Music to My Eyes: Papercuts

This Papercuts song, off their Junior album, inspired this week's Music to My Eyes.

Here we're bringing the outdoors in. The drapes remind of the Cole and Son Woods wallpaper, even though I'm pretty sure it isn't trees that are printed on the fabric.

Rather than a bear, we opted for a deer head. Cause Lord knows those are still raging in Interiors.

We did, however, go with white side tables to represent the white bear.

The artwork was a pretty literal portrayal.

As for the sherbert orange pillows, those are just for fun.

Hope your weekend was great.

PS - I know I'm writing as if I designed the room, but just so no one gets confused, I did not.
room image via apartment therapy

Music to My Eyes: Young The Giant

Naomi (I'm calling her Nay Nay) from Design Manifest requested this week's Music to My Eyes. Bet you didn't think I'd take requests. My fault. I haven't really opened the requestion box. But you totally can. Just try not to request any Miley Cyrus and I'll remain cool with you.

So yeah, Nay Nay informed me of Young The Giant, a band I didn't know I had heard of until I was like, Oh I know this song. And they're from Irvine. That's pretty local.

Nay Nay likes the boho stile, so when I found this room I knew it was the one. That hung clothing item mimics the triangles in the album cover, and it has stripes too! Applause Applause. Yellow circle, yellow lamp shade. Do you see what I see? The pink pattern in the triangle and the pattern in the pillows are cousins, I'm sure. The yellow horizontal stripe and the yellow floor cushion; it must've just been slid across from the album cover and brought to life. Aaaahhhhh!

Thanks Nay Nay for giving me something to blog about today. If you need more distractions, check out her blog. She's got stile for years.

Happy Friday!


Music to My Eyes: Arcade Fire

Oh man, sorry about ditching you for three days. As mentioned here, I was in New Or-lee-anns. I really did have every intention of posting and even packed my computer, but the internet in our hotel was slower than snails.

Once I go through all of our pictures, I'll share just how awesomely fun this unique city was.

But for today, I'll share one of the bands who performed at Jazz Fest - Arcade Fire. Here the bands' first album, Funeral, is side by side with a bedroom of the same peachy colors. The a ha moment in this comes from the stripes below the hand to the stripes on the headboard. A ha.

And while I was away, Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful featured some ways I made our home our own. Pay her a visit, will ya?

Music to My Eyes: Neon Indian

This edition of Music to My Eyes is for sure in the running as one of my favorites. Look at all this COLOR.


Here we have Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms inspiring one hell of a colorful room.

Missoni-esque rug. Big, beautiful, brass hardware. Art deco chandelier. Vintage, blue decanter with matching glasses - Yes, Yes and more yeses.




image via designsponge

Music to My Eyes: Real Estate

This indie surf pop band, Real Estate (listen to this song), has been making my ears happy as of late. Beachy casual chic is how I see it played (pun) out in this adjacent room.

Happy Monday!

room image via a glimpse of the girl next door

Music to My Eyes with the Black Keys

Sayeh from The Office Stylist interviewed me about my office and now I'm practically famous. This was my first interview, well, besides for jobs and those are dumb 'cause you have to act all serious and lie about your experience. This interview was fun because I could be honest and not worry about not getting a call back. Go. Read it. Now!

And now on with our regularly scheduled program, Music to My Eyes. Today I'm featuring The Black Keys. Only because I'm in love with this song.

That's one fancy egg. Let's be inspired and use some fancy wallpaper, like for this room. See the correlation? Amazing.

Thanks for showing up today.

Music to My Eyes and a Jesus Dog

I'm gonna get straight to the point and discuss this Jesus Dog business.

I promise it's better than seeing Jesus in toast.

But I won't be calling channel 4 news for it.

So The Husband was showing off his gardening skills and in the midst of it, I pulled out one the pretty leaves of Idontknowwhat and put it on Bams's head to play as a yarmulke.

It was funny, so we wanted to capture it.

I was not drunk, but I was recovering from a hangover so I apologize in advance if I offend any of the Jews, Christians and anyone without a sense of humor.


My dog is holy-er than your dog.

If it's true that all dogs go to heaven, then my dog will be at the gates letting your dog in.

Argue with me, and your dog will remain in purgatory.

I would say hell but, again, I am nice.

Normal dogs don't pose like this!

And those photo edges didn't blur themselves, you know.

Confession: I blurred those edges.

I have a feeling you wanna pet him.

Look at what else I did this weekend.

Sometimes I inspire even myself.

After Friday's post, I stopped, pulled up a chair, brushed my hair, and triiiied to smell the (sun)flower(s).

Don't you hate it when photographs don't lie to you? This photo is telling me my bum looks more like flatbread and less like Kim Kardashian's.

I'm blaming it on the jeans.

And to finish off with some normalcy, It's Music to My Eyes Monday with The Hibernauts. Who? Exactly.

Because I can't sin now that I have a Jesus Dog, I'm gonna be honest and say I never actually heard this album. I have heard this song and it's alright okay. I really just liked the colors on the album and wanted to see if I could find a room with similar hues.

I did.

There is some serious symmetry going on in this room, and I wanna slumber party in it.


Music to My Eyes - Moving Units

So did you guys get my April Fools joke?
I didn't post!
Good one, huh? Bet you didn't think I had tricks up my short sleeved shirt. Or
however that saying goes.
Maybe I'll come up with a legit one next year and not use April Fools as an
excuse for my laziness.
Moving along.

Here we see how an indie dance punk band can inspire a clean, crisp feminine space.

Happy Monday!

Music to My Eyes: Audio Bullys

When High Gloss premiered, Erin's La Vie en Rose was a huge hit amongst lifestyle bloggers. I loved this space as much as other bloggers but wanted to share her project with my own spin on it. Listening to Audio Bullys' Generation (specifically Keep On Moving) the other day reminded me how much the album cover encompasses the same colors Erin used in this chic, feminine  space. Put 'em together and I have me a match for a Music to My Eyes Post.

Happy Tuesday

Music to My Eyes: Beach Fossils

It's been a while since I've done one of these Music to My Eyes posts and since The Husband and I are headed south to San Diego for the day, I thought featuring Beach Fossils would be perfectly appropriate. This indie, surf rock band has been a favorite new group of mine for months now. Enjoy!