House Trip

A few weeks ago, the Fab girls from A Fab Life came over and toured my house for an episode of their show, House Trip.


I've shared many a pictures of my house but now you get to see a virtual tour. And I'm sort of the guide. And I was nervous and after watching it, I couldn't help but think, gawd, do I really sound like that? And when did I get into enunciating my esssssses?

If you come tour my house without any cameras, I'm pretty certain I'll be much more relaxed. Bring wine.

Nora has great camera presence. Mostly just presence. Bams was being lazy as usual and only made a quick cameo. Probably because he smelled food.

Leah and Mary are such great hosts and I'm way flattered they asked me to be on one of their episodes.

So please click on the image above and watch!

Crane & Canopy

Several months ago I pinned these sheets because they're obviously so pretty.

The company behind said pretty sheets is Crane & Canopy. I knew I wanted to share them at some point on this blog but never really found the right time, I guess. Fast forward and rewind to a few weeks ago when their editorial and marketing assistant emailed me because she wanted to feature me on their blog; the right time found me.

So without further ado, Crane & Canopy's embroidered sheets, paired with other items to create a soft and soothing bedroom concept.

Crane and Canopy

headboard // mirror // lamp // chest // rug // sheets

And if you're in search of other bedding, they have lots more options. Check Crane & Canopy out here. And if you want to read a little Q and A with me, go here. Aaaaand if you really have some time to kill, today I'm also over on Spearmint Baby sharing some baby girl nursery picks.

Happy Wednesday!

Small Shop | Big Year

I've made several Erika refs on the blog before and today I'm excited to share the launch of her new site, coinciding with the ten year anniversary of working for herself. Ten years of being her own boss lady. What an accomplishment. I met her over a year ago now and I've witnessed the growth of her blog and her business. An inspiration and role model to say the least. A hardworking woman who manages to remain humble while still supporting her peers, and being a mother and wife.  She's always been so sweet to me and I truly wish her nothing but continued success.

That said, you're all invited to the virtual party. Meet us on Twitter #10on1010. It's open bar.

Congratulations, Erika!

image credits: cake | celebrate | confetti | work hard | cocktail 

White Room Challenge

What? Two posts in one day? I feel like an overachiever. I actually had to double check overachiever was one word, so that's how I know I'm not a real one.

Just wanted to support my girl Jessie and spread the news about her HGTV appearance tonight. Tonight. TONIGHT! At 8 e/p.

Tune in, dvr, tape, record. However you handle your tv, just watch.

Show is The White Room Challenge. It's the spinoff show to Design Star.

Basically four challengers take a 10 by 10 foot white room box and decorate it using some gnarly guidelines and mostly bogus items. Like, no one in real life is ever going to decorate a room using only flowers or candy but that could be the challenge and you have like an hour to do it all. No pressure. And it's for television, so all your friends and family and clients are sitting at home watching. Double no pressure.

I met with Jessie while she was in LA filming and I totally have her back. She's cool, she's fun, funny. She drinks. What more can you ask for in a friend?

Check her out and some of her work.

I also had to include a picture of me and her. I"ll one day need the proof we're friends in case she's the next big thing.

To the left is her and the host, David Bromstad. Dude, even TH has a mancursh on him.

There we are on the right. Like BFFs. I think I'm even wearing the same blouse I wore to blognic. Told ya I didn't buy new clothes this summer.

So what are you going to do tonight? Watch The White Room Challenge on HGTV at 8 e/p.

Don't act like you have plans.

Happy Weekend!


Last Friday I mentioned I'd be going to a bloggers picnic, a blognic. Ha. And this Friday I'm sharing pictures, taken by J&G Creative, of the gathering.

Just a good ole end of summer picnic, I mean, blognic at Griffith Park.

Sarah of Very Sarie made all kinds of cute labels.

She made these witty labels for the to go boxes donated by garnish. They read, let's go back to your place, and take me home, I'm all yours.

Kelly of Studio DIY brought in some super cute details. A handmade garland, backdrop blanket (later given away), and even spared some time to paint the forks also donated by garnish. Hot damn, this girl is crafty. After I didn't win the blanket, I kind of wanted her to get up from the one she brought to sit on so I could snatch it. Her cute blanket totally made the Packers blanket I brought jealous.

Below are some of the attendees, including me. Promise I was enjoying myself. Not sure why I look so serious. I must've been concentrating really hard on ways to take off with Kelly's blanket.

Here's the list of everyone else who made it out.

Amanda, Love Creative
Callie, Call Me Cal
Theresa, Inspiration Cooperative
Jennie and Corelyn, Garlic My Soul
Erin, Well in LA
Sharzad, Lux Lyfe
Lynn, The Actor’s Diet
Jen, Finding My Inner Bombshell
Saudia, redvelvetandwhiskey

High five, bloggers.

Happy Friday!

Be My Guest: The Design Daredevil

Please welcome Jessie. Aka The Design Daredevil.

After reading her post I think you'll be able to tell why we get along so well (hint: she's funny).

Take it away, Jess.

What up designstILes readers?!? Very honored to be here and "meet" all of you. Since you are reading, you are an Irene super-fan, just like I am. She was my first bloggie friend, and the first (and only) bloggie friend I've met in person. We got drunk drinks, eats, and Irene took me on my first ever trip to IKEA (me: IKEA. I sure know how to treat a lady). Then she accompanied me on a really awkward rendezvous with Cypress Hill's tour manager. It was truly a magical evening. I can't wait until our second date. I might even put out.

Aside from cyber stalking Irene, one of my big passions is THRIFTING. I mean, I LIVE to thrift. It's pretty much the only thing that can get me out of bed at 6 am on a Sunday. Except for when I wake up in the same clothes I had on the night before and realize I'm at a total stranger's house. But that hasn't happened since last summer college.

Here are some of my latest and greatest thrift store finds.

Vintage elephant floor stand $34. I knew he had to be mine because Irene has one and I want to be just like her when I grow up. He will be getting a fresh coat of white paint this weekend.

Rad table lamp $125. I'm thinking it's circa late 60s or early 70s. Regardless, it's perfect and I want it.

REAL framed butterflies in a vintage bamboo frame $28. The blue iridescent butterfly is stunning up close.

Greyhound statue $125. Perfect addition for a Regency style room.

Vintage phone $32, still works.

Vintage Foo Dog bookends $12.99.

Rattan peacock chair $80. It's in the back of my vehicle as I type.

Set of vintage Asian busts $10.

Faux malachite jar $1. Holding my Q Tips right now.

Set of four mint condition vintage tumbler glasses $6.

Vintage cardiovascular chart $4. I would love to make a Valentine out of it.

Eagle regency mirror $10.

Vintage palmistry figurine $40. Okay....this was a sticky situation. I found this guy at a Flea Market, fell in love, but I don't have anywhere to put him. Passed on it. The next day I picked up an adventurous new client and knew it would be perfect for their home. Went back to the market the next weekend praying to sweet baby Jesus it would sill be there. I almost peed my pants when I found it...but it was still $40. I always haggle with the sellers, it's part of the thrill of the hunt. I was willing to pay $20, so I offered $10 expecting to go back and forth with them cause that's what I've done 100 times before. Well, I messed with the wrong gypsies. The lady was about 200 years old and straight up went off on my ass, then her 400 year old husband got all up in my grill and basically kicked me out of their booth.

I was horrified. I wanted to smash that thing on the ground and break off all of the fingers except for the middle one. But I didn't. Instead I told the old man he should take my $10 and get his eyebrows waxed. He declined.

Leave it to my good ole Mom who has my back and found a brand new replica on Amazon for $25. I'm gonna get it and I'd love to design an entire vignette around it using some of my favorite things....

Chair/Lamp/Hand/Mirror/Tray/Bar Cabinet/Wallpaper/Rug

Thanks for having me Irene. Hope you are having fun, I expect a drunk dial from you and Tamra!


See, don't you just want to go thrifting with Jess and crack jokes?

Be sure to check out her blog for more funny and pretty goodness.

Happy Thursday!

Be My Guest: The Peak of Très Chic

Please welcome the super sweet Sam (say that ten times fast) for some interior inspiration.

Hi designstILers.... it's Sam here from The Peak of Très Chic.  I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Irene while she is off on vacay (super jealous!). 
I am currently in the midst of working on my entryway in my own home, so I thought I'd share a bit about the process and a few entryways pinned on my inspiration board.
To me, your entryway is one of the most important parts of your home.  It is the first thing guests see when they arrive, and it often sets the tone for the rest of your house.  In my dream home, I'll have brick herringbone flooring in my entryway, just like in this picture above.  I also think it's fun to have meaningful items in an entryway- family photos, antiques, and other tchotchkes that represent you well.


{via} {Originally seen in Domino Mag}
I also think a little greenery is nice to add.  Whether it be an orchid, a boxwood, fresh flowers or some other type of succulent, I love seeing blooms in an entryway.


I kind of have a weird obsession with vintage busts, like the one below.  I really want one for my entryway.  How cool would it be to see one when you entered a house?
What are your favorite elements to see in an entryway?
Thanks for letting me share a bit of what's inspiring me lately, Irene!  I hope you all will stop by sometime and say "hi" at The Peak of Très Chic.

Make sure to visit her blog for a daily dose of pretty.

Happy Tuesday!

Ever Swoon

Today I'm over at Ever Swoon, guest posting while blogging buddy Tamra is vacationing.

Come check out some wedding inspiration I put together for Tamra's weddings and events-focused blog.

There's more where this cake came from.

Come get yo' slice.

Have a great weekend!

I Like Your stILe: Jessica Davis

A few months ago, Jess from The Eagle's Nest hosted this blogger meetup at her beautiful home in Eagle Rock.

It was all set up very stylishly on her outdoor patio. I only caught a quick glimpse of the inside of the home when I needed to use the restroom.

The restroom I used.

Ooh, nice bold color. Cute sink skirt. Jess has some stile.

I didn't get a tour of the home that day, but now I saw a virtual tour when she posted some pictures of the house after putting it up for sale because her and her family moved to New York.

Jess has major stile.

The pretty patio where the meetup was held.

You can get a little Jess in your own home with the stunning hardware line she has. Think lucite and brass. Gorgeous!

Happy Thursday!

photos via Michael Andrew McNamara

San Diego with The Lonely Wife

If you read Sabra's blog then you've already seen these pictures.

I love this photo she snapped of our family so I think it's only fair I share it again.

Saturday, TH and I packed up our car and headed South to San Diego with our fur babies.

After checking into our dog friendly hotel, we met up with Sab at her home where I finally got to meet her husband and their 150 pound Great Dane, Dexter. AKA, The Monster.

Any picture she's ever shared of her little big Monster just don't do any real justice to how big he is in person.

She opened the door and there he was.

Holy cow, you have a pony.

I promise I wasn't scared here.

I think I just kept having shocked face every time I turned around to see him at my eye level.

Big dog with a big heart. He's really sweet and well trained.

After a great time wining and dining Saturday night, we met up for brunch Sunday and hung out for several hours after that.

Girl really gets me.

So here are two girls who met online (totally normal these days) and it turned out we have a mutual acquaintance. And we found out about this through instagram. Her best friend's roommate of five years is a girl I used to go to school with. Whaaa? Crazy, right? There goes the internet, making the world feel smaller.

Then I thought it was cute when she tried stealing Bams. Maybe if it was Nora I would've let her.

It was also cute that our husbands let us drag them into meeting strangers. Good sports they are. There's a lot of potential for awkwardness there but they got along really well and now we're trying to convince Sab and her husband to visit us in LA.

Happy Tuesday!