First Birthday Party

Welcome to the new year. So far so good. Then again it's only day two.

This was like so last year but I never did share pictures from this little girl's birthday party I stiled. Remember the mood board?

How this works is, mom comes to me for ideas and tips, we either shop together or I specify where she can purchase items and then I come set it all up for her. Not a bad gig.

One of my specialties is color coordinating. I like using various colors so the overall scheme looks less one note.

I just took colors from the inspiration, the nursery wallpaper, and moved forward from there.

Mom was able to find a bakery that took the wallpaper pattern and recreated it on the cake.

The focal point was this gallery wall of Claire's pictures through her first year. I used washi tape to hold them up and add a little more punch to the white backdrop. Also a personal touch.

Sweet and cute for an intimate first birthday.

Happy Wednesday!

images via Gladys Lara

Hot Pink Sparkle Feather Leopard

This past Saturday I decorated a girl's birthday party.

The birthday girl requested hot pink, feathers, leopard and a touch of sparkle.

Here's what I pulled for her.

A happy birthday banner to put around the cake table.

Feathers in greenery to create the illusion that they too are growing out of this plant.

Feathers in vases for half of the centerpieces.

A basket for cards.

Pink candles and feathers to put around the cake as well.

I took these pictures before the cake arrived in case you're like, where's this cake she keeps talking about.

It was a three tier cake with leopard spots on the first and third tier, and plain cream second tier with pink trim throughout.

I mixed in some leopard lanterns along with varying shades of pink lanterns.

I used flowers for the other half of the centerpieces.

These were actually a pain in the ass to make. I have one floral arrangement class under my belt and I start thinking I'm some kind of floral magician. Like I seriously thought I could make six arrangements in an hour.

I even used the grid and my flowers were still acting up.

I think the peonies were getting all diva on me because I was forcing them next to carnations.

I arranged, rearranged, and un-arranged, moved on to the next one, back to arrange and finally my flowers somewhat gave in.

I photographed the best angle.

Then I blinged out the birthday girl's initial and that's when the party started.

Happy Tuesday!

I Survived Turning Thirty

Turning thirty was awesome. Probably because it started with a party. Most things should start with a party. Ending with one is a good option too. This party was the celebration of entering a new decade and closing the chapter of the previous one. I'd call that a two for one deal.

It was like the quinceañera I never had. TH called it my treintañera.

Inexpensive, plain IKEA pillows I used to draw 30s on.

Invites created for me by Miss Vmac.

New favorite flower - coxcomb.

The gold tablecloth reminded me of the confetti at the bottom of the invite.

Big paper flowers in trees brought in a whimsical touch.

Different seating areas were meant to create the lounge feel I was going for.

Say hi to Casper the friendly sofa.

Flamingos in bow ties on the lawn greeted you upon entering.

Specialty drink - The Pink Flamingo. It's really a pink mojito. Stole this recipe from the wedding we went to a few weeks ago and changed the name.

Birthday cake in three of my favorite flavors - coconut, bubble gum and pink champagne.

Let me know if you ever come across a hot Cheetos, or redbull flavored cake.

I think it all looked prettier at night when the trees were lit up in pink and candles and bar glowed.

TH, sporting a pink belt, gave a speech.

 Then there was a bit of dancing and jumping with the makeshift jump rope my friend Dee made out of glow sticks.

Huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend. You sure made this lady feel special.

Happy Monday!

Sweet and Sassy

Last night was TH's holiday party. He's still in bed recovering. I, however, was a responsible young lady and only drank (I stopped counting) 5 (?) Sweet and Sassies. Not sure what's in a Sweet and Sassy, but I ordered it because it might as well have been named Irene. I'm sweet until I start drinking, in which case I become, wait for it, sassy. And I drank just enough Sweet and Sassies to keep me from becoming sweet and ridiculous.

I was really excited about breaking in my purple clogs new shoes.

In order to save our marriage, I stopped outfit picture taking. TH and I just end up frustrated with each other. He's like, Are you done? And I'm like, You've only taken one picture. You can't stop until you make me look like this:

Fine, we're done. And now we're late.

Plus, now that it gets dark at like 2 p.m. and TH doesn't get home until 6:00, any pictures I'll have him take will make me look like a black hole.

But just to share my new holiday appropriate shoes, I put together what I wore instead of posing, and TH and I will continue to live happily ever after. Until I change my mind.

The dress looked a little frumpy, so I belted it and wore it with opaque tights. And mine is actually navy, not black.

Ring / Heels / Nail Polish / Purse

Happy Almost Friday!

model image via Small Shop


All this Christmas talk has me really concerned about what I'm going to wear for New Years. Even more so than what I'll do for New Years. Those plans aren't set in stone yet, but I know that New Years, above any other time, is the most appropriate time to strut your sparkle. And I plan to be sparkling even if we stay at home eating chow mein.

This could be me, dancing at home. By myself. After eating chow mein.

This too could be me. Going a little overboard on the eye makeup because no one is home to judge me and acting like I have zero energy to blow on a noise maker. Or just straight up hiding my face because I wore zero makeup.

How 'bout some sparkly items to get you in the New Year spirit. Just don't wear them all at once because you might quite literally out-shine everyone.

dress / necklace / nail polish / clutch / ring / heels

I Don't Bake, So I Got Me An Outfit

For Christmas, The Husband gifted me the pink Kitchen-Aid mixer I blogged about on my Gift Guide: For Girls Who Like Cute Stuff. He seems to think I'm joking when I say I don't want any gifts and thought my post was super secret code for, buy me this. He must have also forgotten that the last time I received the Kitchen-Aid mixer (in red) I returned it for clothes. While I do think this mixer is cute beyond belief and love all the colors to choose from, a) I don't bake and b) only buy things I'm actually going to use, so off I went to return it for a New Years outfit.

Another thing you may not know about me is that the physical act of shopping for clothes bores me. I prefer to shop online and if I have to brave the stores, I only do so when I can think of exact items I'm looking for. Luck is usually on my side and tend to find items pretty similar to those I concoct in my head. For someone like me, visiting the (good grief) mall only days after Christmas is a task for the slick. Searching through racks of unorganized clothes could put even the most patient person over the edge. Several mediocre dresses out of the way and I found this embellished sweater I was determined to make look cute. Not one to try stuff on, I was Boom Outta Here faster than most people spent looking for parking.

Paired with items I already owned, and I had me a New Year's Outfit.

Check me out:

You can't see my embellished shoulders (sads) or my Zara Heels (now ruined) and my mask (lost) is on like an ass, but I had me a grand ole time and I hope your New Years was spent just the way you wanted. Hugs.

Friday You're So Ready For a 90s Party

Okay, so I'm not quote unquote ready for the party. There's still a few songs to download, articles of clothing to find, cleaning to do and setting up to arrange, but I'm ready in the proverbial sense. The Sistah and I went over the playlist last night and practically relived my youth in a matter of a few hours. We're so pumped to make new memories with the old songs that helped us pave our way into adulthood. We'll be playing tribute to those awkward years in our most fashionable 90s attire with music as the focal point. No fancy stuff going on here, we're partying 90s stile. Paper cups, beer, jungle juice, junk food, and as much debauchery as any oldskool backyard house party.

Let's take a trip down 90s memory lane.




I Love The 90s,

Irene Lovett

Party Like It's 1999, Literally

We're gonna party like it's 1999, and the entire decade that brought us grunge, doc martens, 90210 and Crystal Pepsi (bet you forgot about that one).  While several people still think it's cool and original to celebrate the 80s, we're thinking we're "The Bomb" by celebrating the 90s. Oh Snap. The Sistah's been talking about throwing a 90s party (probably since the 90s) and it's finally coming to fruition. We're so "hella" excited we even mailed out invites.

My brother-in-law posing as Jules from the iconic film, Pulp Fiction.

To get us more pumped for the party, which is on Saturday, I'm dedicating the rest of this week's posts to all things 90s. And I'm starting off with one of my favorite movies - Clueless. You'd be pretty surprised at the amount of movies I haven't seen, and for every movie I haven't seen I've seen Clueless at least twice. I won't bore you with the amount of quotes I could recite (I'm sure you know a decent amount too), so instead I'll share a little collage of the three I once considered my Best Friends - Cher, Tai and Dee.

Cluless - Wet Seal skirts

Can't wait to share pictures. I'm sure this party will be "off the heasy."

-Irene Lovett

Pictures From a Fiesta

Sorry for being a Lazy Susan yesterday and not posting my stILe finds, but I think you'll like these photos of Dad's Fiesta much better.

Party was a success. Our guests all arrived wearing white, creating a crisp and refreshing ambiance, which reflected nicely once the lanterns and candles were lit. We played Loteria (Mexican Bingo), danced with maracas, drank Agua Fresca, Mexican Coke and Jarritos, filled up mini bags from El Mercado with Mexican candy, got stuffed with street-style Mexican Tacos from a real tacquero, finished off with softest Pan Dulce I've had in years and sang Las Mañanitas to the birthday boy with a cake featuring his favorite actor, Cantinflas.

Happy 60th once again, Dad

Irene Lovett

And a very special thanks to The Sistah's friend who was kind enough to snap some photos. Be sure to visit his site - frenetic+joy.

Time For a Fiesta

The Sistah and I have agreed to plan a party for our Dad's 60th. I've always been a collage-type of girl and Polyvore allows you to do so without having to reach for the scissors or glue, so I've created a little inspiration board to relay my vision for the partay.


- If you haven't guessed it already, it's a Mexican theme. Our dad is super proud of his culture and this is a celebration of it for him.

- The man in the black and white picture is not my dad. Cantinflas is the late Mexican comedian/actor best described as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico for those who don't know who he is. My dad has watched his movies about 100 times each and laughs hysterically every time as if it were his first viewing. Cantinflas cake?

- We've asked our guests to dress in white just 'cause we think it'll look cool.

- White lanterns will hang from above.

- No flowers on these navy-blue-tablecloth-covered tables (with zarape runners). We've opted for multiple, varied size vases filled with white candles because flowers are too girlie for dad.

- Small cacti dispersed throughout - way more manly.

- Okay fine, a bouquet of sunflowers will accentuate the buffet style table.

- Mini Reuben sandwiches as an appetizer. Get it, get it?

- I know, let's drink the mojitos and margaritas from cantaritos.

- Maracas will emphasize the beat of the music once people are ready to get jiggy with it on the dance floor.

I think that pretty much gives an overview to how I picture this fiesta. I hope to have some pictures to share after the event.

Happy {Almost} Birthday, Dad

-Irene Lovett