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Sometimes I find two images I equally love and want to share them with you, but can't seem to find a connection to join them in holy matrimony. If you look closely, though, the girl's lipstick is a very similar shade to the color on the Zebra print. I now pronounce you, Stylish and Cute.

Happy Tuesday!

Middle Parted

Ever since I started parting my hair in the middle, I get told I look like a model. You should try it.

That was a joke.

Happy Day, Party People.




images via my style pill, La Mode en Noir et Blanc, weheartit

Beautiful Skies

Gorgeous pendant


Take me away.

Happy Weekend!

images via apartment therapy and studded hearts

Feeling a Little


This summer, I bought a Native American-type sweater at a concert and it quickly became my favorite article of clothing because its perfect fit makes me feel like it was specifically displayed for someone who freezes once the sun sets - me. The knit is pretty darn similar to the one pictured and the styling of the outfit is too good not to copy.

Maybe it'll help me stray away from the typical cutesy decor I tend to gravitate toward. Maybe.



images via becauseimaddicted and elle decor

I Ain't Scared of No Ghost. Uh, Actually I Am.

I realize Halloween is all about the spooo-ooky and scary, but if I talk about the spooky and scary I will have to sleep with the lights on for about two weeks. Let's focus on the pretty and zexy.

Have a very happy, fun and safe Halloweenie.



PS - don't forget I'll be in NYC next week. I will try to update.

images via House Beautiful (scanned by me) and studded hearts.

Gloom and Glow



The recent days have started off dark and gloomy, with a glistening sun fighting through the fog and later presenting its glow. Deep.

love you for reading me,



Room My Outfit

As soon as I laid eyes on this photo (via Coco + Kelley), I was in love. Don't you wish you could prance around dressed like this sometimes? No?Just me? Fine. I've had a slight infatuation with knee highs since my days of Clueless and still wear them on occasion even though I'm no longer thirteen. The styling is a mix of classic, playful with a tad girlie. And I'm madly, deeply in love with the color combo.


This room by Massucco Warner Miller immediately came to mind.


Not an exact representation, but the coral color is pretty spot-on.

image one via Fashion Gone Rogue photographed by Derek Kettela

Hair Love

Smile honey, you're rockin' some amazing hair.


image via knightcat

Denim Love

I've been a little obsessed with denim since last summer and it appears that this trend is still in full swing.





images via and via

photographed by Yelena Yemchuk

styled by Samira Nasr

Alice in Wonderland

Woo Hoo, it's Friday.

I'm sure many of you are looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland. This movie is on our list, but then again so was Avatar and we have yet to see it. I'm hoping the movie will be as visually magical (In a Tim Burton sorta way, of course) as the Alice in Wonderland editorial Grace Coddington styled for Vogue several years ago.

One thing is for sure, I doubt Tim Burton's Alice will have as many designer couture dresses to change into.











And if you haven't already seen it, watch The September Issue. You will fall in Love with Grace Coddington. No really, you will.

images via incessantrambling and fashionbox