Not Much To Say

I only have a few words for you today. Like, MUST FIND FLORAL SHORTS THIS SPRING. Or skirts. Or dresses.

I'm liking this color scheme right here and that fabric on the lower right is from Calico Corners. It's even more beautiful in Person.


Okay, gotta go.


I Wanna Spring Forward Already

Spring is the best season, but I may be a little biased because my birthday is smack dab in the middle of it - May 12th if you like to get your present shopping done early. I always thought of it as happy and cheery, with a certain aura, and I'm not talking pollen, that made me want to skip around and tell people how happy I was. Did I really just write skip around and tell people how happy I was? I guess I ordered the fruitcake.

But tell me you don't like it when we get extra daylight. Or when the layers of clothes come off and birds start chirping like you're Snow White. That's what I call wondrous.

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Preparing for Valentine's Day

Exactly one month from today is Valentine's Day, and more than any other year, I'm really excited. Not because The Husband and I have plans for a romantic date or because I'm expecting something extra special. No, sir. I'm super excited because this calls for another designstILes table setting opportunity. I've already purchased some items and been searching the web for inspiration.

Fun stuff.  Happy Weekend!

images via leweddingparty, pinterest, lonny, etsy

It's Almost New Year's Eve. Time to Pick an Outfit.

I have yet to make concrete plans to celebrate the coming of The New Year, but even if I end up sitting at home eating pizza and drinking champagne, I will dress for the occasion.

The chick in the glasses has me motivated the most. I rarely step out in my prescribed eyewear, but with a new year comes new tryings.


images via knightcat, aroofovermyhead, theneotrad

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Have a great day,


Irene Lovett

image one Amanda Nisbet, lladro mirror, quote, runway look via Design Darling via Adam

You Make Me Wanna

That cake makes me wanna eat it, on those plates.

And then I'd kick my heels up and shout.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I have a feeling you missed me.


Irene Lovett

It's Here

According to my calendar, today marks the official first day of fall.

I didn't appreciate fall until I was in college, majoring in procrastination. I'd tell myself, "Irene it's like 10 o'clock, you need to start on your homework assignment." Ugh, I know. Then I'd look at the clock and it'd only be 6. Time change, you are a Godsend. I'd get super excited and run around the apartment coming up with things to do that didn't involve any homework.

Those days are long over and now I can't help but get a wee bit sad that the days are getting shorter.  But, I do love me some Halloween and I also enjoy stuffing my face on Thanksgiving, so to celebrate this new season I will be laying out. Southern California weather, you too are a Godsend.

Happy fall,

Irene Lovett




Falling for Fall

Okay, fine. I'm going to be mature about this whole summer-is-over thing and embrace the upcoming season. This fall we'll be seeing spots. Leopard spots, that is. And lots of 'em.


Irene Lovett

images via Sacramento Street, This is Glamorous, The City Sage, The Decorista, KnightCat, Palmer Weiss,  Corridor 40, Apartment 34

Planning for the Future and Listening To

I've decided that when the times comes to re-do our kitchen, I'm going with this herringbone pattern for our floor. I may even go with the black. And if anyone wants to donate all the other materials, call me.

And for Christmas, I'm asking for a closet makeover.

I like to joke around and say I have a walk-in closet because it's about 2-3 feet deeper than the standard. It's more of a step-in, stand-in and fantasize about a walk-in kinda closet, but this image here shows promise that I can make mine real cute.

And today I'm going to listen to this song on repeat.


Love you for reading me,

Irene Lovett



images via MFAMB and Bazaar of Serendipity

stILe finds: Pink and Beige

This has got to be one the dreamiest pictures of Los Angeles I've ever seen. And one of the most romantic lace dresses I'd like to call my own.

-Irene Lovett

dress image via thisisglamorous