Our last day of 2013. Oh what a year. The year of the baby.

From working with pregnant clients to close friends announcing their pregnancy to delivering my own little guy, I was surrounded by baby fever. This year brought the biggest change in my entire life. And unlike other years, my goals and resolutions, if you will, will now forever include the person I brought into this world.

It's been one emotional, hormonal, exciting, challenging, scary year both personally and business-wise, my busiest year yet, but most of all it's been rewarding. designstiles experienced some unexpected (top 25 home decor blog from The Vivant), fun mentions and features (remember this House Trip and this house tour) and despite the one mention that would've had me feeling way proud did not come to fruition - Good Housekeeping wanted to feature our house - it was still a reminder of how far I've come. I realized that when I'm only in competition with myself, I focus on improving me. And my biggest motivation was my baby. I literally worked up until the second my water broke. And sure I have the luxury of working from home but that never stopped me from playing the I'm pregnant card. I managed to balance freelance work while continuing to grow my business to investing time on this blog, though sporadic, and contributing on Spearmint Baby. I tried to never slow down because Felix and being his role model kept me going strong.

I've always lived for myself and took my time with things because I was more of an easy-going-things-will-get-done-type. But this year changed me. Growing a person will do that to you.


See you in 2014.



Merry almost Christmas from sunny southern California.

Wishing you all a happy holiday in whatever temperature you may be in.

Enjoy your weekend and the last few days of 2013!

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Christmas Ornaments

I'm back. At least for today. No clue if or when I could get back to posting regularly. My brain is still mush sometimes and feel like I function off of spurts of adrenaline. I come up with blog post ideas and somewhere between diaper changing and boob feeding, I forget to write them down. I should just start coming up with ideas for April because at this rate, it takes me weeks to finish up each post. I was like, I better get this Christmas ornament post up before it's Valentine's Day. At least they'll be on sale.

Felix just turned one month yesterday so he should be old enough to start guest posting for me soon. His current hobbies include stroller rides through the neighborhood and keeping his parents up at night.

We're purchasing our tree soon and every year we buy at least one new ornament that represents that particular year but most of the time I just want to start fresh and decorate it in what ever color scheme I'm liking at the moment.  This year I'm liking pinks, yellows and lots of sparkle. Every year should have lots of sparkle, actually.

I realize this is now more about Felix than me so I should start looking for some baby's 1st Christmas type stuff, but these sure are pretty to look at.


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

Happy Monday!

Halloween Picks

Halloween is in the air and although I'm always late to bust out the decorations, this holiday is my favorite.

There's a chance Baby Lovett can actually be born on Halloween and I just think it'll be hilarious bringing him home in a costume. Forget stopping by at home first, let's get this kid trick-or-treating.

And I probably just jinxed myself.

Hang in there kid. Make it to November.

Back to Halloween, here's a roundup of some items I'm currently digging to get us all into the spirit.



one :: two :: three :: four :: five :: six :: seven

Happy Wednesday!

Fourth of July Fashion

With Fourth of July only one day away, I found it appropriate to share some blue items I recently found.

Cool enough to sport all summer.


one // two // three // four // five // six

Have a safe one!

Love is in The Air

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, the holiday people love to hate. I'm married, so I have like a guaranteed valentine. No hating from me. Maybe if I was single I'd be singing a different tune, or not singing at all. I'd hate on all holidays. President's Day is coming up, I'd hate on that. I'd hate on every other Friday and maybe Tuesdays.

But since I'm not hating and think hearts in general are super cute, here's a round up of heart items suitable for Valentine's Day, or any idonthatetoday day.

one // two // three //  four // five //  six //  seven //  eight


Holiday Shrub

Meet our holiday shrub. One day I will buy a proper topper. I haven't found one I like. Until then, Nora's birthday hat will have to do. It's actually kind of festive. And indicative of our party personalities.

Have a great weekend!

Halloween Table Setting Interpretation

Jessie pinned this image the other day and I immediately thought, Ooh, I want to recreate that.

Just in time for Halloween, I liked this image because it only really required one place setting. I didn't want to purchase a whole ton of new stuff I'd then put away in the garage simply to forget about.

Plus, close up shots are my favorite.

Here's my interpretation.

I used most of the stuff I already had from last Halloween.

That spooky hand champagne flute I found at the grocery store, and the scull vessel thing was found at the 99 cent store while I was stocking up on glow sticks (don't ask).

I happened to have that black ribbon. And instead of blackberries I went with garlic. The vampires rsvp'd they weren't coming.

The dahlias are from Wholefoods.

This was fun. Maybe I'll do a recurring segment where I bite off others peoples ideas.

Happy Thursday!

image one via Camille Styles

Red White and Blue

Here's a little Fourth of July inspiration to get you ready for tomorrow's fireworks celebration.

Hope you all have a happy and safe one.

Don't d and d.

dress // handbag // shoes // necklace // coral // notecards

Happy Tuesday!


By the time you read this, I may already be sunbathing poolside, asking the server to keep the drinks coming.

We'll be in Palm Springs enjoying some quality fun time with our friends for the extra long weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.


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