No. 5

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I went to Target yesterday and stumbled upon the above glass jar lamp. I've been seeing such lamps pop up everywhere but wasn't ever really drawn to them until I saw this one. The No. 5 printed on the front made this one stand out from the rest. I turned to my right and turned to my left but there was no one there to take in the joy of finding such a stellar item. I quickly thought of who I may be able to persuade into making this purchase but decided I could pair it with other items to make it more convincing. I like the idea of using it in an industrial, rustic, cottage living room. Take a look at some items I think will complement this fun lamp.$PD$$family$$PD$

Left to Right from Top:

- Benjamin Moore paint in Potpourri Green

- Mirror from West Elm

- Sofa from Pottery Barn

- Throw Pillow from fabricadabra

- Rug from West Elm

- Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware

- Lyle Side Chair from Crate and Barrel

- Trunk from Restoration Hardware

- Random Throw and Plant

I finally received my June issue of House Beautiful and guess what was on the cover?

Yup, a glass jar base lamp.

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but seriously, summer will be here before we know it and I'm just trying to plan accordingly for once. Our little backyard isn't necessarily equipped to seat or serve any guests so I've pulled some images to figure out what kind of vibe I'd like to go for. But mostly, I just wanted another excuse to look for pretty pictures.

image via country living

image unknown

image via

Yup, I think a lounge setting is more my stile.

last three images via if the lamp shade fits

image via

Interior Styling

When I was studying Interior Design, it felt like my only options were residential design or hospitality. I went back and forth between the two, changing my mind every semester only to figure out that Interior Styling and Accessorizing is my true passion. I only discovered this a few months ago as the words from my professor, "find your niche and specialize in it" echoed in my head. I love the idea of gathering objects for the sake of making them look pretty and perfect -  as if they were always set-up that way.

Two days ago, I joined the decor8-created group, Interior Styling on Flickr. It's a forum that allows its over 2,000 members to display their work with people worldwide. Not all pictures are accepted by the creator, but I was quite elated that my first submission was welcomed rather quickly. {Pats herself on the back}. I spent more time than I should have looking through all kinds of inspirational images and would like to share some of many that I totally fell for.

Office by you.

Here's mine.

That bear rug is so cute, and it looks so well contrasted with the green, pale yellow and blue.

Baking never looked so lovely.

I love how every item is placed so casually.

Great color combo.

That lamp is so fun when fit in with vintage artwork, happy colors and traditional chandelier.

The denim colored books, the wood, the horse. Toss is some black and a sweet boy and you have a little cowboy's room. Darling.

Simply precious.

See how perfectly pretty it all comes together. I could fill up on this meal without eating a scintilla of it.

To check out more of this Interior Styling group click here.

images via planetfur, busybeeisblogging, uydurrukcu,
ohmybag, via flickr

Knock, Knock

You only have one chance to make a first impression is a saying I think can be applied to the front door of one's home. The front door is one of the first aspects of the house a guest first sees, so why not make it an unexpected one. This is a chance to portray some personality and keep guests eager to walk through that door and see what else your home expresses.

image via katyelliott

This door makes my door envious. That hardware is something else, let me tell ya.

image via countryliving

A coat of orange paint and your home is Fall-ready.

image via vanessa+valentine

See what I mean, behind a chic painted door is a very stylish pad. The floors, the zebra rug, the minty fresh walls, the vintage painting, the casually thrown bicycle - yum.

My front door with newly added hand painted shade.

image via

A beautifully soft shade of pink set amongst cold Ionic columns and brick backdrop.

Neon colored front door and black walls. Risque but oh so nicely paired.


I saw this door last weekend while I was in Palm Springs. I noticed it the second I exited my car. Past the double doors was a ton of mid-century goodness.

Here's a close-up of the detail surrounding the doorknobs. Gorgeous.

You Inspire Me

As someone who considers herself to have a keen eye for design, I can appreciate most spaces created by those who have as sharp an eye as I do. But there are only a select few that make me pause, gasp and analyze every detail that went into the creation. These types of spaces are those I collect and turn to for inspiration. I'll share with you some that have captured my attention.

image via elementsofstyle

I love that the look of this vignette is feminine, vintage and rustic all at once. The antique, pale yellow buffet can easily be used as a dresser as well.

image unknown

I've been a sucker for pale blue lately and this is the perfect execution of just how pale I like it. It's so soft and soothing and if this were a guest room in someone's beach house, I'd definitely call first dibs. The lamp is delicious and the orange geometric quilt add just enough oomph.

image via cococozy

I love, and I mean LOVE every single thing about this room. The white lacquered dining chairs take center stage amongst the smooth, brown paneled walls. The pattern in the chandelier mimics the pattern on the chairs without competing against each other, and the mirror picks up on the color of the drapes almost effortlessly. The light blue from the lamps and the red from the accessory bring just enough color to complete the look of the space. All together I think of it as a bit retro, a tad glam and completely current.

image via houseofturquoise

I hope I never get sick of turquoise. Otherwise I may not be able to stand this photo. But for now, who lives here so I can come visit? Your windows are too cute.