Baby Shower


Today I'm over on Spearmint Baby sharing some pictures from my Baby Shower. I so hope you'll come check them out.

Happy Wednesday!

photo by Gladys Lara

Wish & Tell

Today I'm traveling. I mean, physically I'm still home, but in bloglandia I'm away visiting. That totally counts as traveling. And the best part is, I didn't have to pack.

Emily from Recently has me sharing what I'm wishing for (ooh, what'll it be) and what I'm telling. I get all gossipy. Not really.

So come on over and travel with me. You're really going to love Emily's blog. And not just because you'll see me.

It's a good one. A favorite, really.

Click here to board.

Happy Wednesday!

Be My Guest: The Design Daredevil

Please welcome Jessie. Aka The Design Daredevil.

After reading her post I think you'll be able to tell why we get along so well (hint: she's funny).

Take it away, Jess.

What up designstILes readers?!? Very honored to be here and "meet" all of you. Since you are reading, you are an Irene super-fan, just like I am. She was my first bloggie friend, and the first (and only) bloggie friend I've met in person. We got drunk drinks, eats, and Irene took me on my first ever trip to IKEA (me: IKEA. I sure know how to treat a lady). Then she accompanied me on a really awkward rendezvous with Cypress Hill's tour manager. It was truly a magical evening. I can't wait until our second date. I might even put out.

Aside from cyber stalking Irene, one of my big passions is THRIFTING. I mean, I LIVE to thrift. It's pretty much the only thing that can get me out of bed at 6 am on a Sunday. Except for when I wake up in the same clothes I had on the night before and realize I'm at a total stranger's house. But that hasn't happened since last summer college.

Here are some of my latest and greatest thrift store finds.

Vintage elephant floor stand $34. I knew he had to be mine because Irene has one and I want to be just like her when I grow up. He will be getting a fresh coat of white paint this weekend.

Rad table lamp $125. I'm thinking it's circa late 60s or early 70s. Regardless, it's perfect and I want it.

REAL framed butterflies in a vintage bamboo frame $28. The blue iridescent butterfly is stunning up close.

Greyhound statue $125. Perfect addition for a Regency style room.

Vintage phone $32, still works.

Vintage Foo Dog bookends $12.99.

Rattan peacock chair $80. It's in the back of my vehicle as I type.

Set of vintage Asian busts $10.

Faux malachite jar $1. Holding my Q Tips right now.

Set of four mint condition vintage tumbler glasses $6.

Vintage cardiovascular chart $4. I would love to make a Valentine out of it.

Eagle regency mirror $10.

Vintage palmistry figurine $40. Okay....this was a sticky situation. I found this guy at a Flea Market, fell in love, but I don't have anywhere to put him. Passed on it. The next day I picked up an adventurous new client and knew it would be perfect for their home. Went back to the market the next weekend praying to sweet baby Jesus it would sill be there. I almost peed my pants when I found it...but it was still $40. I always haggle with the sellers, it's part of the thrill of the hunt. I was willing to pay $20, so I offered $10 expecting to go back and forth with them cause that's what I've done 100 times before. Well, I messed with the wrong gypsies. The lady was about 200 years old and straight up went off on my ass, then her 400 year old husband got all up in my grill and basically kicked me out of their booth.

I was horrified. I wanted to smash that thing on the ground and break off all of the fingers except for the middle one. But I didn't. Instead I told the old man he should take my $10 and get his eyebrows waxed. He declined.

Leave it to my good ole Mom who has my back and found a brand new replica on Amazon for $25. I'm gonna get it and I'd love to design an entire vignette around it using some of my favorite things....

Chair/Lamp/Hand/Mirror/Tray/Bar Cabinet/Wallpaper/Rug

Thanks for having me Irene. Hope you are having fun, I expect a drunk dial from you and Tamra!


See, don't you just want to go thrifting with Jess and crack jokes?

Be sure to check out her blog for more funny and pretty goodness.

Happy Thursday!

Be My Guest: Recently

So happy to have Emily of Recently sharing her See It Wear It series with you.

I adore her blog for her unique finds and stylish taste and having her here today is such a treat.

Hope you enjoy her cheat sheet way to recreating an outfit. In this case, my most recent favorite outfit.

Hello stILe lovers!  I'm Emily, joining you today from Recently while Irene is taking a well deserved break.  I must say, although I'm more than pumped to be here, I secretly wish I was hanging with Irene, because we all know that girl knows how to have a good time!  Between our mutual love for a good drink and her ability to make even the mundane seem hysterical, I have no doubt I would return with some wonderful (and foggy) memories.
Although I won't claim to be as hilarious as our favorite Irene, I'm hoping you'll be entertained as I recreate an outfit that I recently pinned, and loved...
The lovely Hedvig of The Northern Light is the wearer of this simple chic ensemble, and she pulls it off without a hitch.  Before you recoil in terror from the obvious jean vest you see above, keep in mind that denim vests are back, but definitely reinvented.  Use one to take an everyday outfit up a notch, minus any fuss.  Layer it over your favorite feminine piece, add some wedges and a statement bag, and you're there - with no eighties teen angst movies in sight!
Irene, thanks for letting me crash your party today.  I hope you loved it!



Thanks so much Emily! Her blog is definitely a blog to bookmark. Bookmark it!

Happy Wednesday!



Be My Guest: The Peak of Très Chic

Please welcome the super sweet Sam (say that ten times fast) for some interior inspiration.

Hi designstILers.... it's Sam here from The Peak of Très Chic.  I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Irene while she is off on vacay (super jealous!). 
I am currently in the midst of working on my entryway in my own home, so I thought I'd share a bit about the process and a few entryways pinned on my inspiration board.
To me, your entryway is one of the most important parts of your home.  It is the first thing guests see when they arrive, and it often sets the tone for the rest of your house.  In my dream home, I'll have brick herringbone flooring in my entryway, just like in this picture above.  I also think it's fun to have meaningful items in an entryway- family photos, antiques, and other tchotchkes that represent you well.


{via} {Originally seen in Domino Mag}
I also think a little greenery is nice to add.  Whether it be an orchid, a boxwood, fresh flowers or some other type of succulent, I love seeing blooms in an entryway.


I kind of have a weird obsession with vintage busts, like the one below.  I really want one for my entryway.  How cool would it be to see one when you entered a house?
What are your favorite elements to see in an entryway?
Thanks for letting me share a bit of what's inspiring me lately, Irene!  I hope you all will stop by sometime and say "hi" at The Peak of Très Chic.

Make sure to visit her blog for a daily dose of pretty.

Happy Tuesday!

Ever Swoon

Today I'm over at Ever Swoon, guest posting while blogging buddy Tamra is vacationing.

Come check out some wedding inspiration I put together for Tamra's weddings and events-focused blog.

There's more where this cake came from.

Come get yo' slice.

Have a great weekend!

Guest Posting: The Lonely Wife Project

Today I'm over at The Lonely Wife Project sharing some Canadian street style.

Hope you'll pay Sabra a visit. She's one of my favorite bloggers in all of the blogosphere.

Feliz Tuesday!

A Thankful Table Setting

Now that gobble gobble time is only one week away

(How in holy heavens does time slip away? Slow your roll, time. Slow your roll. Only when you're waiting for someone does time seem to stop)

we need to get ready for some table setting.

Move over turkey, a nice table is a show stealer. And completes the package.

Today I'm over at The Eagle's Nest sharing some tips for setting a table on this thankful occasion.

Like this little sneak peek? There's more where this came from.


Happy Thursday!

Sadie + Stella

Today you can find me over at Sadie + Stella sharing my favorite room.

Which room do you think I picked? The lucky guesser wins............nothing.

What are you waiting for? Let's bounce.

Clicky Clicky.