Bright Like Neon Love

I purchased the most blinding hot pink bra the other day (I'm sure you really care to know what color bra I wear) and couldn't help but feel electric once I put it on. I've been into neon colors as of late and wondered if I could handle doses of them in my home. Too much and I may need to walk around with sunglasses or cause headaches, but I thought I'd search for ideas on how neon can be used cautiously.

image via decorpad

This is one bright ass room, but the white furniture and black accents tone the wall color down.

image via decorpad

Hot Pink is my neon color of choice. La la lovely.

image via decorpad

A whole lot of color going on, but notice how well it all works together.

image via

image via

image via

Again, the white accents ease the brightness of this space. The jute rug brings in a natural element, which also brings some calmness, allowing for some nap action.

image via

Try a more subtle approach and choose one piece to be your bright color focal point.

If neon in the home frightens you, try incorporating it into your wardrobe.

image via fashette

I'd pair this cute little necklace from shopbop with a crisp white v-neck t-shirt and vintage denim cutoffs.

I'm thinking a neon swimsuit is what I need this summer. This one from Victoria's  Secret is on sale - always a good thing.

Massucco Warner Miller

Thanks to my latest issue of House Beautiful, I found out about Interior Designer Melissa Warner. Warner is one of three women who forms the trio Massucco Warner Miller, an Interior Design and Decoration firm based in San Francisco with recent expansion into Los Angeles and Seattle.

Warner's own apt is in the current issue of  House Beautiful and I had to share the images as well as other projects from the design team.

I'll start with the House  Beautiful spread.

This room can easily be categorized as traditional with the skirted sofa, but the zebra print accent chair and geometric pattern throw pillows transition it into a more contemporary space.

The word eat definitely makes this dining area more playful. And the fact that it is casually placed embraces its playfulness.

She wallpapered this closet door. Brilliant, brilliant idea. And what a fun desk she created.

Oh my, I want this room. The black color is striking against the pale walls and the coral from the pillows and green from the vase add a nice  punch. The array of patterns from the throw pillows, stool, quilt and bedskirt arouse great emotion.

Here are some of my favorite projects I found on MWM site.

This Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper is out of this world. Adds some whimsy to this otherwise traditional guest bathroom.

This is exactly how I'd imagine my teenage daughter's bedroom.

Those roman shades complete this whole little breakfast nook. I want.

I think every room needs a little pop of black and this office captures it perfectly.

It's a small world after all. I used this picture in my Totally Toile post and just came to find out it was created by MWM.

W - More Than Just a Letter

image via latimesblogs

I'm way late to post about this, but I'm doing it anyway.  Two weeks ago I attended the WOW! collection, a showcase featuring the work of seven Interior Designers for the official launch of the residences at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Of those seven designers, Kahi Lee, my boss, designed the biggest unit with the least amount of time. Just saying. The inspiration behind the three bedroom, four bath penthouse - with amazing views of the Griffith Park Observatory, the Capital Records building and Hollywood sign - was a young Marlon Brando. The design concept was based around the idea that Marlon Brando would live in this penthouse in present time. Totally not trying to earn brownie points, but Kahi (not like she even knows I have a blog) knocked it out of the park. The result was a sophisticated, moderately rustic, swank bachelor pad with some representation of Hollywood elegance.

I suck at taking pictures, so I'm borrowing these from Kahi which all have people in them. But behind all the people is an awesome design. Check 'em:

image via Kate

Living area, looking into the dining room and kitchen. Both with custom light fixtures by Originals 22

A little nook adjacent to the living room. Kahi decided it was best to turn it into an additional seating area since plenty of events will take place in this unit.

Custom wallpaper by French American.

Miss Kahi Lee herself.

One of the bedrooms.

Candlesticks and black vase were a designstILes find. Impressive, I know.

Drais nightclub is on the same floor as the penthouse suite. Hello.

This Romo wallpaper is crazy good.

The tactile effect is fuzzy goodness.

Please tell me you notice the light fixture in the background. It was ideal for the inspiration.

The Designer and her Design Assistants.

And just in case you're wondering, Kahi's shoes are Loubs.

Mine, are not.

View of Hollywood Blvd.

Pictures taken by Gary Reisman via Kahi's facebook fan page. Become a fan.
The six other units were designed by Mark Cutler, Cantoni, Barclay Butera, Poliform, Econnect Group and Interior Illusions.

You Inspire Me

As someone who considers herself to have a keen eye for design, I can appreciate most spaces created by those who have as sharp an eye as I do. But there are only a select few that make me pause, gasp and analyze every detail that went into the creation. These types of spaces are those I collect and turn to for inspiration. I'll share with you some that have captured my attention.

image via elementsofstyle

I love that the look of this vignette is feminine, vintage and rustic all at once. The antique, pale yellow buffet can easily be used as a dresser as well.

image unknown

I've been a sucker for pale blue lately and this is the perfect execution of just how pale I like it. It's so soft and soothing and if this were a guest room in someone's beach house, I'd definitely call first dibs. The lamp is delicious and the orange geometric quilt add just enough oomph.

image via cococozy

I love, and I mean LOVE every single thing about this room. The white lacquered dining chairs take center stage amongst the smooth, brown paneled walls. The pattern in the chandelier mimics the pattern on the chairs without competing against each other, and the mirror picks up on the color of the drapes almost effortlessly. The light blue from the lamps and the red from the accessory bring just enough color to complete the look of the space. All together I think of it as a bit retro, a tad glam and completely current.

image via houseofturquoise

I hope I never get sick of turquoise. Otherwise I may not be able to stand this photo. But for now, who lives here so I can come visit? Your windows are too cute.

Totally Toile

I kind of really like Toile de Jouy even though I associate it most with French Country, which is not necessarily my stile.  My newly found attraction to toile  began when I spotted this toile quilt at Target (Tarzhay, if you will) several months ago. Once I finally commit to making my toile purchase for our guest bedroom, I will apply it in a way I've never seen before. Here are some images to get me going.

image via designersdodallas

The black background with white print is a stray from the traditional white background toile. The purple lamp shade with red base add some cool factor.

image via ebates

Such a cool, retro use of toile. Love the color scheme.

image via decorpad

image via decorpad

I also used this picture in my Show Your Stripes post but just in case you only focused in on the stripes, check out the toile headborad, bedskirt and roman shade. This is the epitome of how toile can be utilized in a hip, refreshing new way.

image via decorpad

Toile pillows add a traditional element to the streamlined effect of the room.

image via roomlust

image via cococozy

Okay, so this is a little girl's room and obviously I'm not a little girl (though this room definitely makes me wish I still was), but I love the use of pink toile, turquoise, bamboo chandelier and silhouette pillows. It's all so classic yet contemporary.

Bargain Bin

Ahh yes, snagging something at bargain price is a feeling like no other. But for the record, I don't buy miscellaneous junk for the sake of saving a buck. Sale or no sale, I only really buy things I absolutely LOVE or will get lots of use out of (the splurging only happens with timeless items). I'm quite frugal and damn proud of it.

And I love helping others bargain shop as well.

Here are some stile worthy items at bargain price.$categoryE$

Change out your boring ole dresser/cabinet knobs with these $2.95 knobs from Anthropologie

Ooh, I love a good sunburst mirror. This one is only $39.98 at Pier One

You already know I love me some stripes. This rug is only $12.99 at Ikea. I know, I know it's from Ikea. But place it in a low traffic area and it could last you longer than a month.$richdetail$

A feminine shower curtain without being too girlie. Yours for the price of $19.99 at Urban Outfitters$pd300$$pd300$

Decorative pillows are always a way to add some punch to any room. These Nate Berkus pillows from HSN will only set you back $5. Yes, F-I-V-E dollars!!! Now I know how Subway lovers felt when the foot long promo started.

Vase from Kmart for $24.99. Such a pretty blend of colors creating lots of movement. Sort of reminds me of a peacock. This would look great mounted on a mantel,  a bookcase, in a grouping of similar vases, or on a table with some freshly cut fuchsia flowers.

Not your standard candlestick holders. These, from West Elm, are only $39.00 but their look is well above the marked price. They're also reminiscent of the mid-century ones (below) designed by Ceasar Stoffi.

image via apartmenttherapy$share$

Wire baskets are a perfect solution for storing and displaying items on a bookcase, console or open shelves. I'll be using mine in the kitchen. You can purchase the smaller one for $12.95 or the larger one for $15.95 at Crate and Barrel.

Happy Bargain Shopping


I came up with the slogan: A modern update to classic style thinking I was sure this is what my design point of view entailed. Though the crux of my aesthetic holds true to my slogan, it seems to evolve as I mature and learn more about the industry. I came up with the tagline before interviewing for an internship at Omniarte, the design firm of Erinn Valencich. Waiting to be interviewed brought back memories of flipping through magazines trying to figure out the direction I would someday take.  Suddenly, sitting in Erinn's living room, I saw the light bright and clear. Her space was fun, quirky, witty, colorful, comfortable, all-embracing - everything I didn't know I was searching for. I quickly realized an aesthetic can't always be defined by one term or genre, or even a slogan. My internship at Omniarte was short-lived, but I will forever cherish this moment for experiencing my goal in person and not through some glossy pages of Elle Decor or House Beautiful.

I share with you, some of Erinn's work.

Her use of color, pattern and texture is always so harmonious.

This was for a spread in Better Homes and Gardens.

In typical intern form, I steamed these drapes and ironed the heck out of the pillow shams. Lucky me.

images from anh-minh, HGTV and everythingleb

Show Your Stripes

I just realized I have a strong affinity for stripes. I get all goo goo ga ga when I see a black and white striped shirt. Sometimes I even venture out and buy blue/white, navy/red, or gray/black.  I've had several in my recent life and tend to gravitate toward more as soon I see a display of them inside a store. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning behind it nor does it really matter, I suppose. Clothing wise, I prefer horizontal stripes even though they must be worn with caution (don't wanna look too wide now). But indoors, I sway toward vertical stripes as they lend a more sophisticated look.

I share with you some fashionable horizontal stripes and some vertical stripes for the home.

The ever so stylish Kate Moss in Balmain.

image via zimbio

One of my other stile icons, Rachel Bilson. I would wear either outfit in a heartbeat.

image via gemgossip

Ashley Olsen always knows what's up.

Wearing my striped tunic from Zara.

image via chinadaily

As tired as I am of the belt-around-the-waste look, Kate Moss makes it work

'cause, well, she's Kate Moss, but not cinching it bothers me less.

And now for some vertical stripes.,,,white,interior,design,pink,stripes,aqua,decor-c90136995e62d6ae64a9076737b30669_h.jpg

image via theestateofthings

A striped sofa - marvelous.

image via fromtherightbank

A striped rug. Check out those antlers again.

image via decorpad

The striped roman shades add that extra punch to this otherwise mellow room.

image via decorpad

Beautiful entry. Could those stripes be any more crisp? The zebra pattern adds a great extra element, making things more interesting.

image via materialgirls

A whole lot of dizzy going on. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes prevent one from going entirely crazy.

image via decorpad                                                        image via lauracaseyinteriors

If you're not ready to take the plunge into striping your walls, a

headboard is a fun alternative.

image via absolutelybeautifulthings

What a lovely photograph. These stripes create a circus tent-like experience without the raucous.

Remember this vignette I created a few posts back?

Oh My Antlers

image from anywho

When I spotted the above photo of Topshop Unique's Fall 2010 runway show, it immediately took me back to the photo Kate Moss did in her spread, Kate & the Gypsies, back in '09.

Which in turn, reminded me of all the ways antlers are used in Interior Design. No longer a sign of a hunting lodge, antlers have evolved into something anew and are still very much a craze.

images via yossawat

image via decorpad

Check out that ceiling. Amazing.

If you're not ready to commit to wall mount antlers, maybe a few decorative accessories will help you ease into the trend.

via etsy

Oh My Antler

Feel free to click for item info

Just a little something I've been listening to on heavy rotation. Goes with the theme.

A Single Man

It's been over two months since Tom Ford's A Single Man was released and I just now watched it. Because it was directed by Tom Ford, I knew it would be visually pleasing but this movie goes beyond pleasing - it is visually stunning.  I won't give away any of the plot because I hate it when my reaction to a movie is even remotely skewed by someone else's response, but watch the dialogue-free suspense trailer (here) for a glimpse of the Oscar-nominated movie.  I will have to mention that the attention to detail was impeccable and I still can't get over how exquisitely tailored George's (Colin Firth) wardrobe was. Glasses have never looked so good.

Since this is an Interior Design-focused blog, I will also have to show off how striking George's house is.

George's Mid-Century home is unquestionably astonishing (his vintage Mercedes - not pictured- is drool worthy).

images via modernica

I hear it's in Glendale, so it appears I'll be doing some stalking come the weekend.

image via modernica

Charlotte's (Julianne Moore) Hollywood Regency home is a complete contrast to George's. Can I please have those lamps?

I was thrilled when I spotted the below Ikat pattern on Charlotte's headboard. I almost blurted it out loud, but quickly realized I was in a public setting.

If you haven't already seen it, please do. And let me know when you do so we can discuss. I'm itching to share more.