I Like Your stILe: Betsy Burnham

Look through my boards on Pinterest and you'll spot several of Betsy Burnham's work.

To this day, her office is still one of my favorites, and even in yesterday's blog post, that first image came from her.

Her "unapologetic mix, that layers pattern, texture and periods" has made me a fan for years.

When her latest project was featured in this month's House Beautiful, I was super excited to be treated with such eye candy.

Heeeere it is.

Welcome home.

I'd call this serious curb appeal.


This image was grabbed from her website. Photo styling is a bit different in the magazine.

Lantern was meant to echo the original 1930s banister on staircase.

California cool in a 1930s Beverly Hills Tudor.

Sophisticated without being stuffy.

Um, hellow pink chinoiserie toile sofas, will you be my friend?

She mixed them with a faux-rattlesnake vinyl ottoman and corduroy chairs.

A zen feeling master bath.

My favorite space in the house is this teenager's bedroom. Yeah, teenager. I mean, ground me all you want if this is what my room as a teenager looks like.

The detailing on the bottom of that nightstand is beautiful.

I love all of this so much.

Great color combining.

I leave you with a quote I cut out from the interview.

Though guilty of a red wall (years ago), I couldn't agree more with her. And 110% agree about adding a little black.

Betsy Burnham, let's hang out.

Happy Thursday!


A little cheetah goes a long way, if done right. Otherwise it can go from chic to tackysville real quick.

I like adding a little cheetah in the form of an accent pillow. Instant pizzaz and some rawr.

It can give a traditional space some personality and make it more exciting.

I almost see it as a neutral.

Funsville up in here.

Happy Wednesday!


I like the way brackets are used to display a collection. Brackets are the new gallery wall. I usually only see them used in a more traditional space, so maybe they're the original gallery wall and I'm way late to the bracket party.

But how rad would it be to paint them glossy hot pink?

Here Aerin Lauder uses them to showcase her ginger jars.

The look feels more youthful with the light lavender walls.

A pretty coral collection.

More ginger jars.

Aaaaaannd more ginger jars.

I do not want to be sleeping on that bed when an earthquake strikes.

C'mon, someone hire me to bracket up your room.

I'll make it cool. Promise.

Happy Thursday!


I've got some wainscoting on the brain.

I think it's fancypants and gives any room some character.

Wainscoting the bottom portion of a wall is a good idea if you love a wallpaper and think it's a little too wild to cover the entire room with it.

Ooh, some painted options.




Move over wainscoting, that vanity is stealing the show.

Bring it up higher.


Scared to go all the way bold with a dark color?

Do dark on top and white on the bottom for a super crisp look.

This last photo is making me want some waffles.

Happy Thursday!



images via the Inspired room, Hammersmith Atlanta, Maria Killam, Japanese Trash, houzz,


I'd like to get more experimental with my piping.

Other than pillows, I haven't really attempted it on furniture.

Below you'll see some neutral pieces piped with black, navy and green....

...but I want to get funky with it a la Jamie Meares. Girl knows how to pipe.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5275/7045461695_1b4967fb61.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7251/6899365110_0f3d23e213.jpg

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7129/7045461493_c24d412a32.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7258/7045455205_7b0032a7b0.jpg

I need some hot pink piping action in my life.

Happy Wednesday!

images via style at home, emily henderson, van rozeboom, decorpad

A Family's Room

Today I'm sharing part of a project I sort of recently finished.

I worked with a couple who didn't have a whole lot of experience with Interior Design before and didn't want to overwhelm and intimidate them with bold colors and trendy pieces.

I wanted them to feel comfortable in their new home, so I opted for light and bright, transitional decor.



I know, I was really tempted to keep those window treatments.



https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7050/6879964214_599cb22b6a.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7094/6879966350_ef754b0674.jpg


That little dude bookend is about the quirkiest thing in the whole room. Had to throw at least one quirky thing in the space.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7243/7027087843_49654e18d2.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7075/6880990522_a6bb4470ea.jpg


I hope to share more of the rooms I helped with soon.

Happy Thursday!

photos taken by Gladys Lara Photography

Moody Two Shoes

It's pretty funny to see peoples' reactions when I suggest going with dark walls. They look at you like you just grew a third eye.

In general, people are a bit scared of color, but when you even throw out the idea of going dark, it's an immediate, NO!

While some may think that rooms appear smaller when painted darker, I envision dramatic, bold, luxe spaces.

And when offset with crisp white accents, interesting pieces and texture, the result is anything but small. Grand, I say.

https://farm7.staticflickr.com/6059/7003213449_cab0900a7c.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7068/7003212807_2901e0d424.jpg


https://farm7.staticflickr.com/6056/6857097700_d1f9b9247b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7039/7003212591_18b6a2f7b6.jpg

Any of you dare to go dark?

Happy Wednesday!

I Like Your stILe: Alisha Gwen

I discovered Alisha Gwen while watching the telly (that's short for television and longer for tv).

You know how people say, Oh, I don't watch tv, and you're like, yeah right. Just like you don't drink soda. I bet you do both.

I swear, I really don't watch tv. Housewives is about the only show I have any real commitment to. My confession to watching Jersey Shore doesn't count. I was hungover, verging on still drunk. Everyone makes bad decisions under the influence.

So Alisha Gwen is not a Housewife and I found out about her while watching another program. Okay fine, it was on HGTV. She was on this show called Showhouse Showdown and even though she didn't win, I loved her designs far more than her competitors.

Bold pattern and vibrant colors - a girl after my own heart.

A kitchen with two islands. Perfect for those who love to host.

Open shelving is a sure way to make you organized and only display pretty plates.

Classic furniture pieces updated with bright, modern colors and patterns.

I'm also one for quirkiness. Artichoke base lamps add a playful touch.

You can scope out more of Alisha's work here or follow along with her blog here.

Happy Thursday!

Not Your Grandma's Sofa

Sometimes the thought of a floral sofa makes one think, holy grandma. Or, hellow early 90s.

And it's a sure turn off for your man.

But I say pair it with some ultra modern art and you'll be thinking, I'm so cool.

A contrasting zebra print rug makes it look more edgy. The solid throw pillows detract from the floral pattern and bring in some extra color.

Modern, clean lines on a floral sofa. This is like your grandma who drinks hard liquor and curses.

Grandma who lives in palm beach, smokes and still tans. She's your favorite grandma.

Adding a little black goes a long way.

Here's what I would do with my floral sofa

art // side table // lamp // coffee table // rug // black and white pillow // blue pillow

Happy Wednesday!

images via kelly green interiors, desire to inspire, apartment therapy, arianna belle

I Like Your stILe: Lucas Studio, Inc.

Lucas Studio, Inc. is a high end residential design firm in LA whose design aesthetic is comfortable and classic.

Yes, this sofa looks way more comfortable than my bed.

Wood nightstand with beautiful detail and soft colors create a very comfortable and classic look.

This fireplace is inviting us all in to get comfortable.

Loving the white tree stump used as a side table.

A more fun approach to their stile with pattern play and bold colors.

Holy antlers.

A hockey stick never looked so stylish.

Maybe I'll reconsider displaying TH's baseball bats.

Those open doors are saying, c'mon in and get comfortable.


Did you notice the turquoise headboard?

Groovy art.

Harbinger is their retail showroom. And based on these photos, I need to pop on in.

If you aren't in the Los Angeles area, you can view what goodies they offer here.

To check out more of Lucas Studio, Inc. click here.

Happy Thursday!