces faster than I can find 'em, makes me wanna make her my business partner.

Take a look at what a mess we made we produced.

My sister does amazing work.

I sanded, primed and spray painted mine in a high-gloss black to try to achieve the look of most high-end bamboo pieces. The greek key-esque hardware allow it to appear more expensive than the $19 I paid.

Other faux bamboo pieces:

image via casasugar

image via isuwannee

image via theregencyfurniture

image via decorpad

image via cococozy

image via decorpad

More amazing bamboo chandeliers set in a bright and cheery workspace.