Celebrating Clueless

Earlier this month, Clueless turned 18. Say whaaaa? So I did what any normal crazy fan would do. I threw a party. As if. Although that just gave me an idea for when Clueless turns 21.

But really, I celebrated by doing a Clueless tour around LA and, wait for it, The Valley.


And the best part is, this was totally TH's idea. He even wanted to prepare for it and watch the movie the night before. And I was like, no it's cool. We can watch Boyz N The Hood. Errr.

Because Curbed LA tweeted The Ultimate Clueless Map of LA and, yes, The Valley, off we went.

We started it off at Occidental College in Eagle Rock aka Bronson Alcott High School where, "you guys talk like grown-ups."


Obama went to Occidental so when Cher says, "Oh, well this is really good school." Let's take her word for it.


School's out for summer so no loadies hanging out on the grassy knoll.

Also at Occidental was Heather's dorm.


"Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn't say that. That Polonius guy did."


Then we jumped on the fwy and headed to the Westsiiiide Pavilion.


a place to gather thoughts and regain strength.


The Contempo Casuals she's seen inside of though is actually at The Beverly Center, which was pointless to go to since Contempo is no more. Plus who wants to go to the mall. Extra negative points if it's on a weekend.

TH kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want to go. I think he was really getting into it.

Then we headed over to the fountain where Cher proclaims...


"I love Josh"


Only a few miles away was Di's house.


"This is where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us."


Guess these people wanted more privacy.


"Hello, that was a stop sign."


"I totally paused."

After this we went home for a little break before "making a cameo at The Val party."

We went deep into the Valley for this. Granada Hills.


"Where, in Kuwait?"


Almost didn't recognize it without the Christmas lights.

Next stop, Cher's house.

And get this, is actually in The Valley. In Encino.


I was the most excited about seeing her "classic" house with columns dating back to 1972.

But nice try trying to be able to see it.

It's gated.

This was the best shot we (TH) was able to get.


I was totally buggin'.

Just as TH was walking back to the car, another car full of girls was approaching the gates, giggling and laughing.


Good thing he doesn't get embarrassed.

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.36.09 AM

The mall where Tai has her near-death experience is the mall I do frequent somewhat often because Zara. It's only like 3 minutes away.

That Williams Sonoma is still there and Zara is like the next store over from where that Java place was.

And last is my favorite liquor store, although I've never purchased any liquor from here, or actually set foot inside.


But every time I drive past it I can't help but say, - all together now - "this is an Alaia."


Since then, the sign has been freshened up and the payphones have been removed.

So we had one more stop but only because it was on our way home.

The school interiors were shot at Grant High School, again in The Valley.

clueless 6

"He gave me a C, which drags down my entire average."


"Everywhere in LA takes 20 mins."

If Cher really did live in Encino and picked up Di at her house in Beverly Hills to go to school in Eagle Rock, she'd for sure be late for Mr. Hall's class.

And that's what our Sunday looked like.

The Clock

Over the weekend, TH and I went to LACMA to catch a part of Christian Marclay's 24-hour screening of The Clock. The movie is a montage of thousands of movies, and some television shows, seamlessly edited to play in real time. For instance, we walked into the theater around 2:30 pm and for the hour we were in there, we knew exactly what time it was because every. single. minute was made of up of a movie clip that showed the time, or verbally indicated the time. It was open to the public for 24 hours. We then went back at 4 in the morning to watch a little more. It was really interesting to see the difference in cinema between the 2:30-3:30 time slot and the 4 in the morning time. There was a lot of action and, you're late scenes going on in the former time and a lot of, quiet down, it's four in the morning in the latter. It was also pretty exciting when you'd recognize a movie clip. Taxi Driver, Amelie, and Beetlejuice were just a few I recall.

Can you even imagine the amount of dedication it took to put something like this together? Hours upon hours of movie watching just to see if you can catch an 10:59, or a 6:03. Or think about all the movies this guy had to watch and he never even got a clock or time out of it. Think foreign movies, old movies, action movies, boring ass movies. And then after you get all your times, you still have to edit it. Don't quote me, but I think it took over four years to put together.

We watched it for an hour and normally if you sit and stare at the time, it usually goes by freaking slow. Not the case here. You're watching a movie that essentially doesn't have any main characters or a real plot even, yet it results in some laugh out loud moments and suspense-rising scenes and it all blends together meticulously. Pretty brilliant to say the least.

It's going around to different cities, so be on the look out to see if it's playing in yours. Next time it comes back to LA, I'm interested in watching a different time frame. Ten to midnight should be fun.

Below are some clocks and watches, inspired by the film.

orange clock //  gray nixon watch // pink vintage alarm clock //  kit cat clock //  kate spade watch

image via loveisucks.tumblr.com

Alice in Wonderland

Woo Hoo, it's Friday.

I'm sure many of you are looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland. This movie is on our list, but then again so was Avatar and we have yet to see it. I'm hoping the movie will be as visually magical (In a Tim Burton sorta way, of course) as the Alice in Wonderland editorial Grace Coddington styled for Vogue several years ago.

One thing is for sure, I doubt Tim Burton's Alice will have as many designer couture dresses to change into.











And if you haven't already seen it, watch The September Issue. You will fall in Love with Grace Coddington. No really, you will.

images via incessantrambling and fashionbox

A Single Man

It's been over two months since Tom Ford's A Single Man was released and I just now watched it. Because it was directed by Tom Ford, I knew it would be visually pleasing but this movie goes beyond pleasing - it is visually stunning.  I won't give away any of the plot because I hate it when my reaction to a movie is even remotely skewed by someone else's response, but watch the dialogue-free suspense trailer (here) for a glimpse of the Oscar-nominated movie.  I will have to mention that the attention to detail was impeccable and I still can't get over how exquisitely tailored George's (Colin Firth) wardrobe was. Glasses have never looked so good.

Since this is an Interior Design-focused blog, I will also have to show off how striking George's house is.

George's Mid-Century home is unquestionably astonishing (his vintage Mercedes - not pictured- is drool worthy).




images via modernica

I hear it's in Glendale, so it appears I'll be doing some stalking come the weekend.


image via modernica

Charlotte's (Julianne Moore) Hollywood Regency home is a complete contrast to George's. Can I please have those lamps?

I was thrilled when I spotted the below Ikat pattern on Charlotte's headboard. I almost blurted it out loud, but quickly realized I was in a public setting.


If you haven't already seen it, please do. And let me know when you do so we can discuss. I'm itching to share more.