Music to My Eyes: Cat Power

Any time I think of Cat Power I think of this song, which was actually on a Handsome Boy Modeling School album. Song is hottttt, as in zexy and it always takes me back to the holiday season. TH would play the HBMS album all the time. I was beginning to think it was the only cd he owned. Song is a total baby maker, hence the nursery.

Happy Tuesday!

Music to My Eyes: The Killers

Blue, Navy and Pink is a color combo I can't seem to tire of. Not that I want to. But each time I see these colors combined I get all excited as if it were the first time I opened my eyes in several years.

Picking this Killers album was a no-brainer. Pretty album colors equals a Music to My Eyes Post.

Happy Tuesday!

Music to My Eyes: Phantogram

Phantogram is one of those electronic/trip-hop bands you can play and just chill out to. I enjoy this song.

This room is what I call mauvelous.

Those lamps pick up the texture and color from the left side of the album seamlessly.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


room image via S.R. Gambrel

Music to My Eyes: Little Dragon

Little Dragon and I go way back. Way back like less than a week so it must be serious.

They're a Swedish electronic band and I've been bumping them like I'm being forced to give up my ears any day now. That means a lot.

This song and this song got me dancing in my head.

I would so sleep in this room. I bet the bird would too.

Happy Thursday!

Music to My Eyes: DJ Shadow

This installment of Music to My Eyes is different. Rather than selecting a room inspired by an album's cover, I decided to go with an overall color combo. The colors red and brown seemed fitting now that it's Fall. Although it's still feeling a bit like summer around these parts. Lucky me.

DJ Shadow is a nostalgic listen. His first two albums bring back memories of when TH and I first started dating. And to this day endtroducing is by far one of my favorite albums ever, and definitely his best. Midnight in a Perfect World is one of those songs that conjure up chills. It's beautiful.

Happy Monday!

Music to My Eyes: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi was an integral part of our Tahoe trip soundtrack. Kanye and Jay Z had equal play, if not more. When the ratio of boys to girls is like 4 to 1 it's best not to step in and try to get a party started with my girly Best Coast, The xx and Camera Obscura tunes, so stuff like Kid Cudi it was. In my head I rolled my eyes, but by day two I was eagerly awaiting a safe trip home because TH said he'd purchase his albums. Note: TH is a hardcore hip-hop snob and it takes a lot for an artist to sway him toward the land of commercial music.

For me, I think it's Cudi's melodic voice that won me over. Enter Galactic is my current on-repeat song. Listen and Love.

I found a room that complements the cover's colors without being too in your face. The globe pendant is pretty literal and I like the way the texture almost mimics the texture on the album. The chaise lounge also mimics the shape seen around the moon. And the color is also representative. Cool, huh?

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Music to My Eyes: In a Bossa Nova Mood

Erika emailed me last week to share this album she saw while she was at Starbucks.

If she wasn't a blog friend, I'd totally feel like I had a fan. Either way, it's awesome when you know people pay attention to what you post. And she certainly gets my color infatuation.

Do I even need to explain this one? No? Thanks!

Happy Monday.

room image via Pinterest (duh)

Music to My Eyes: Headlights

When this Headlights song came on my Beach House Pandora station, I danced a little at my desk and a lot in my head. I checked to see who the artist was and my first reaction was, Ooh that album is cute. Save.

Like the cover, the room has some of that sixties flair. The mustard yellow sofa and, of course, elephant base coffee table had me at hellllllow.

Hope your weekend was swingin'!


room image via isuwannee

Music To My Eyes: Cults

I have the bad habit of liking a song and playing it on repeat until I almost can't stand it anymore.

When you're on your computer, listening to your itunes for the greater part of your day, getting sick of that on repeat song happens quickly.

A few Cults songs were released right before the holidays and I made sure to not play them enough to want to skip when their full length album came out.

It's out and now I have nine more songs to play incessantly.

If you're looking for a summer jam and like a retro sound, I recommend THIS SONG.

The whole album is wonderful. Like them before they have a cult (ba dum chhh) following (too easy).

I kinda half-assed it on the room because not much is going on on the album and mostly just wanted to share my current favorite band.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Music to My Eyes: Populous

This week I've formatted the Music to My Eyes layout a bit different because... Holy Hot Tamales, this room is awesome and needs to be viewed BIGGER.

Always an aficionado/ess of color and pattern, this room is totally flirting with me.

Bold prints and glam elements - can't help but flirt right back.

I'm making googly eyes at that flamingo pillow.

Ask me for my number, please.

As for the featured album, I don't really know who the artist is.

I was listening to one of my 100 allowed Pandora stations when I was about to skip this artist's song.

The groovy Partridge Family-esque cover stopped my hand and had me search for a complementing room instead.

Happy accidents.

And Happy Monday!


room image via tumblr