Puppy Love

My BCF's doggie has cancer. Heart break. Her poor dog Maggie was found on the streets after living on them for several months. My BCF rescued her and now she has a happy home, but unfortunately Maggie has tumors. Tears. Just as my cousin was warming up to her and Maggie was in a happier state and safe home, the bad news from the vet came.

The cost of tests just to figure out the stages of cancer are ridiculous. If you're not a pet owner or dog lover, you're probably like it's just a dog. Yeah, I know your type. I used to be in your camp. But this cousin is the same cousin who rescued Bams for us and practically overnight I flipped the switch. I got it. I love dogs! Well, my dogs, but I get it now. The thought of anyone losing their dog makes me sad because I know how I'd feel if I lost mine. Even Nora.

So in an effort to raise funds for the removal of visible tumors and the tests required to determine the stage of Maggie's cancer, my cousin has found the time between grad school and work to make jewelry available for purchase for $10 (+shipping & handling). Each piece comes with a hand-stamped doggy paw on a shining copper or brass tag. Just a little reminder of the cause you are generously contributing to. Pictures of different styles and colors will be uploaded as she makes them. Special requests are welcomed. All pieces can be made with a match bracelet, necklace and/or earrings.

It's time to do up those good deeds. Stop by her Etsy shop and make your purchase.

Maggie thanks you.

I thank you.

My cousin thanks you.

Happy Tuesday!

Get Your Potato. This is Your Corn.

Now that Christmas is over we can focus on the important stuff. Like returning all those gifts we didn't want. Just Kidding. I always wanted a jar opener. No, no jar opener. Not this time.

TH did gift me those stocking stuffers I blogged about in this post. Shoot, if I would've known I would've put some real effort into that list. I already knew what my presents were going to be because packages kept showing up at our house before he did, from stores he doesn't shop at. Net-a-porter? You got me the playsuit. Christmas morning I was like, Can I open my Madewell socks now? I found it funny. He did not.

It's usually difficult for TH to surprise me, but this year I was 100% surprised by this message he got engraved on my new gadget.

I cried. Real tears.

Our fur babies got some great presents too. My sister in law gave our pups a stuffed lobster, corn, baked potato and lemon. I think it's hilarious and all day yesterday we've been trying to teach Nora new words. We subbed her ball out for fake food. In lieu of saying get your ball, we now say get your potato. Get your corn and put some butter on it.



Pure comedy.

The surprises just keep coming in.

Today, Desire to Inspire (they're big!) listed me as one of the blogs to read on their Christmas Reading Guide.


This week's posts will be kinda sporadic as people are just getting off the Christmas high and gearing up for New Years, so it's a little slow all around.

Happy Tuesday!

Say Cheese: Parte Tres

This is the last installment of awkward family photos. For parte dos click here.

In this segment, we took things outside.

And we sipped champagne like we thirstay.


Here we are in what Mutual Friend dubbed Magnolia Gardens, ie our backyard.

Fancy meeting you here. Whisper into my ear, it's so romantic. It doesn't tickle at all.


 Brochure perfect. This is us. Acting normal.

clink clink cheers cheers.


Our hood. Watch out. You might get shot.

This photo was inspired by Walks with Bella's header.


I'm sticking my tongue out because ____ (fill in the blank)


Nora says, I could stick my tongue out too.

I'm like, I know. You should. You're a dog. There's no excuse for me.


We really liked posing by this hippie mobile and it's not even ours.

Bams is like, Carry me, carry me.

I said, Nora's our favorite. Sorry.

No. I'm kidding. We don't have a favorite. Really. We just like them differently.


Here I'm like, Hey Baby, you wanna help me walk these dogs.

Aaaaannnnd that's a wrap. No more. Fin.

Maybe now we'll just have real babies and get to do it all over again.

Don't hold your breath.

Happy Tuesday!

photos by Yves Huy Truong

Say Cheese: Parte Dos

Today I'm sharing more of these photos because I'm vain it's casual Friday! Around here I take it easy easier on Fridays.

Woo. Friday.

And unlike most movies this sequel isn't sucky.

If you're new to my blog, I introduce to you....my family. We're totally normal.


Nora's favorite thing in life is having a ball to play with. She's creepy about it. She'll growl at you if you ignore her. She'll drop it on your head at 7 in the morning on a Saturday. We usually have to turn the lights off in order to get her to stop. We've caught her at 4 am rolling around in her balls. Don't come over because she requires full attention. Right now she's asleep, dreaming of balls. Oh stop, the PG literal kind.


She gets sad even when she's not looking at her ball.


And pose.


TH: did she just smack me with the pillow?

Me: haaaa haaaaa haaaaa. Yes, I did. I'm so funny.


Bams, our other dog, is co-dependent. He's obsessed with TH. He usually hangs out in our guest room, looking out the window waiting for TH to come home. Here he's, I love you, let me hump your leg.


Me: are you really posing like that?

TH: Yes, just snap the photo, my neck is cramping up.


Nora: Throw the ball, throw the ball. Just throw the ball.

Me: I have the ball. I am superior to you.

TH: I'm in love. They're so dreamy.

Bams: I'm out. I don't want to take any more pictures.

Parte Tres coming soon to a computer screen near you.

photos by Yves Huy Truong

Dog Lover

After TH cajoled me into getting dogs, I for sure never thought I'd let them on our furniture, let alone sleep with us every night. I'll go as far as saying I didn't even want them in the house! I saw dogs as animals and never as family members. My anti dog days are long gone and the sheer thought of knowing my cute little pups will one day pass makes me cry. See, tears.

I no longer have doggy tunnel vision and will even admit other dogs are cute in front of my own pups. Kind of like the ones below.

https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6183/6022589878_b5c7fb3afa.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6193/6021994197_0e745afe97.jpg


https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6124/6021982689_f67d4e1b1d.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6080/6022596570_8c21cd1c30.jpg

All together now, awwwww.

Happy Monday!

Music to My Eyes and a Jesus Dog

I'm gonna get straight to the point and discuss this Jesus Dog business.

I promise it's better than seeing Jesus in toast.

But I won't be calling channel 4 news for it.

So The Husband was showing off his gardening skills and in the midst of it, I pulled out one the pretty leaves of Idontknowwhat and put it on Bams's head to play as a yarmulke.

It was funny, so we wanted to capture it.

I was not drunk, but I was recovering from a hangover so I apologize in advance if I offend any of the Jews, Christians and anyone without a sense of humor.



My dog is holy-er than your dog.

If it's true that all dogs go to heaven, then my dog will be at the gates letting your dog in.

Argue with me, and your dog will remain in purgatory.

I would say hell but, again, I am nice.

Normal dogs don't pose like this!

And those photo edges didn't blur themselves, you know.

Confession: I blurred those edges.

I have a feeling you wanna pet him.

Look at what else I did this weekend.


Sometimes I inspire even myself.

After Friday's post, I stopped, pulled up a chair, brushed my hair, and triiiied to smell the (sun)flower(s).

Don't you hate it when photographs don't lie to you? This photo is telling me my bum looks more like flatbread and less like Kim Kardashian's.

I'm blaming it on the jeans.

And to finish off with some normalcy, It's Music to My Eyes Monday with The Hibernauts. Who? Exactly.

https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5108/5608470185_a9edd7784c.jpg https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5307/5609188086_cba699eea3.jpg

Because I can't sin now that I have a Jesus Dog, I'm gonna be honest and say I never actually heard this album. I have heard this song and it's alright okay. I really just liked the colors on the album and wanted to see if I could find a room with similar hues.

I did.

There is some serious symmetry going on in this room, and I wanna slumber party in it.


A Lesson in Dog Grooming

A reader emailed to ask me how I know it's time to groom my dogs.

Okay, I made the reader part up, but if you wanna know how I come to the dog bathing conclusion, here's a red flag. Although it should not always come down to pictures.


Aw, the cute little puppy is so clean and well behaved.

She must be like a dog princess, or something

Yeah well, princess just got dumped by her comb.

The Husband sent me this photo thinking I'd be like, Oh Nora looks so cute cuddling up to my pillow like that.

But my initial reaction was, Who the hell left the door open and let this middle-aged crazy and deranged homeless dog into our home. And no, we can't keep her.

Realizing it was Nora and that she hadn't runaway or been dumped, I felt like an unfit mother.

What kind of example am I setting?

Even when I don't brush my hair, I at least wash my face.

And when Evan's grandma said to Nora, when do you get your bath, I felt a little embarrassed.

I thought old people couldn't see.

We'll get you looking pretty again, Nora.



Celebrating a Birthday Without Knowing The Actual Date of Birth

Raise your hand if you LOVE your dog(s)? Ever throw him/her a birthday party? Or pawty?

I used to think you people were weird. And definitely a little cuckoo in the head. I never claimed not to be cuckoo but it looks like now I'm weird too.


Who wouldn't want to throw this face a pawty?


He is the bestest dog that ever did live.

It's been one year since my BCF found this handsome pup (okay, now I'm tearing up. A sure sign of craziness) on the streets (!) and dropped him off at our house to take care of him.

I can't even put into words how much I love this little guy.

I don't want to keep crying, so I'm just going to say I love him more than getting drunk.

That's love.

So, I'm not actually throwing him a pawty.

My dad went on this rant about how we shouldn't treat our dogs like babies - he's a little bitter because none of his married children will make him a grandpa to actual humans - and how there's real babies who don't have any clean water. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Guilt Trip Central.

Glad I didn't end up buying this


Or tell him Bams sleeps on our bed


But anyway, I do wanna make this day at least a little more specialer, and just like any normal crazy person would do


I made him wear a birthday hat, which I think made him depressed about turning older.

I wanted Nora to acknowledge his day of arrival too, so I also made her wear one.


But, of course, she tried to eat it.

They grow up so fast.


They chase girls

And before you know it


they're driving

And going off to the prom


Never forget who loves you most


Your family.

Happy One Year in The Lovett house, Silly Dummies