Thirty Two

Hey, I'm still here. I'm alive. And thirty two. Gaahhh. But the way I see it, 32 is really just 23 backwards. Like my thinking. Sometimes.

Yesterday was my birthday and the day before that was Mother's Day, leaving me feeling stranded today because I was starting to get used to the attention.

Today is just another Tuesday. You may have noticed some blog changes though and a real site. Feel free to look around. But don't get too comfortable because I'm already planning on making changes. Except for the new logo. That stays and I love it thanks to Sara.

During yesterday's birthday dinner, I hauled it to the ladies room after a few cocktails and got a kick out of taking selfies in the bathroom while TH waited patiently at the table like he was experiencing an awkward first date.

While I deleted the abundance of selfies today, I couldn't help but notice how much I coordinated with the bathroom's palette and how much I actually liked the color scheme.

Inspiration is everywhere I tell ya.


art :: earrings :: pillow :: decorative box

Happy Tuesday to me!

I Survived Turning Thirty

Turning thirty was awesome. Probably because it started with a party. Most things should start with a party. Ending with one is a good option too. This party was the celebration of entering a new decade and closing the chapter of the previous one. I'd call that a two for one deal.

It was like the quinceañera I never had. TH called it my treintañera.

Inexpensive, plain IKEA pillows I used to draw 30s on.

Invites created for me by Miss Vmac.

New favorite flower - coxcomb.

The gold tablecloth reminded me of the confetti at the bottom of the invite.

Big paper flowers in trees brought in a whimsical touch.

Different seating areas were meant to create the lounge feel I was going for.

Say hi to Casper the friendly sofa.

Flamingos in bow ties on the lawn greeted you upon entering.

Specialty drink - The Pink Flamingo. It's really a pink mojito. Stole this recipe from the wedding we went to a few weeks ago and changed the name.

Birthday cake in three of my favorite flavors - coconut, bubble gum and pink champagne.

Let me know if you ever come across a hot Cheetos, or redbull flavored cake.

I think it all looked prettier at night when the trees were lit up in pink and candles and bar glowed.

TH, sporting a pink belt, gave a speech.

 Then there was a bit of dancing and jumping with the makeshift jump rope my friend Dee made out of glow sticks.

Huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend. You sure made this lady feel special.

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow I Turn 30. Kill Me Now. No, Please Don't Kill Me.

There I said it, I'm 30. Irene, you're 30. I know, how did I get here? Who did this to me? The person who made up the whole 30 is the new 20 is an asshole. 30 is 30. Leave it at that. I never hear anyone say 20 is the new 10. It's a made up line used to make old people feel better. Now I'm older and I have to face the (no more clubbing) music. I'll be fine. I mean, I still feel 25, hoping I look 22. Turning 30 is something you think only happens to other people. Like a disease. Like somehow you think if you take all your vitamins and exercise and eat healthy, the turning 30 disease will skip you. It's the reaffirmation that we do indeed become older. And I'm slowly accepting I'm okay with that.

To my twenties, I loved you. I'm going to miss you. You've been a part of my life for so long and now I'm never going to see you again. We had a lot of fun together. But it's time to move on and I'm going to remember the hell out of you. You taught me a lot about myself and my thirties will teach me even more and they'll make me feel a lot more comfortable about being me.

I'm trying hard not to feel old, but rather experienced. I'm only relatively old. Like to a five year old. To TH's 92 year old grandma I practically just started walking. I should feel so lucky to get to live three times my age. I feel like I just sort of started to figure it all out, so really this is the beginning. I've got fears to overcome, cities to explore, people to meet and plenty of blog posts to write.

I'm going to stop myself before I get way cheesy with it.

Here's me on my first birthday.

Where apparently I only had one guest and my brother was back there trying to open my presents. Who brought the Easter basket?

Then I turned five and was caught eating my hand.

Hey look, more people at this party. That's my BCF next to me.

Yeah, then things got awkward after this. I was funky looking up until, like, now.

But hey, thank you twenties for letting me experiment with looks that didn't quite work and molding me into the woman I am now.

Thirties, it's good to meet you. Be nice to me. If my math is right, we've got ten years of each other. Let's make it work.



Turning Old

My 30th birthday is 54 days away. But who's counting? I'm gonna have a party. You're all invited.

I've been trying to lose some extra pounds because after this is baby talk and this could be the last year I recognize myself sans clothes. "Trying" is a bit of stretch. Really, I just hope they lose me.

So I'm failing at getting me ready but trying to get party ready. Things are moving along and I already ordered these cocktail napkins. And that's about it. No music, no food, but I've got cocktail napkins. Actually I don't even have them. They've only been ordered.

Even my inspiration is a little uninspiring.

You're meaning me.

I don't necessarily want cake pops but I do like the idea of putting gold flakes on something. Maybe a cake.

And this is just for me to get me feeling better about the age I'm turning.

Every time I read this I feel like crying. Not because I think it's touching but because I'm trying really hard to believe it.

Any women out there cope okay with entering into the new age bracket?

Happy Monday!

images via geronimo balloons, sweetapolita

Adding Black

Last night I started to compile a birthday wish list. I know it's well over two months away, but 21 is a big year.

I need some black accents in my life. I tend to go toward the tans and obnoxiously colorful.

Good gawd those shoes are pretty. Elegant. Classy. Expensive. I hate it when that's a factor. The python ones are pretty amazing too.

I almost purchased that handbag when I saw it three weeks ago. I debated way too long about which color to get and now it's SOLD OUT, in every color. Bring it back Botkier!

A simple, dramatic cocktail ring.

The black watch is the new rose gold. I don't know, I just made that up. But that's what I'm sticking with.

So which one will you be getting me?

Happy Friday!

A Very Special Day

Party Time. Excellent.

Thirty three years ago my husbandwifemom was born. Thankfully his parents named him Evan. Much shorter.

On the blog, I refer to him as TH. But to me he's known as my favorite person...who sometimes drives me crazy.

husbandwifemom is made up of three parts, duh.

Husband because that's what our marriage liscense says.

Wife because he gets naggy like I presume a wife does. Unlike me though. : ) and makes dinner on occasion.

And mom because he never fails to remind me to eat my vegetables and take my vitamin and takes care of me when I'm sick.

Here he was precisely 30 years ago. Cute kid.

Here's his little sister.

Just Kidding.

Dude looks like a little lady though.

This little man turned out to be quite amazing.

He commutes about an hour and a half to and from work. Manages to eat healthy, go to the gym, tends his garden, learns Spanish, keeps close relationships with his friends and parents, makes our dogs food (no joke, email me if you want the recipe) and above all else, been extremely supportive of me since our beginning.

Whenever I feel I can't do it, he's there to remind me I can. He's great with my family and he's great to my friends.

He's always made me feel like he's lucky to have me and I'd beg to differ.

I think he likes me because I'm fun and sometimes funny. I like him because he's full of smarts and he's the coolest geek I know.

Here husbandwifemom, this card's for you

inside of the card

As you read this, I'm in a car full of farty boys en route to Tahoe.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

And Happy Birthday to My BFF.

What She Wore: Birthday Dinner

Typically TH and I go out for dinner on my birthday and then do something with friends later that week. But this year I got selfish and canceled dinner for two and tried making reservations for a lot. Not always an easy task. People are busy and not everyone you'd like to celebrate with can make a mad dash to your restaurant of choice across town, in traffic. Waaaaaaaa. After canceling on six different restaurants, I realized it's just as special to have a romantic dinner with your BFF. And as long as everyone I care about acknowledged it was my special day, I was happy. Thank you!

So here's what I wore:

An already owned sheer, black Zara top paired with a Zara skirt I managed to buy just hours before heading to dinner.

Necklace from flea market, Badgley Mischka pumps and TH's grandmother's old clutch.

Here's a photo I took on our way to dinner.

If you haven't been to LA, this is a view looking into Hollywood.

Next week, I promise to go back to featuring interiors and less about me photos.

Happy Weekend!

My First Guest Post-er...Postee. Eh, Whatever. Today I have a Special Guest

Sometimes I turn to TH (The Husband) and ask, What should I blog about tomorrow? His quick response is always, ME. Although I could probably write a book dedicated to his quirks and weird habits, my husband is not really why people pay me a visit.

Yesterday when I was driving home, I thought, I've never had a guest on my blog. What if I ask TH?

And here's what he had to say...

On my birthday.

My one request, keep the cheese to a minimum.

Hello.  I'm The Husband, or as referred to recently -  Evan - in The Wife's recent post about our Vacay.

Those of you that are avid followers of designstILes (one word, no spaces, capital I and capital L) are completely smitten by Irene's stILe. . .which makes it rather paradoxical that she'd marry somebody who was at one time proud to look like this:

Yep. That was me, and in fact would STILL be me if The Wife hadn't rescued me from my button-up polo & khaki-wearing, ear- and eyebrow-piercing, long Jewfro-having ways.

I still have a long way to go to be or even, but I guess by this point my stILe is what it is, and The Wife loves me anyway.  Lucky me.

Seriously lucky, in fact. I mean have you SEEN The Wife?

Way out of my league:, and I'm not just saying that because it's her Birthday.

Which reminds me,  aqui esta un globo para ti, mi esposa: (she really, really likes balloons. Or she used to, until I tied one to our precious Jesus Dog as a birthday surprise last year. Bad idea. Our poor, poor puppy subsequently reacted as if an alien was chasing him, completely freaking out to the point that we had to destroy the balloon, and even then he was only okay with us about 24 hours after the incident).

So the point of all of this madness? It must be love.

(thanks google images!).

I'm guest posting, if you haven't assumed by now (I hope I haven't lost too many of you). I believe I am the first guest poster on designstILes, which is exciting. . .and nerve-racking. I know how diligent The Wife is about this blog, which has blossomed into a business, and thusly transformed both of our lives.

She is now the consummate professional designer; balancing projects, doling out (sometimes free) advice, carrying a tape measure everywhere, leaving drafting tools all over the tables & desks, and my favorite. . .making our home completely stylish, whimsical, unique, beautiful and most importantly, FUN.  I mean, honestly, who else has a pink (I know, it's NOT pink. . .ahem) laundry room, a blue living room and a red bathroom. . .all with a turquoise door? Combine that watching the cutest little doggies ever grow up. . .

. . .and that's the point of this whole thing, isn't it?  We are extremely fortunate to have each other, and more importantly - I am extremely fortunate to be with The Wife. Because when I'm with you, Irene, I have fun.

Happy Birthday, designstILes, I love you.

It's My Party and I'll Act How I Want To,fashion,food,musician,people,photography-f72413cc1396f8374cca25f02f6311cb_h.jpg

I have over a year until I turn twenty-one thirty but I'm kinda already planning my party. Kinda like I'm already planning my baby shower and designing my future kid's nursery. No, I haven't sent out any invites or bought any nursery decor (though I've come close), but I am saving inspirational images. A lot can change in a year plus, but for now I think I'd like an ultra feminine, girly party with lots of flowers and pretty colors. Once you're thirty you're like a woman and should act more serious, and the only thing I'm ever really serious about are my outfits. And after thirty I promised The Husband I'd have baby on the brain, so I want to bid farewell to my twenties with as much fun as possible aka consuming copious amounts of adult beverages without worrying if I'm acting like a bad mother.



images via visualize, weheartit, wedding mayhem

When I'm With You

The world is lazy

but you and me

we're just crazy

So when I'm with you, I have fun

Yeah when I'm with you, I have fun

A very Happy Birthday to the guy I have the most fun with, Mr. designstILes.

I love you so much, I'm going all out by blog posting and dedicating this song to you.

Sapo Verde,


PS - for those of you interested in listening to the song, it speeds up after the 45 second mark.