Lovett Family Photos

Get ready for family picture overload. Say cheese(y). No, no corny cheesy here. But for the sake of metaphors, I'd say it's more like a Burrata or even an aged Parmigiano-Reggiano as opposed to Velveeta.

Today I'm sharing pictures from the family photo session I mentioned wanting to do in this post.

I searched for photographers that felt could catch the spirit of us and the mood I was aiming for.

Something natural feeling without the one two three pose. Just some overall casualness in own habitat.

Cue in LK Griffin.

These guys are magical. They're a husband and wife team who we were so ready to befriend after, actually, bonding over cheese! This stuff writes itself almost.

They're really talented and just super cool, friendly and so easy to work with. Highly-hugely recommend them.



Check out Nora in the back. When she's not looking for her balls, she's looking for attention. And Bams went camera shy.




Felix's onesie used to belong to TH.




Look how into pretend reading they both are.




Happy boy.


The life of Bams and Nora. They just chill here all the time. Wait for us to come home, wait for people to walk by. They own this window.



wallet sizes for everyone.

Email me if you want to see all 70 something of them. I know some of you get bored at work. ha!

Happy Tuesday.

credit: LK Griffin

Playful Nursery

And then I became a photographer.

I wish.

Check it out though, I shot a nursery project for my former boss, Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise, and last week it was featured on Pop Sugar.

Though it may not be my design, press is press and so appreciate the mention.

Photography mention.

I'm like Irene of all trades.


Check out more of the nursery and my pictures here.

Happy Monday!

Prop Styling

My friend Jenny, founder of Geronimo, recently let me do some prop styling for her new lookbook, a Gidget-esque, vintage-inspired day at the beach. A beach day in November; I love LA.

The idea was to tell a story of a girl who arrives at the beach and spends a day exploring different areas of this sandy land. I even had some creative say on picking the backdrops and coordinating the outfits/swimsuits with the props.

I went for props that were noticeable but didn't overshadow the clothes yet still made the story believable.

Pink flamingos, totally.

Great first experience tapping into this sort of thing.

Happy Thursday!

photography - Aaron Feaver :: styling - Amy Pigliacampo :: makeup - regina de lemos

Lingering Summer

This photograph illustrates the lingering summer, with fall colors trying to segue their way in and take the torch as the new season. I'm finding myself getting ready for sweaters and boots, while still trying to maintain my tan. I'm hoping that too lingers until, maybe, winter.

I said last weekend was our last hurrah, but I think the summer concert we're attending at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday is what's really going to confirm Summer is indeed over. I'm having that back to school feeling. Maybe the dancing, jumping around and trying to sing along to lyrics will shake it off. At least through the end of the night.

Have a great weekend!

image source

Colorful Weekend

Hope you all have a vibrant weekend.

image via Jana Laurene edited by me


Remember when being followed was considered creepy?

Like if one person was following you, you'd be like, oh sh*t I'm scared. Person probably wants to steal my purse, or you know, murder me.

You'd keep looking over your shoulder to make sure you're dodging your follower.

 But now, between Twitter (follow me) Pinterest (are you following me) instagram (designstiles), if only one person follows you you feel pretty effing lame. Even if 100 people follow you it makes you follower hungry and you try meeting a follower quota.

Nowadays being followed makes you feel popular. And we all know that's at the top of the list to being happy. I'm kidding. That's money.

And if ever there was a time to be a stalker, it's now.

You can stalk my life through the lens of instagram, which is way better than Twitter because now you have visuals.

Take a look.

Hold on to your seats, it's exciting.

I'll share with you my encounter with not one, but five disco balls. And I wasn't even in da club.

A sleeping dog, my sleeping dog. This was the coolest thing I saw all day.

Gold forks in a napkin. I mean, you don't see stuff like this every day.

That's a wrap.

Happy Thursday!

Totally sucks because I woke up thinking it was Friday.

all images by me

Say Cheese: Parte Tres

This is the last installment of awkward family photos. For parte dos click here.

In this segment, we took things outside.

And we sipped champagne like we thirstay.

Here we are in what Mutual Friend dubbed Magnolia Gardens, ie our backyard.

Fancy meeting you here. Whisper into my ear, it's so romantic. It doesn't tickle at all.

 Brochure perfect. This is us. Acting normal.

clink clink cheers cheers.

Our hood. Watch out. You might get shot.

This photo was inspired by Walks with Bella's header.

I'm sticking my tongue out because ____ (fill in the blank)

Nora says, I could stick my tongue out too.

I'm like, I know. You should. You're a dog. There's no excuse for me.

We really liked posing by this hippie mobile and it's not even ours.

Bams is like, Carry me, carry me.

I said, Nora's our favorite. Sorry.

No. I'm kidding. We don't have a favorite. Really. We just like them differently.

Here I'm like, Hey Baby, you wanna help me walk these dogs.

Aaaaannnnd that's a wrap. No more. Fin.

Maybe now we'll just have real babies and get to do it all over again.

Don't hold your breath.

Happy Tuesday!

photos by Yves Huy Truong

Say Cheese: Parte Dos

Today I'm sharing more of these photos because I'm vain it's casual Friday! Around here I take it easy easier on Fridays.

Woo. Friday.

And unlike most movies this sequel isn't sucky.

If you're new to my blog, I introduce to family. We're totally normal.

Nora's favorite thing in life is having a ball to play with. She's creepy about it. She'll growl at you if you ignore her. She'll drop it on your head at 7 in the morning on a Saturday. We usually have to turn the lights off in order to get her to stop. We've caught her at 4 am rolling around in her balls. Don't come over because she requires full attention. Right now she's asleep, dreaming of balls. Oh stop, the PG literal kind.

She gets sad even when she's not looking at her ball.

And pose.

TH: did she just smack me with the pillow?

Me: haaaa haaaaa haaaaa. Yes, I did. I'm so funny.

Bams, our other dog, is co-dependent. He's obsessed with TH. He usually hangs out in our guest room, looking out the window waiting for TH to come home. Here he's, I love you, let me hump your leg.

Me: are you really posing like that?

TH: Yes, just snap the photo, my neck is cramping up.

Nora: Throw the ball, throw the ball. Just throw the ball.

Me: I have the ball. I am superior to you.

TH: I'm in love. They're so dreamy.

Bams: I'm out. I don't want to take any more pictures.

Parte Tres coming soon to a computer screen near you.

photos by Yves Huy Truong

Say Cheese

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The highlight of our weekend definitely had to be the photoshoot I said I wanted to have in this post.

I decided that the best place to take our pictures was in our house, doing what we enjoy most; hanging out with our dogs.

We took lots of indoor and outdoor photos, and today I'm sharing a preview of the many more I'm waiting to be sent to us.

Bams is eating a treat and Nora's obsessively staring at her ball. TH is looking handsome and I'm looking a little squinty.

Happy Monday!

Let's Take Pictures

TH and I took our engagement pictures at the beach. Looking back, I'm like, I don't even really like the beach. But it just seemed like that's what people did and so that's what we did. I'm a bit surprised considering neither of us go for the cliche obvious, but we were young so we'll blame that.

My sister has a crazy talented photographer friend who's been taking engagement pictures of a ton of their friends and so the idea of retaking engagement pictures popped into my head. It'll be like a cross between engagement pictures and a family portrait now that we have two fur babies.

I'd really like for these pictures to reflect our personality and I'm stuck on what to do. Where to go. A bar? Our dogs aren't 21. Not even in dog years. Evan loves gardening, cooking, baseball and eating. I love drinking, drinking and drinking. We'll see.

Check out how great photographer guy Huy is.

Remember 500 days of Summer? This is that bench.

Oh, I love that movie.

I've seen this moving type photo thing before but now I know it's called cinemagraph. And this was hit first attempt at it.

Pretty groovy, huh?

I think this might be my sister's kindergarten class.

Kindergarten is fun. Right, kids?

Bow ties. So cute. Bams will need one for the photo.

Happy Wednesday!